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Around the World
NATO: ‘Russia Could Capture Ukraine’s Bakhmut In Days’
The secretary general of the NATO military alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, warned Wednesday that Russia could capture the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut "in the coming days."
China “most consequential threat” to U.S. national security, top intelligence official says
U.S. intelligence leaders told lawmakers Wednesday that the Chinese Communist Party remained the "most consequential threat" to U.S. national security, as President Xi Jinping consolidates power and his government takes steps to fuel divides both within the U.S. and between Washington and its allies.
Russia Detains Christians Opposing War
Russian authorities are detaining prominent Christians opposing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including a Christian musician and a priest, investigators told Worthy News.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
US backs Israel’s ‘legitimate right’ to fight terror following Jenin operation
The United States expressed support on Tuesday for an Israeli counter-terror operation in Jenin earlier in the day. During the daylight raid, Israeli forces eliminated the terrorist responsible for the murder of two Israelis on Feb. 26, according to the Israel Defense Forces.
All Signs Point to Imminent Israeli Attack on Iran
Is Israel about to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities? It sure looks that way. The Jewish state has been preparing for years for such an eventuality, and now it appears the time has arrived.

Inside the United States
FBI director says China could use TikTok to control data on millions of Americans
The Chinese government could use the Chinese-owned video app TikTok to control data on millions of US users, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray said on Wednesday.
Federal court says pro life pregnancy centers should not have to hire pro choice employees
A federal court has ruled that the Evergreen Association of pro-life pregnancy centers in New York has legal standing to challenge a law that could force anti-abortion groups to hire people who hold views that are contrary to their mission, the Christian Post (CP) reports. The Evergreen Association runs a network of crisis pregnancy centers called the Expectant Mother Care (EMC Frontline).
Diverse faith groups file amicus briefs supporting evangelical postal worker in SCOTUS religious accommodations case
Many diverse individuals and faith groups that do not normally work together have filed joint amicus briefs in support of a religious accommodations case brought to the US Supreme Court by an evangelical postal worker who sued his employer for insisting he work on Sundays. The high court will hear the case in April this year.

Christian News
New Reports of Revival, 20 Baptisms at Purdue – Evangelist Chastises Critics, ‘God Is Moving, It’s Just Starting’
As the flames of the Holy Spirit continue to spread across the nation, there are new reports of young people answering the gospel's call. And one noted evangelist says he believes "it's just starting."
A further 41 Texas churches leave UMC over LGBTQ stance
A further 41 conservative congregations in Texas have now left The United Methodist Church amid ongoing disagreement over the Bible’s teaching on same-sex marriage and the ordination of openly gay and trans clergy, the Christian Post (CP) reports.
England: Large Anglican church to stop payments to Diocese in split over LGBT blessing ceremonies
A large Anglican church in Oxford, UK has announced it will stop making payments to its Church of England diocese because the denomination’s General Synod voted last month to allow clergy to perform blessings for same-sex marriages, Christian Today reports. In its announcement, the St Ebbe's church in Oxford, England, said its communion with the Oxford diocese bishops was fractured over the partial acceptance of LGBT marriages. Accordingly, the church will be diverting payments to a trust fund instead.
Around the World
Hungary Delegates In Sweden Amid Concerns About NATO Expansion (Worthy News Radio)
Hungarian lawmakers began visiting Sweden and Finland on Tuesday to discuss the Nordic nations' bid to join the NATO military alliance after Copenhagen and Helsinki expressed concerns about Hungary's reluctance to ratify their entry.
UK: Anti-abortion activist rearrested for silent prayer in buffer zone around abortion clinic
A Catholic anti-abortion activist in Birmingham, England has been rearrested for violating a local Public Spaces Protection Order by standing silently and praying inside a buffer zone around a closed abortion clinic, the Washington Times reports.
Ukraine, Russia Pressured For Peace As Deaths Mount And NATO Grows (Worthy News Radio)
Chinese pressure is mounting on Russia and Ukraine for a ceasefire and possible peace talks amid the rapidly climbing death toll on both sides around the eastern Ukrainian city Bakhmut. But government leaders on both sides remain reluctant to start negotiations immediately, with NATO expansion imminent and battles raging in Ukraine.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel must recognize online marriages conducted via Utah, Supreme Court rules
The Supreme Court has ruled that the Interior Ministry is obligated to register as married couples who wed in online civil ceremonies through the American state of Utah, in a ruling which is certain to further increase the government’s ire toward the court.
Syria, Iran accuse Israel of ‘double crime’ after jets strike Aleppo airport
Syria and Iran accused Israel of criminal behavior after Israeli Air Force jets allegedly carried out an airstrike at the airport in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Inside the United States
Feds extorted social media to censor by threatening lucrative ‘hidden subsidy’: AGs lawsuit
Congressional Democrats and White House officials cowed social media platforms into censoring disfavored narratives on COVID-19, elections and Hunter Biden by threatening "a hidden subsidy worth billions of dollars," according to documents filed Monday in a lawsuit against the Biden administration.
Two Kidnapped Americans Killed In Mexico
Two of four Americans who were kidnapped in northern Mexico last week were found dead Tuesday in a case that has underscored growing insecurity around the U.S.-Mexico border, officials said.
SCOTUS declines to hear case involving atheists’ offense at police prayer vigil
The US Supreme Court has refused to intervene in a case involving atheists who filed suit against Florida’s city of Ocala police department for holding a public prayer vigil after drive-by shootings that injured several children in 2014, CNBC reports.

