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Around the World
Troubled World Rings In New Year
A troubled world began ringing in its New Year anxious about the coronavirus pandemic, disasters, and wars, including possible one in the heart of Europe.
‘God Calms Storm For Philippines Ferry’
An inter-island ferry carrying about 500 passengers faced a severe storm in the Philippines but arrived safely after prayers calmed strong winds, a passenger told Worthy News.
Russia Warns US Of Relations Breakdown Between Nuclear Superpowers
Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned U.S. President Joe Biden that imposing new sanctions on Russia over Ukraine will completely break down relations between the two nuclear superpowers. Putin made the comments in a 50-minute phone call with Biden on Thursday.
Dutch Police Target Crowds Protesting Corona Restrictions
Outnumbered Dutch police used batons as they tried to halt thousands of people rallying in Amsterdam against Europe’s strictest Coronavirus measures.
South Africa Parliament Burning After Funeral Bishop Tutu
South Africa’s Parliament complex in Cape Town was on fire Sunday shortly after the funeral of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who was the nation’s spiritual voice against apartheid.
Austria Starts New Year With Suicide Law
Austria rang in the New Year with a law allowing assisted suicide to adults deemed to suffer too much to stay alive, despite opposition from church leaders.
Lebanese Christian leader: Our alliance with Hezbollah is no longer working
The head of Lebanon’s largest Christian party said on Sunday that a 15-year-old alliance with the country’s powerful Shiite group Hezbollah was no longer working and must evolve.
Putin, Erdogan Pledge To Boost Russia-Turkey Ties
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, have vowed to boost ties, both sides said.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
IDF strikes Gaza in retaliation to rocket fire towards central Israel
The IDF struck targets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday night in retaliation for the two rockets that had been fired earlier from Gaza towards central Israel earlier that morning, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit announced on Saturday night.
Bennett announces approval of 4th vaccine doses for over-60s, medical workers
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced Sunday that the Health Ministry has approved the distribution of a fourth coronavirus vaccine dose to Israelis over the age of 60, and to medical workers, who have gone at least four months since receiving their booster shot.
‘Flurona’: Israel records its first case of patient with COVID and flu at same time
Israel confirmed its first case of an individual infected with both the seasonal flu and COVID-19 at the same time, authorities said on Thursday.

Inside the United States
More than 500 homes burned down by Colorado fires as winter storm approaches
More than 500 homes in Colorado have burned down as the state prepares for snowstorms.
U.S. military has yet to approve its first religious exemption to COVID vaccine mandate
The U.S. military has yet to approve a religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate sought by service members, according to The Epoch Times.
52,000 Afghan evacuees released into U.S. in 2021
More than 50,000 Afghan evacuees have been processed and released into American communities over the last four months, the Department of Homeland Security said Friday as it announced the closure of another of the camps that had been erected at military bases to house the Afghans.

Christian News
China Christians Face Tough New Year
Devoted Christians in China were looking towards the New Year on Friday with little reason to cheer amid concerns the Communist government will continue a crackdown on worship outside state churches.
Around the World
China warns of ‘drastic measures’ if Taiwan continues on path toward independence
A Beijing official warns that China will take "drastic measures" if Taiwan moves toward independence.
‘Moment of Crisis’ in Eastern Europe: Biden and Putin to Speak Again; Second Time in Three Weeks
As a year marked by a late escalation in tensions between Moscow and the West draws to a close, Presidents Biden and Vladimir Putin will speak by phone on Thursday, amid the Kremlin’s stepped-up demands for an end to what it sees as threats posed by NATO.
Russia, U.S. officials say they’re coordinating on Iran nuclear talks in Vienna
Top U.S. and Russian officials for Iran have met in Vienna, a Russian envoy said on Wednesday, and delegates on both sides said Moscow and Washington were coordinating in a bid to salvage the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.
Russia Bans Another Rights Group Ahead Of New Year
A Russian court shut down a prominent human rights organization a day after closing another advocacy group amid a broader crackdown on dissent in Russia ahead of the New Year.
China Rolls Out AI Prosecutor
Chinese researchers say they have created the world’s first artificial intelligence “prosecutor” who can charge suspects with “a 97 percent accuracy”.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Abbas said to warn Gantz changes on Temple Mount will lead to ‘unstoppable’ violence
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas reportedly warned Defense Minister Benny Gantz that while he is committed to stopping violence in the West Bank, he was concerned that changes to the religious status quo on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem could lead to an “unstoppable” escalation, Hebrew media reported Wednesday.
Biden not expected to challenge Israel’s development of Golan Heights for increased Israeli residency
The Biden administration is not expected to dispute Israel’s announcement Sunday that it plans to invest $317.3 million in developing the controversial Golan Heights for increased Israeli residency, the Jewish News Syndicate reports

Inside the United States
Three-quarters of Americans polled say there are only two genders
Most American adults believe that the only two genders are male and female, according to a Rasmussen Reports survey released this week.
Biden Asks US Supreme Court to Hear ‘Remain in Mexico’ Case
The Biden administration on Wednesday asked the U.S. Supreme Court whether it needed to continue to implement a Trump-era policy that has forced tens of thousands of migrants to wait in Mexico for the resolution of their U.S. asylum cases.
Socialite Maxwell Guilty Of Sex Trafficking For Late Billionaire Epstein
Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted of grooming and trafficking underage girls for billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein, who allegedly committed suicide 28 months ago.

