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Around the World
UN atomic watchdog: Iran further increasing stockpile of highly enriched uranium
The UN atomic watchdog said Thursday it believes that Iran has further increased its stockpile of highly enriched uranium and criticized Tehran for continuing to bar the agency’s officials from accessing or monitoring Iranian nuclear sites.
Iran protests rage on streets as officials renew threats
Protests in Iran raged on streets into Thursday with demonstrators remembering a bloody crackdown in the country’s southeast, even as the nation’s intelligence minister and army chief renewed threats against local dissent and the broader world.
US sending Ukraine another $400 million weapons package, bringing total to over $19 billion
The Pentagon announced another $400 million weapons package for Ukraine on Thursday as Russia ramps up attacks on critical infrastructure with winter getting closer.
French Bishops Accused Of Sexual Abuse
More than a dozen French Catholic bishops are suspected of “sexual abuse or cover-up,” including a cardinal who admitted to abusing a teenage girl 35 years ago, Catholic leaders and the Vatican said Tuesday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israeli F-35 jets escort US bombers in show of force to Iran
Israeli F-35i fighter jets escorted two American B-52 bombers through Israeli airspace on Thursday, in an apparent show of force to Iran amid tensions in the region.

Inside the United States
Midterm voters approve codification of state abortion rights, vote down pro-life measures
In the first midterm elections since June’s US Supreme Court withdrawal of a federally protected right to abortion, not only did a number of states enshrine abortion rights into their constitutions Tuesday, but voters in Republican-led states voted against pro-life measures, the Christian Post (CP) reports.
National Pro-Life organization criticizes unclear GOP stance on abortion in midterms
A major national pro-life advocacy organization has publicly criticized the Republican party, attesting it may have lost seats in this week’s midterm elections for not making its position on abortion clear enough, the Christian Post (CP) reports.
Ex-President Trump Remains In Hurricane Hit Florida
Former U.S. President Donald Trump did not plan to leave a coastal area in the U.S. state of Florida despite mandatory evacuations as Nicole intensified into a Category 1 hurricane, an adviser said.
Boston to pay $2 million in settlement of case challenging city’s refusal to fly Christian flag
Following the intervention of the US Supreme Court, the city of Boston has agreed to pay $2.1 million to a conservative Christian legal group that challenged the city’s refusal to fly a Christian flag at City Hall, the Associated Press reports.

Christian News
Christians Kidnapped, Killed In Ethiopia As Clashes Escalate (Worthy News In-Depth)
At least nine abducted priests and other Christians remained missing in central Ethiopia on Thursday after a church deacon and others were killed by rebels in recent weeks, aid workers and others said.
Around the World
Russia To Withdraw Troops From Key Ukraine City Kherson
Russia on Wednesday ordered its troops to withdraw from the critical Ukrainian city Kherson, the only regional capital Moscow had captured since its invasion began on February 24.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel blamed for deadly strike on Iranian convoy at Syria-Iraq border
Israel was accused Wednesday of carrying out a series of overnight airstrikes on a convoy near the Syria-Iraq border that left at least 10 people dead, including a number of Iranian fighters.

Inside the United States
No Red Wave, But Republicans Poised To Win House
Commentators said Wednesday that Democrats defied historical odds in the critical U.S. midterm elections as an anticipated “red wave” of Republican victories did not materialize.
Abortion rate falls by 6% following SCOTUS decision in Dobbs
A new report shows there was a decrease of 6% in the number of abortions carried out nationwide since the US Supreme Court this year revoked a federal right to abortion up to viability it had granted in the 1973 case of Roe v Wade. Reversing its ruling in Roe on June 24, the Supreme Court returned the issue of abortion to individual states through its majority decision in Dobbs v Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization, 2022.

