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Today's Breaking News
Around the World
Putin ups ante in challenge of U.S. dominance of Persian Gulf, Middle East
Russian President Vladimir Putin has outflanked Washington again in the Syrian civil war by launching bombers this week from a new base — Iran — giving him the power to strike more quickly with heavier bombardments against U.S.-backed rebels, analysts say.
Officials: US, Russia to seek Syria deal in Geneva next week
The United States and Russia will try again to stop Syria’s civil war and forge a new counterterrorism partnership when their top diplomats meet next week in Geneva, U.S. officials said Thursday.
UN admits it played role in Haiti cholera epidemic that killed 10,000
Viictims' advocates hailed as vindication on Thursday the United Nations' acknowledgment it played a role in a devastating cholera epidemic believed to have been imported by UN peacekeepers.
US moves nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania
Two independent sources told that the US has started transferring nuclear weapons stationed in Turkey to Romania, against the background of worsening relations between Washington and Ankara.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
PA: There's no proof of Jewish existence in Jerusalem
Adnan al-Husayni, the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs in the Palestinian Authority (PA) government, on Thursday accused Jewish organizations of preparing plans to demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and to establish an 'imaginary' Holy Temple in its place.
Arab League won't call for vote on Israel's nuclear facilities: report
Egypt and other Arab League nations do not plan to call for a vote on a resolution on oversight of Israel's nuclear facilities at this year's International Atomic Energy Agency's conference, unlike most years since 1987, Haaretz reported on Thursday, citing a cable sent to Israeli embassies.

Inside the United States
U.S. judge permanently blocks Florida law to end abortion funding
A federal judge on Thursday permanently blocked parts of a Florida law that aimed to cut off state funding for preventive health services at clinics that also provide abortions.
Planned Parenthood Partners Seek to Block Release of Public Records Request
Researchers at a public university are trying to suppress documents relating to Planned Parenthood’s fetal body part scandal in federal court, according to a suit.
State Dept: $400M payment to Iran was contingent on prisoner release
The $400 million cash payment sent to Iran earlier this year was reportedly contingent on the release of American prisoners being held there, the State Department said, according to The Associated Press.
Senator: U.S. Taxpayer Funds Potentially Diverted to Hamas Terrorists
A leading Republican senator is calling on the Obama administration to launch a formal investigation into the potential diversion of U.S. taxpayer funds to organizations that have reportedly been infiltrated by the Hamas terror organization, according to new documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.
USOC apologizes for behavior of swimmers who claimed they were robbed
The United States Olympic Committee apologized on Thursday to the people of Brazil for the behavior of four American swimmers who were found to have lied about a gunpoint robbery, prompting enormous criticism of the Games host city.
Florida Man Arrested for Shooting Alligator That Threatened His Horses, Attacked His Stepson
Family and friends are shocked by the arrest of a 74-year-old Sumter County man after he shot and killed an alligator that attacked his stepson.

U.S. Politics
Regretful Trump Changes Tune
Three and a half months after sealing the Republican nomination, Donald Trump pivoted to contest the general election on Thursday night, expressing regret for his past failures to “choose the right words” and delivering one of the most comprehensive, on-message rationales for his candidacy to date.
Clinton Foundation says it will limit donations if Clinton is elected
The Clinton Foundation said Thursday it will not accept foreign or corporate donations if Hillary Clinton is elected president in November.

