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Around the World
US Fears Ukraine War Spreading To Russia
The United States expressed concern Thursday about growing evidence that U.S. military equipment provided to Ukraine is used to carry out attacks inside Russian territory amid fears it could lead to a nuclear confrontation.
Netherlands Seizing Land Of Putin’s Ex-Son-in-Law (Worthy News-Investigation)
Dutch prosecutors have seized a plot of land near the capital Amsterdam that belongs to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s former son-in-law, an investigation revealed Thursday.
Iran unveils new ballistic missile with 2,000 km range
Iran has unveiled the Khaibar, a new ballistic missile that has a range of 2,000 km and is capable of carrying nuclear warheads, i24News reports. Iran has increased the scope of its ballistic missile program despite the concerns of Western powers, and following the collapse of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Iran nuclear deal.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel: Knesset passes national budget, judicial reform back on the agenda
Israel’s religious-nationalist governing coalition led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was able to pass a two-year budget in the Knesset on Wednesday, clearing the way for renewed government efforts at introducing highly controversial judicial reforms, Reuters reports.
Israeli scientists make breakthrough in Autism Spectrum Disorder research
Researchers in Israel have discovered there is a direct connection between levels of nitric oxide (NO) in the brain and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and this may lead to potential new treatments not only for ASD but for other psychiatric and neurological conditions as well, the Jerusalem Post reports.
Israel more than doubled strikes on Iranian targets in Syria, defense minister claims
Israel's defense minister Monday said that Israel's new government has greatly increased the number of strikes on Iranian targets since taking office late last year.

Inside the United States
McCarthy threatened with GOP rebellion over rumored debt-limit deal with Biden
House Republicans left Washington on Thursday without a deal on the debt limit and with a brewing revolt against Speaker Kevin McCarthy because of a rumored compromise with President Biden.
Musk’s Neuralink cleared for human test of brain implants
Elon Musk's brain-implant company Neuralink on Thursday said it had received the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) approval to launch its first in-human clinical study.
SCOTUS reins in state property tax practices
The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled unanimously that states may not keep the excess proceeds from selling a property seized to satisfy delinquent taxes.
Target market value drops $9 billion in a week amid boycott over pride offerings
Retail giant Target has lost billions in market value amid public outcry over its offering of LGBTQ-themed clothing for children.

Christian News
Gunmen Attack Sudan Churches As Conflict Escalates
The Sudanese Council of Churches has condemned attacks on church leaders and church buildings as the conflict in Sudan rapidly escalates.
Australian Missionary Released After 7 Years In Captivity
An Australian missionary doctor is recovering after being released by Islamic militants who held him for seven long years in West Africa, Worthy News learned Thursday.
Pakistan:Two Christian youths charged and detained for alleged blasphemy
Police in Lahore, Pakistan, have charged and detained two Christian youths for allegedly committing blasphemy, a crime which carries the death penalty, Morning Star News (MSN) reports.
Around the World
Thousands Of Myanmar’s Displaced Christians Need Food, Medicines
The number of internally displaced persons in Myanmar has swollen to 1.7 million since the military coup of February 2021, aid workers say.
Russia, China set to ink bilateral pacts despite Western criticism
Russia and China are set to sign a set of bilateral agreements on Wednesday during the Russian prime minister's trip to Beijing as the two giant neighbors pledge closer cooperation even as the West remains critical of their ties amid the war in Ukraine.
Super Typhoon Mawar hits Guam
The US Pacific territory of Guam was hit on Wednesday with Super Typhoon Mawar, the strongest storm to impact the area in decades, the Associated Press reports. US President Joe Biden has approved an emergency declaration that will mobilize aid to the territory.
Russia Extends Detention of U.S. Journalist
A Russian court has extended until August 30 the detention of Wall Street Journal correspondent Evan Gershkovich on spying charges he denies.
Catholic Priest Kidnapped In Nigeria
There were concerns Tuesday about the whereabouts of a Catholic priest who was kidnapped in Nigeria‘s southeastern Imo State, several sources confirmed.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
In veiled threat to Iran, Gallant says air force preparing for ‘main goal’
In a thinly veiled threat to Iran, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Tuesday said the recent fighting in the Gaza Strip pales in comparison to the complexity and difficulty of the “main goal” that Israel is preparing for.
Nearly half of Jewish Israelis do not believe the Messiah is coming, survey shows
A new survey has revealed that nearly half of Israeli Jews do not believe the Messiah is real and is coming, All Israel News reports. The survey was partly funded by the Christian media outlet All Israel News but was designed by two American Jewish professors who are not professing believers in Christ.

