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Around the World
The Stock Market Crash Of 2016: Stocks Have Already Crashed In 6 Of The World's 8 Largest Economies
Over the past 12 months, stock market investors around the planet have lost trillions of dollars. Since this time last June, stocks have crashed in 6 of the world's 8 largest economies, and stocks in the other two are down as well. The charts that you are about to see are absolutely stunning, and they are clear evidence that a new global financial crisis has already begun. Of course it is true that we are still in the early chapters of this new crisis and that there is much, much more damage to be done, but let us not minimize the carnage that we have already witnessed.
Will Genetic Advances Make Sex Obsolete?
Stanford law professor and bioethicist Hank Greely predicts that in the future most people in developed countries won't have sex to make babies. Instead they'll choose to control their child's genetics by making embryos in a lab.
Russia Bombs US-Backed Rebels in Syria
Russian aircraft have dropped bombs on rebels battling Islamic State in southern Syria, including those supported by the United States, a senior U.S. official said.
Hundreds arrested as looting erupts in Venezuela
Dozens of shops were looted in the eastern city of Cumana, the latest flashpoint in a crisis triggered by severe shortages in food and other basic goods.
Pro-ISIS Twitter accounts filled with 'gay' pride
The hacker group Anonymous has reportedly broken into Twitter accounts used by pro-ISIS individuals, and fillEd them with 'gay'- pride messages and images - heavy on the rainbows - in apparent backlash against the shooting murders of 49 at an Orlando LGBT hot spot committed by a radicalized Muslim with a faith-based outrage toward the West's permissive view of the LGBT lifestyle.
U.N. human rights report: Islamic State guilty of genocide, war crimes against Syrians
A United Nations human rights panel on Thursday released a report that concludes the Islamic State terror group has committed and continues to carry out genocide against an indigenous community in Syria -- which includes brutal abuses of men, women and children.
51 diplomats blast Obama policy, call for military strikes on Syria in internal memo
An unprecedented number of current State Department officials have endorsed an internal memo that harshly judges President Obama's Syria policy and calls on the U.S. to attack directly the regime of Bashar Assad.
EgyptAir Flight 804: Black box of crashed plane found, pulled out of sea
Egypt's investigation committee says the cockpit voice recorder of the doomed EgyptAir plane has been found and pulled out of the Mediterranean Sea.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
House approves defense aid to Israel despite veto threat
The United States House of Representatives on Thursday passed a $576 billion defense spending bill which includes $635.7 million for U.S.-Israel missile defense programs, despite a threat by the Obama administration to veto the bill, The Jewish Insider reports.
for the Muslim month of Ramadan.
Egypt, Jordan call on Israel to accept Saudi Initiative
The 2002 Arab Peace Plan is the best path to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Egyptian and Jordanian ambassadors said on Thursday in two rare public appearances in Israel.
Israel to build underground concrete wall to block Hamas tunnels from Gaza
Israel's senior defense establishment has decided that a concrete wall will be built along the country's border with the Gaza Strip in an attempt to finally solve the problem of Islamist terror group Hamas using tunnels to carry out attacks, Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot reported Thursday.

Inside the United States
Trade Deficit Reaches Highest Level Seen in Seven Years
The trade deficit soared to the highest level seen since 2008, the height of the Great Recession, according to a preliminary report released Thursday by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.
GOP unveils plan to block Obama's executive overreach
House Republicans on Thursday unveiled a proposal that they believe will put the brakes on executive branch overreach and restore the power of Congress to write laws.
Computer crash wipes out a decade of US Air Force data
A corrupted database in the US Air Force's inspector general and legislative liaison divisions has reportedly put more than 100,000 internal investigation records in jeopardy.
Creepy peepers! Target hit with wave of men snooping on teens
It's an alarming trend that may have America's dads and husbands standing watch outside their daughters' and wives' dressing rooms: Barely months after Target announced its plan to let men enter women's facilities, teenage girls and women across America are catching creepy men secretly filming them while they change clothes.
Ellen DeGeneres: Transgender Stingray in Disney's 'Finding Dory'
Disney/Pixar's upcoming film Finding Dory features a transgender stingray who transitions to become 'Sting-Rhonda,' the film's star Ellen DeGeneres revealed in an interview.
California's new motor voter law could add 2 million registered voters in its first year, study says
A new study from the Public Policy Institute of California estimates that, if executed successfully, the state's new motor voter law could add more than 2 million new voters to the rolls in its first year of implementation.
Guns sales spike among gays, lesbians after Orlando terror
One of Denver's oldest firearms dealers said his sales are skyrocketing in the wake of the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.
Federal Judge Blocks Texas Attempt to Ban Syrian Refugees
Texas cannot block the federal government from relocating Syrian refugees to the state, a federal judge ruled.