Christian News
Nigeria: Church of Christ in Nations pastor and two sons killed by Islamist militants
A Church of Christ in Nations pastor and his two sons were shot dead by Islamic militants in Plateau state, northern Nigeria at the weekend, AIT reports. Tens of thousands of Christians have been murdered by Islamic extremists in Nigeria since 2015.
India: Hindu nationalists vandalize Gideon Bible stall at fair, accuse Christians of entrapment
A group of Hindu nationalists vandalized a Gideons Bible stall set up at the New Delhi World Book Fair in India last week, accusing the volunteers running it of “trapping” Hindus into Christianity, the Christian Post (CP) reports.
Just 4% of US adults now hold worldview based on Bible, report shows
A new study shows that the percentage of US adults with a worldview based on the Bible dropped to just 4% during the pandemic, Christian Headlines reports. Part of the 2023 American Worldview Inventory, the study was led by George Barna at the Cultural Research Center of Arizona Christian University.

Worthy Watch

J6 Surveillance Tapes Detail Police Escorting ‘Qanon Shaman’ Around Capitol Building
Last night, Tucker Carlson revealed the extent the Capitol Police went to stop the 'Qanon Shaman' from entering the Senate floor of the Capitol Building. The footage is startling and paints a different picture than the public was led to believe. When we posted coverage of the 'Qanon Shaman' on Worthy News Facebook page we were banned from Facebook for 90 days.
Around the World
Speaker McCarthy to meet Taiwan’s president in US to avoid escalating tensions with China
Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, will meet with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in the U.S. early next month, instead of overseas, in order to avoid provoking China, a report says.
Russia Nuclear Submarines Deployed Off U.S. Coast Spark Alarm
As Russian President Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine continues to rage, United States commanders and military observers are sounding the alarm about the activity of Russia's submarine fleet thousands of miles away, off the U.S. coast.
Yemen: Al-Qaeda confirms senior leader killed in US airstrike
The al-Qaeda Islamic terror organization has confirmed that Hamad bin Hamoud al-Tamimi, a senior leader at one of the group’s most dangerous bases, was killed in a US airstrike on Yemen last month, AFP reports.
Ukraine Refuses To Give Up Bakhmut Despite Exhaustion (Worthy News Radio)
Ukraine says it is still holding off attacks from Russian troops trying to surround its eastern city of Bakhmut, where many forces on both sides have been killed along with civilians. But Moscow has defended its invasion of Ukraine and warned it would do business with China and India.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
In Iran, IAEA Head Says Attacks on Nuclear Facilities Are Outlawed; ‘Which Law?’ Asks Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday chided the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog after he said – while visiting Iran – that military attacks on nuclear facilities anywhere are “outlawed.”
Herzog says compromise on judicial overhaul ‘closer than ever’
President Isaac Herzog on Monday convened 100 mayors and local council leaders in order to formulate an outline for dialogue over the government's judicial overhaul, claiming an agreement is closer than ever.
Archaeological discovery of inscription referencing King Darius of the Bible is ‘not authentic’
The Israel Antiquities Authority has clarified that what its archaeologists announced last week as a historic discovery — an inscription bearing the name of Persian King Darius the Great found at the Tel Lachish National Park in Israel — is "not authentic."
EU Fears Hungary May Move Embassy to Jerusalem
The European Union has expressed concern about reports that Hungary will become the first EU member state to open an embassy in Jerusalem. However, the European country’s president said “no decision” has been made.

Inside the United States
Parents alarmed by satanist after-school clubs forming across U.S.
As curriculum awareness grows across the United States, parents are now sounding the alarm over the Satanic Temple (TST)’s efforts to create after-school clubs for students.
China blocking U.S. investigation of COVID-19 origins, lawmakers assert
Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers have asserted that Chinese authorities are obstructing an American probe into the origins of COVID-19 amid increasing support for the theory that the virus originated from a lab in Wuhan.
Ohio: Pro Life groups condemn proposed constitutional amendment guaranteeing abortion past viability
Pro-Life advocates have resoundingly condemned a proposed amendment to Ohio’s state constitution that would guarantee access to abortion beyond viability without the need for parental consent in the case of minors. With its summary language approved last week, the constitutional amendment may be placed on November ballots.

Christian News
Pastor Aiding Ukraine Town After Massacre
A Ukrainian pastor is carrying humanitarian aid from the Netherlands to Bucha, the Ukrainian suburban town where hundreds of people were reportedly massacred by Russian forces.
Most US churches will continue online services along with in-person gatherings post COVID, study shows
A new survey shows that, in the wake of the pandemic, fewer than 30% of US churches expect to offer only in-person services going forward, with a large majority wanting to offer two or more options, the Christian Post (CP) reports. The survey found that 81% of US churches expect to offer a hybrid of in-person and online services.