Christian News
Iranian judiciary grants Christian prisoners 10 days’ holiday
Christian prisoners in Iran were treated to a rare act of mercy by the state as the country’s judiciary granted them 10 days’ leave to be with their families during the Christmas holidays, Radio Free Europe (RFE) reports.
China announces draconian restrictions to online Christian activity
China’s Communist regime has announced harsh new restrictions to online religious activities, effectively banning online church services for Chinese believers that are not part of the state-approved Three-Self church movement, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. The move follows China’s prior banning of in-person religious gatherings, supposedly due to the pandemic.
Around the World
Poland President Vetoes Media Law, US Happy
Political tensions rose in Poland on Tuesday after President Andrzej Duda vetoed media ownership legislation that could have silenced a U.S.-owned TV network criticizing the government.
Russia Closes Oldest Rights Group
In an Orwellian move that critics view resembling the Soviet-era, Russia’s Supreme Court banned Tuesday one of the country’s oldest and main human rights groups.
Congo attacks show Islamic State’s expansion across Africa
The Islamic State’s foothold across Africa is expanding amid a recent spate of gruesome attacks and there are growing fears in Washington that the terror group, as well as other extremist outfits like it will use the continent as a staging ground for future jihadist strikes against the West.
Afghanistan anti-Taliban resistance begs for U.S. support, gets nothing from Biden
Pro-democracy fighters in Afghanistan‘s Panjshir Valley may be bloodied but are not bowed in opposing the Taliban, who have claimed victory over the entire country, a resistance leader told The Washington Times.
Iran nuclear talks resume in Vienna; EU diplomat warns of ‘difficult’ work ahead
Negotiators trying to save the landmark Iran nuclear deal resumed discussions on Monday with the EU chair warning of “difficult” work ahead.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
‘Campaign Between Wars’: Israel Struck ‘Dozens’ of Syrian Targets in 2021 to Disrupt Weapons Transfer to Iranian Proxies
The Israeli army said Tuesday that airstrike operations carried out this year hit “dozens” of targets in Syria and have limited the ability of Iran to funnel arms to its proxies in the region.
Syria says it will ‘use all legally available means to retake’ Golan
Syria said Monday that Israel’s plans to double the number of Israeli citizens living in Israeli-annexed Golan Heights mark a “dangerous and unprecedented” escalation between the countries.

Inside the United States
Ohio Governor signs “Born-Alive” bill into law
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) has signed into law Senate Bill 157, the “Born-Alive Infant Protection Act,” which requires doctors to provide life-saving treatment to babies born alive after an attempted abortion or face criminal charges, the Hill reports.
Biden Signs $768 Billion Bill As US Faces Attack
U.S. President Joe Biden signed a $768 billion defense bill amid fears that Russia and China are ahead of the United States in developing new weapons systems such as hypersonic technology.
U.S. home prices surge 18.4% in October
U.S. home prices surged again in October as the housing market continues to boom in the wake of last year’s coronavirus recession.

Christian News
Evangelist Graham Condemns Satanist Attack On Christmas
American evangelist Franklin Graham has condemned U.S.-based Satanists after they tried “to destroy” Christmas over the weekend.
India persecution: Spate of Hindu attacks against Christianity over Christmas period
The intensifying persecution of believers by Hindu nationalists in India has now even caught the attention of mainstream international media, with the Guardian UK joining Christian organizations in reporting on a spate of attacks against Christianity in the country over the Christmas period.
Britain: Prosecution withdraws case against UK pastor fined for carrying on ministry to homeless
A British pastor who was fined over £16,000 for running her ministry to the homeless during a UK lockdown was told this month that the prosecution has withdrawn the case against her, Christian Legal Centre reports. Pastor Chizumie Dyer, who runs her ‘Church on the Streets’ ministry in Nottingham, England, was issued fines by police in February 2021.
Texas pastor forgives church vandal; Christmas services continued despite damage
The pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas has extended forgiveness to a vandal who caused between $100,000 - $300,000 damage to the church building on Christmas Eve, CBN reports. Pastor Eric Borchers said the attack would not stop his congregation from enjoying Christmas services as parishioners rallied to clean up the damage.
Gallup: 69% of Americans Identify as Christian
Based on two 2021 polls, Gallup found that nearly 75% of Americans identify with a specific religious faith, including 69% who identify as Christian.