U.S. Politics
Donald Trump prepared to go it alone if GOP won't get on board
GOP leaders have yet to abandon Donald Trump, but the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said this week he's ready to kick them to the curb and go it alone against Hillary Clinton if they don't man up.

Christian News
Chinese Christians hold service in church ruins after brutal demolition
In the midst of negotiations to relocate a government-sanctioned church in China's coastal Zhejiang, a team of officials destroyed the structure without warning on the evening of May 20 under the excuse of improving that area of the city.
Russell Moore Takes on Critics at SBC for Supporting Religious Freedom for Muslims to Build Mosques
The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission received criticism from some members of the Southern Baptist Convention at the denomination's annual meeting on Wednesday for filing an amicus brief on behalf of a Muslim group seeking to build a mosque.
People who attend religious services live longer, new study suggests
A new study suggests that people who consistently attend religious services may live longer than those who don't.
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Around the World
U.S. Third Fleet expands East Asia role as tensions rise with China
The U.S. Navy's Third Fleet will send more ships to East Asia to operate outside its normal theater alongside the Japan-based Seventh Fleet, a U.S. official said on Tuesday, a move that comes at a time of heightened tensions with China.
French attacker pledged loyalty to IS, had public figure 'hit list'
A man who stabbed a police commander and police administrator to death at their home in a Paris suburb pledged loyalty to the leader of the Islamic State group and had a list of other targets, including rappers, journalists, police officers and public officials, the Paris prosecutor said Tuesday.
U.N. Human Rights Chief Says U.S. Needs 'Robust Gun Regulation'
The United Nations' human rights chief called on the United States Tuesday to enforce more effective gun control measures in the aftermath of the Orlando terrorist attack, dismissing as 'irresponsible pro-gun propaganda' the notion that firearms make societies safer.
Damascus says German special forces in Syria, Germany denies
The Syrian government said on Wednesday that German special forces were present, alongside French and American military personnel, in northern Syria, an accusation denied by Germany.
China shadows U.S. warships amid rising tensions in Asia
When U.S. commanders kicked off a major international naval exercise this week, they found an uninvited guest: A Chinese Navy warship.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
'Next war with Hamas will be its last,' senior defense source says
The next war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza will be the last for the Islamist regime, a senior source in the Defense Ministry said on Wednesday, though he stressed that Israel is not seeking conflict and will not be the side to initiate hostilities.
Hamas tunnel expert defects to Israel: reports
A senior Hamas tunnel expert has absconded from Gaza to Israel and turned himself in to authorities, Haaretz reports, citing Palestinian news outlets.