Christian News
3,202 decisions for Christ reported in Brazil
Southern Baptists returning from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, are sharing testimonies of widespread revival in churches, communities, prisons and schools, following an 8-day schedule of crusades, medical ministries and other outreach efforts in this South American country.
Over 1,000 Christians Protest Against Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma City
Over 1,000 Christians of different denominations gathered in Oklahoma City to pray as a satanic black mass was held inside a city building Monday night.
Today's Breaking News
Around the World
Russian Military Forces Staging Near Ukraine
The Pentagon has identified eight staging areas in Russia where large numbers of military forces appear to be preparing for incursions into Ukraine, according to U.S. defense officials.
Russia Defends Using Iran Bases for Syria Strikes
Russia took a scornful swipe at the United States on Wednesday, defending its use of Iranian air bases to launch air strikes on Syria and suggesting State Department officials should "check their logic and knowledge" over the issue.
U.S. assessing if Russian use of Iran base violates U.N. resolution
The United States is looking at whether Russia has violated a U.N. Security Council resolution on military dealings with Tehran by using an Iranian air base to carry out strikes inside Syria, the State Department said on Wednesday.
Pastor poses threat to Robert Mugabe's authoritarian rule in Zimbabwe
The national flag draped around his shoulders, Zimbabwe's most unlikely dissident said Wednesday that his popular protest movement has already triumphed over the government of authoritarian President Robert Mugabe and outlined plans to turn up the heat against the government in the run-up to elections in 2018.
Five years on, Obama's push to oust Syria's Assad proves uniquely futile
Exactly five years ago, President Obama first called for Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down, a demand that has proved uniquely futile in a brutal civil war that this week expanded to include Russian warplanes using a base in Iran to launch bombing runs in support of Mr. Assad's regime.
Scientists may have found 'fifth force of nature'
Scientists at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), believe they have identified a 'fifth force of nature.'
Weeks After U.S. Sent Iran $400M, Obama Admin Gave Tehran Another $1.3B
The Obama administration transferred an additional $1.3 billion in cash to Iran just weeks after completing a $400 million cash payment to the Islamic Republic earlier this year.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israeli air force takes part in Red Flag exercise with Pakistan, UAE, US officials confirm
The Israel Air Force is taking part in the ongoing Red Flag aerial exercise alongside UAE, Pakistan and Spain, a US military spokesperson told i24news, the first official confirmation of Pakistan and the UAE's heavily rumored participation.
IDF seizes weapons, terror funds overnight in the West Bank
In an operation to confiscate terrorist funds and illegal weapons in the West Bank overnight Wednesday, IDF forces, in cooperation with the Israel Civil Administration and police, arrested five wanted Palestinians.
Israeli MK demands urgent meeting after Barak's scathing attack on Netanyahu
An Israeli lawmaker on Thursday demanded that the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee hold an urgent meeting to discuss former prime minister Ehud Barak's critical rhetoric against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Inside the United States
Nearly half of refugees entering the U.S. this year are Muslim
The U.S. has received 28,957 Muslim refugees so far in fiscal year 2016, or nearly half (46%) of the more than 63,000 refugees who have entered the country since the fiscal year began Oct. 1, 2015, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of data from the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center. That means that already this year the U.S. has admitted the highest number of Muslim refugees of any year since 2002.
Louisiana's mammoth flooding: 6,900,000,000,000: Gallons of rainfall in one week
Catastrophic flooding has swallowed swaths of Louisiana in a deluge that the governor calls 'unprecedented.' But the breadth of the destruction can be hard to imagine.
NSA's use of software flaws to hack foreign targets posed risks to cybersecurity
To penetrate the computers of foreign targets, the National Security Agency relies on software flaws that have gone undetected in the pipes of the Internet. For years, security experts have pressed the agency to disclose these bugs so they can be fixed, but the agency hackers have often been reluctant.
Southern California Fire 2016 Map: Over 82,000 People Evacuated; Wildfire 'Raging Unchecked'
As many as 82,000 people have been told to evacuate from the mountain communities in Southern California as a massive wildfire continues 'raging unchecked,' according to state officials.
US Federal Reserve Board Split Over Interest Rate Rise
Rate setters at the Federal Reserve are divided over when the next interest rate rise should be, according to minutes from the US central bank's policy meeting.
Hacked Soros Memo: $650,000 to Black Lives Matter
George Soros's Open Society Institute viewed the 2015 Baltimore unrest following the death of Freddie Gray as opening a 'unique opportunity' to create 'accountability' for the Baltimore police while aiding activists in reforming the city, according to hacked documents reviewed by Breitbart Jerusalem.