Christian News
Significant number of churchgoers have not returned to in-person services
A new survey shows that, although almost all churches have reopened since being placed in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, 15% of congregants have still not returned to in-person services, the Washington Times reports. Released on Tuesday, the survey was carried out by the Southern Baptist-affiliated Lifeway Research organization.
Myanmar: Burmese army bombs Baptist seminary
Continuing its violent attacks on Christian civilians, the ‘Tatmadaw’ Burmese military junta bombed a Baptist seminary in Kachin state last week, injuring four men in their dormitory, Christian Headlines (CH) reports.
China: Government officials detain Christian house church leaders and members on false charges
Chinese government officials are continuing a campaign of surveillance and detention against the Linfen Holy Covenant Church in Shanxi province, holding church leaders and members on false charges, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.
Around the World
U.S. Talks With Russia Over Nuclear Escalation (Worthy News Radio)
The United States says it has talked with high-level Russian officials to prevent the armed conflict in Ukraine from escalating into nuclear warfare. Tuesday's announcement comes after Ukraine said it would not negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin following reports that Washington asked Kyiv to signal it is open to peace.
Massive Outages As Kyiv Fears More Russian Strikes (Worthy News Radio)
Authorities urged residents in Ukraine’s capital to make plans to leave after the president warned of more Russian air strikes that could cut off Kyiv’s power supplies.
19 Killed In Tanzania’s Worst Plane Crash In Decades
At least 19 people died when a passenger plane crashed into Lake Victoria in Tanzania on Sunday as it approached the airport, the country’s prime minister said.
Major conflict with China ‘is coming,’ outgoing Strategic Command chief warns
China is increasing its nuclear forces more rapidly than American analysts anticipated, according to the outgoing commander of the Pentagon’s Strategic Command, who warns that Beijing is in the midst of a “breakout” buildup of forces.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Mysterious strikes in Syria hit fuel convoy from Iraq; Iranians killed
Late night airstrikes in eastern Syria along the border with Iraq targeted Iran-backed militiamen, inflicting casualties, Syrian opposition activists said Wednesday. According to two paramilitary officers in Iraq, some of those killed in the attack were Iranian nationals.
Israel joins Mideast nations, including Iraq, Lebanon, to agree on climate action
Israel’s environmental protection minister attended a regional meeting Tuesday alongside Iraqi and Lebanese leaders at the global climate conference taking place in Egypt, the minister’s office said, where the group pledged to work together to tackle climate change.

Inside the United States
Republicans Seek To Take Congress As Christians Pray
U.S. Senate incumbents, including Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and senior Republican John Thune, won re-election in Tuesday's U.S. midterm elections during heightened political and social turmoil.
Abortion-Related Ballot Measures: A Disheartening Night For Pro-Life Americans
While abortion was indirectly on the ballot for many voters across the nation in Tuesday’s midterm election, it was also the subject of specific ballot measures in five states – with results disappointing for pro-lifers.
Nail-biter: Control of Senate hangs in the balance
The fate of the Senate remained in limbo late Tuesday night as election workers counted ballots to settle hard-fought matchups in swing states.
Less than a third of Americans believe Bible should determine right and wrong
A new study published Tuesday shows that less than a third of US adults believe the Bible should be America’s guide to determining right and wrong, the Christian Post reports. The study was the fourth installment of America’s Values Study carried out by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University.
Attacks on pro-life centers far outnumber those on abortion clinics, report shows
A new report shows that since the leak in May of the US Supreme Court draft decision to reverse Roe v Wade and repeal the decades-long federal right to abortion, there have been 135 attacks on pro-life individuals and groups, compared to just six attacks against pro-choice people and entities, the Christian Post (CP) reports.

Christian News
Jailed Canadian Pastor acquitted of breaching COVID-19 restrictions on church services
A pastor in Canada who was jailed for breaching COVID-19 restrictions on in-person worship services was acquitted this week of charges that he violated public health orders, the Christian Post (CP) reports.
Indonesia: Two government officials sign Islamist petition to block church building, violation of Indonesian constitution
In an apparent violation of Indonesia’s constitutional protection of religious freedom, two local officials in Java Island joined forces with Islamist organizations to block the construction of a Christian church building, the Christian Post (CP) reports.
Church of England Evangelicals reject Bishop’s proposal to allow blessing of same-sex marriages
Church of England Evangelicals have rejected a theological essay published by the Bishop of Oxford which argues Anglican clergy should be able to bless and marry same-sex couples if they choose, the Christian Post (CP) reports. The Church of England does not allow the blessing of civil partnerships or the marrying of same-sex couples.