Inside the United States
CIA Chief: ISIS Sending Operatives to US
CIA Director John Brennan will tell Congress on Thursday that Islamic State militants are training and attempting to deploy operatives for further attacks on the West and will rely more on guerrilla-style tactics to compensate for their territorial losses.
Fed keeps interest rates unchanged, signals fewer future hikes
The U.S. Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged on Wednesday and signaled it still planned to raise rates twice in 2016, though it said slower economic growth would crimp the pace of monetary policy tightening in future years.
Report: Radical Islamists Have Killed 94 on American Soil Since 9/11
A new report shows that more than 90 people have been killed on American soil in attacks by radical Islamists since the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.
Security firm that employed Mateen was contractor for the Department of Homeland Security
G4S, the employer of the Muslim terrorist who killed 49 people at the Orlando Pulse nightclub, is a major contractor for the Department of Homeland Security and State Department.
'Define the enemy': Republicans counter Obama's 'radical Islam' slam
Republicans roundly rejected President Obama's rationale for refusing to use the term 'radical Islam' in describing terror attacks, responding that: 'You have to define the enemy to defeat it.'
NY Daily News wants to ban already-banned gun
The New York Daily News' latest edition argues no American citizen should be allowed to purchase a style of rifle that is already banned from commercial sale.
Foreign selling of U.S. Treasuries in April was most since 1978: data
Foreign investors sold a record amount of U.S. Treasury bonds and notes for the month of April, according to U.S. Treasury Department data on Wednesday, as investors priced in a few more rate increases by the Federal Reserve this year.
Orlando Gunman Warned of Future ISIS Attacks Against U.S. in Facebook Post
Omar Mateen, the gunman who killed 49 people at an Orlando gay club early Sunday, reportedly posted to Facebook before the attack warning of coming 'attacks from the Islamic State' in the United States.
'Islamic Refugee' With Gas Pipeline Plans Arrested in New Mexico Border County
Police in a U.S. town bordering Mexico have apprehended an undocumented, Middle Eastern woman in possession of the region's gas pipeline plans, law enforcement sources tell Judicial Watch. Authorities describe the woman as an 'Islamic refugee' pulled over during a traffic stop by a deputy sheriff in Luna County, New Mexico which shares a 54-mile border with Mexico. County authorities alerted the U.S. Border Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) has been deployed to the area to investigate, sources with firsthand knowledge of the probe confirm.
Leftists suggest secret court to strip 2nd Amendment rights
A New York Times editorial advocates for a new law allowing a secret court to take away citizens' right to own a gun at the discretion of the federal government.

U.S. Politics
Trump's new Obama claims thrust him into uncharted territory
onald Trump's latest accusation against President Barack Obama -- that he's putting US enemies ahead of America's own people -- is thrusting him into uncharted territory for the presidential candidate of any major political party.
Trump: Obama 'More Angry' at Me Than Orlando Shooter
Donald Trump told supporters in North Carolina Tuesday that President Barack Obama was angrier at him than at the Florida man who gunned down 49 people and injured 53 others at a gay nightclub in Orlando over the weekend.
Donald Trump joins Democrats in post-Orlando gun control push
Brushing aside warnings that they'll tip off terrorists to secret investigations, Democrats pressed ahead Wednesday with plans for new gun controls after the Orlando shooting, and even enlisted an unlikely potential ally -- Donald Trump, who said he's open to a discussion about banning firearm sales to those on the government's no-fly list.