U.S. Politics
Donald Trump retools campaign team, retains hard-charging style
Donald Trump retooled his campaign Wednesday with new hires and plans to finally launch a TV ad blitz, but the rambunctious real estate mogul signaled that he isn't changing the hard-charging style that got him this far in the presidential race.
Clinton Foundation hired cyber firm after suspected hacking: sources
Bill and Hillary Clinton's charitable foundation hired the security firm FireEye to examine its data systems after seeing indications they might have been hacked, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Christian News
Media Ignores Ongoing Genocide of Christians in The Middle East
On March 17, 2016, Secretary of State John Kerry officially declared the extermination of Christians and other minority religious groups in the Middle East a genocide. The move came after years of pressure from a number of human rights groups including the The Philos Project, The American Mesopotamian Organization, Open Doors, Knights of Columbus, In Defense of Christians, The Assyrian Aid Society of America, The Iraqi Christian Relief Council and others, whose activists presented evidence to the State Department proving genocide and ethnic cleansing.
Pastor defies threats from Muslim radicals in Indonesia: 'Our identity in Christ makes us more than conquerors'
A group of about 20 Muslim radicals recently broke up a gathering of Christians inside a home in Central Java, Indonesia, ordering them to disperse and never meet again or else face violent death.
'Over 100 Vietnam Pastors Jailed In Crackdown'
Christian rights activists say more than 100 Vietnamese pastors of house churches in Vietnam remain jailed in Vietnam for refusing to join the central church in the communist nation.
Today's Breaking News
Around the World
Russian warplanes take off from Iran to target ISIS in Syria
Russian warplanes took off on Tuesday from a base in Iran to target Islamic State fighters and other militants in Syria, Russia’s Defense Ministry said, marking a major development in the country’s civil war, now in its sixth year.
Russia-Iran cooperation in Syria send message to US
Russia's use of an Iranian air base to bomb targets in Syria sends a message to Washington as it weighs a military partnership with Moscow: Join us or we'll look to your enemies.
Iran official: No permanent Russia base for Syria strikes
The speaker of Iran's parliament is stressing that Russia does not have a permanent military base within the Islamic Republic, a day after Moscow announced launching airstrikes on Syria from Iran.
July broke global heat record, NASA says
Earth just broiled to its hottest month in recorded history, according to NASA.
Germany says Turkey supports terrorist groups
The German government believes that Turkey finances terrorist organisations such as Hamas and armed Islamist groups in Syria, a leaked document shows.
UK to have 'special status' in EU relations, Germany says
The UK is likely to have a 'special' relationship with the EU after it leaves, but there can be no leeway on free movement, a German minister has said.
Obama administration again underestimates Islamic State as Afghan affiliate grows into threat
When reporters asked senior military leaders last summer about the Islamic State franchise in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province, the answer was that it was 'emergent' -- in other words, a fledgling terrorist army.
Leaked Soros memo celebrates 'new normal' of migrant crisis
A leaked memo from leftist billionaire George Soros's Open Society Foundations (OSF) reveals the organization's ultimate goal of influencing immigration policies and refers to the current refugee crisis in Europe as the 'new normal.'

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Hezbollah used Facebook to recruit Palestinian terrorists: security service
Israel recently foiled terror attacks planned by West Bank Palestinians recruited via Facebook by Hezbollah operatives living in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, Israel's Shin Bet security service announced on Tuesday.
A Soros Plan, a Marginalized Israel
After the election of Barack Obama in 2009, the George Soros organization saw an opportunity to weaken the pro-Israel lobby's influence in Washington. So his Open Society Foundations began an ambitious project in 2009 to persuade Europe and the U.S. to 'hold Israel accountable' for violations of international law.
IDF arrests key Hamas elections official in the West Bank
Security forces arrested a top West Bank Hamas official overnight Tuesday, drawing accusations from the Gaza-based terror group that Israel is meddling in the upcoming Palestinian municipal elections.

Inside the United States
Monstrous California wildfire drives over 80,000 from homes
It tore through canyons and flew over ridges in every direction with astonishing speed, sending flames 80 feet skyward and forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes.
NSA website recovers from outage amid intrigue
The National Security Agency’s website was offline for almost a full day until Tuesday evening, in an unexplained outage that began shortly after hackers claimed to have stolen a collection of the agency's prized cyber weapons.
Appeals court rules feds can't prosecute medical marijuana cases unless state law violated
A federal appeals court on Tuesday banned the Justice Department from prosecuting medical marijuana cases if no state laws were broken.
'No Scientific Basis' for Children to Think They Are Transgender, Born in Wrong Body, Pediatricians Say
There is 'no scientific basis' for transgender individuals to believe that they are trapped in the wrong body, the American College of Pediatricians argued in a recently released report addressing gender dysphoria in children.
Obama to take trade battle to the heartland
President Barack Obama is taking the fight for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal to America's streets -- directly countering the fusillades from Donald Trump and, increasingly, from Hillary Clinton.

U.S. Politics
House Committee Releases Video Showing Clinton Contradictions
The U.S. House oversight committee released a video on Monday showing Hillary Clinton’s many inconsistencies from her testimony about her private email server.
Trump campaign gets second major shake up
Donald Trump has shaken up his presidential campaign again, promoting a senior advisor and hiring a top executive from Breitbart News, sources said Wednesday.

Christian News
Christians Wait for New Law in Egypt to Authorize New Churches
Egypt is scheduled to vote as early as next month on a law that would ease the country’s historic restrictions on church construction.
Churches destroyed, Bibles burned: Nigerian church leader on Christians returning home after Boko Haram
For years a key state in Islamist terror group Boko Haram's attempt to create a caliphate, parts of Adamawa state in northeastern Nigeria have now been liberated by government forces. However, as civilians begin returning home, they are finding it difficult to adjust to life after the insurgency.