Inside the United States
Debt ceiling talks make progress, but House will leave town with no deal
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday that negotiations over raising the U.S. debt limit were progressing toward a deal despite disagreements over spending, with only eight days before the government could face an unprecedented default.
House passes measure overturning Biden’s student debt forgiveness program
House Republicans passed a resolution on Wednesday that overturns President Biden’s student debt relief plan that would give up to $20,000 in loan forgiveness to borrowers.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Launches Presidential Campaign
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday confirmed previous Worthy News reporting that he will run for U.S. president in 2024.

Christian News
Most pastors are “extremely stressed,” survey finds
A new survey published by Lifeway Research shows that 75% of pastors say they are extremely stressed, and 90% report they work between 55-75 hours per week, CBN News reports. The survey was part of Lifeway Research’s 2022 Greatest Needs of Pastors study, and was conducted with 200 US pastors.
India: Nearly 400 churches destroyed, 64 Christians killed in Manipur violence
Sixty-four Christians have been killed, and 397 churches have been destroyed amid an ongoing wave of ethnic violence in India’s Manipur state, Christian Headlines reports.
Around the World
Iranian official threatens war if nuclear sites attacked
An Iranian official said on Tuesday that an attack on nuclear facilities would mean a widespread war that Israel would bear responsibility for. Speaking to the Qatari-based Al Jazeera network the official said Israeli threats would not change the course of things.
Russia ‘Defeats Insurgents’ Killing Scores Of Fighters
Moscow said Tuesday it had pushed back armed insurgents who crossed the border from Ukraine to launch attacks in Russia's Belgorod region in the deadliest cross-border confrontation since the war began 15 months ago.
Chiefs of US, British and French navies transit through Strait of Hormuz to deter Iran from attacking ships
In an extremely rare joint move, the respective chiefs of the US, British and French navies transited through the Strait of Hormuz aboard the USS Paul Hamilton American warship on Friday in a signal to Iran to cease attacking foreign ships passing through this waterway, the Associated Press reports. A strait between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, the Hormuz is one of the world's most strategically critical waterways.
Belarus Pardons Leading Opposition Activist
A leading Belarusian opposition activist who was detained after his Ryanair flight was forced to land in the capital Minsk says he has been pardoned following mounting Western pressure.
Massive Pro-EU Rally In Moldova Amid Russian Invasion Fears
A tense calm has returned to Moldova's capital Chisinau, after a massive pro-European Union rally here over fears that Russia may invade the country after a similar move in nearby Ukraine.
One billion poor people at risk of contracting cholera, “there is a pandemic killing the poor”
The United Nations on Friday issued an urgent call to member states to step up out of their inertia and take immediate action against outbreaks of cholera that are putting 1 billion poor people in over 40 countries at risk of being killed by the deadly disease, i24News reports.
Ukraine War Expanding Into Russia; Cross Border Clashes Intensify (Worthy News In-Depth)
Ukraine’s war rapidly escalated and expanded into neighboring Russia on Monday as Kyiv and Moscow confirmed cross-border clashes which injured and perhaps killed several people.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
IDF chief: Israel could be forced to react to ‘negative developments’ in Iran
Military chief Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi warns that there may be “negative developments” with regard to Iran’s nuclear program that would prompt Israel to react.
Saudi Arabia demands US backing for nuclear program before for peace with Israel
Saudi Arabia has demanded that the Biden administration enter a military alliance with it that would include approval for a civilian nuclear program in return for a normalization agreement with Israel, the Jewish state’s Channel 12 news reported on Tuesday.
Hezbollah terror group conducts large-scale military exercise next door to Israel
The Iran-backed Lebanese terror group Hezbollah on Sunday conducted a wide-ranging military exercise in Lebanon it claimed was a simulated "resistance maneuver" against an “invasion” by neighboring Israel, i24News reports.

Inside the United States
Second IRS Whistleblower Probing Hunter Biden Comes Forward, Claims Retaliation
A second Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblower came forward Monday to express concern about the investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged tax fraud and financial crimes after the entire team working on it was removed from the case, according to the New York Post.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis To Announce Presidential Bid
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a prominent member of the Republican Party and a former military officer, was to announce his 2024 U.S. presidential bid during a discussion with Elon Musk on Wednesday, U.S. sources say.
New survey finds only half of Americans are sure God exists
A new report published by NORC at the University of Chicago on May 4 shows that only about half of Americans now say they are sure God exists, the Hill reports. The data was gathered as part of NORC’s biennial nationally representative General Social Survey (GSS) conducted in 2022.