Christian News
Christians Didn't Commit the Orlando Massacre
We are now fully through the looking glass. A Muslim man walked into a gay nightclub and gunned down 49 men and women, most of them gay or lesbian. He paused in the middle of his massacre to call 911 and a local television station, making clear that he wanted the world to know he had pledged allegiance to ISIS. There are no dog whistles here. This is a textbook example of jihadism in action, plain and simple. Yet somehow, Omar Mateen's massacre has put American Christians on the defensive.
Pope Francis Meets With Evangelical, Pentecostal Leaders in John 17 Spirit
Pope Francis and several prominent Evangelical and Pentecostal leaders met in Rome last Friday to discuss areas of mutual agreement and where they respectfully disagreed. The aim of the gathering, which had no official agenda, was to build unity between Christian traditions that have historic enmity.
Syria: Elderly Christian Man Forced to Convert to Islam for Not Paying Tax
An elderly Christian man has been forced to convert to Islam in Raqqa, Syria, because he can no longer afford to pay the tax levied by ISIS on non-Muslims.
Christians Live in Fear, Hide Faith In Migrant Camps
Christians in migrant camps in Germany say they are forced to hide their faith from Muslim migrants who threaten and abuse them.
3 Christians vanish after assault by 'Muslim extremists'
Three Christians working with an organization that delivers Bibles and the Christian message to the Middle East have disappeared following their release from a hospital where they were treated for injuries from an attack from 'Muslim extremists,' according to a new report.
Today's Breaking News
Around the World
Iran Announces ‘Milestone’ Deal to Buy Boeing Planes
Officials from the U.S. airplane manufacturer Boeing, a top U.S. government contractor, are staying silent about the details of a Tuesday announcement by Iranian officials that the Islamic Republic and the aviation firm had reached a “milestone” business deal, according to statements provided to the Washington Free Beacon.
Iran's Khamenei Threatens to 'Set Fire' to Nuclear Deal
Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, threatened on Tuesday to "set fire" to the nuclear deal sealed with world powers if U.S. presidential candidates reneged on the agreement.
France protests: Hundreds hurl objects as Paris labour reforms demonstration turns violent
Several hundred masked protesters have hurled objects at police in Paris as the latest demonstration against disputed labour reforms in France descended into violence.
Islamic State Claims Responsibility For 'Allahu Akhbar' Terror Killing Of Senior French Police Officer
The Islamic State's own news agency was quick to claim responsibility for a double murder last night after a young man stabbed a senior police officer and his wife to death in a Paris suburb.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
White House opposes extra funding for Israel missile defense
The White House said Tuesday that it was opposed to a move by the House of Representatives to increase funding for Israeli missile defense procurement by an additional $455 million above the administration’s budget request for the 2017 fiscal year.
Opposition MKs blame Netanyahu for White House rejection of increased missile defense funding
Opposition leader Isaac Herzog stated Wednesday that Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu's ego was to blame for the Obama administration's opposition to increasing defense aid for Israel's missile defense program.
Knesset panel upholds Temple Mount ban for MKs
The Knesset Ethics Committee on Tuesday upheld an eight-month ban preventing lawmakers from visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, but said it would back a police decision to scale back the restrictions next month.
$40 billion aid to Israel is 'largest ever' to any country, says Susan Rice
U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice said the proposed military aid package to Israel is larger than any the United States has ever offered to any country.

Inside the United States
Immigrant from Iran Shot Dead in Walmart Shootout
Amarillo police said Mohammad Moghaddam, 54, fired shots and held two hostages at gunpoint at Walmart, before Amarillo Police Department SWAT officers shot and killed him.
480,000 People Overstayed their VISAs, hardly ever caught, feds admin
Immigration agents catch an abysmally small percentage of the illegal immigrants who arrived on visas but overstayed their welcome, authorities admitted to Congress Tuesday, describing a loophole that those around the globe are increasingly using to gain a foothold in the U.S.
Judge Tosses 'Defective' Charge Against Activist Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Organ Sales
A Texas judge threw out one of the charges against the pro-life activist who captured Planned Parenthood executives on tape talking candidly about selling baby body parts.
Omar Mateen a regular at Pulse: 'He was a homosexual, and he was trying to pick up men'
Family members and an ex-wife of Omar Mateen say he regularly espoused homophobic views, but regulars at the LGBT nightclub where the 29-year-old American-born Muslim gunman killed 49 while pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group described him as a routine visitor.
Senate Dems plan gun control blitz
In response to the Orlando terrorist attack, Senate Democratic leaders say they plan to try to force votes on an array of gun control measures in the weeks ahead and have threatened to block critical spending measures if the GOP-led Senate prevents them from bringing up their legislation.
House votes to block IRS collection of donor information
The House voted Tuesday to pass legislation banning the IRS from collecting data about donors to political nonprofits, a measure backed by Republicans in response to the agency's targeting of conservative groups.
Confidence in newspapers, TV news hits bottom
Confidence in newspapers has hit an all time low in the latest Gallup survey, and TV news is also at a new low, the latest proof that Americans are losing faith in the media.

U.S. Politics
Russian Govt Hackers Breach DNC Network, Steal Trump Opposition Research
Russian government hackers stole opposition research on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump after breaking into the Democratic National Committee’s computer network.

Christian News
Pakistan: "Untouchable" Christian beaten
In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Christians are considered to be "untouchable" and as such are often relegated to lowly labor employment.
India: Christian tortured for his faith
A Christian villager was tortured for his faith last month in Chhattisgarh state.