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Around the World
UN, WEF Fear Agenda 2030 May Fail
World leaders gather this year at the United Nations in New York to speed up the global “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” amid frustration over a lack of progress, organizers say.
US Threatens Iran With Bunker-Busting-Bombs
The U.S. military says it is arming aircraft sent to the Middle East with "bunker-busting" bombs due to “increasing aggression” from the Islamic Republic of Iran, which may soon have nuclear weapons.
Iran Denies Delivering Military Aid To Russia
Iran has denied delivering over 300,000 artillery shells and about a million rounds of ammunition to Russia for use in Moscow’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israeli airstrikes hit targets near Homs, Syrian state media says
Israel launched airstrikes against targets near the western Syrian city of Homs during the pre-dawn hours of Saturday morning, Syrian state media reported.
Netanyahu to reportedly face ultimatum from coalition if overhaul negotiations fail
While Thursday’s rally in support of the judicial overhaul provided a shot in the arm to coalition lawmakers determined to advance the currently suspended initiative, the Likud-backed protest could well put Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an even thornier position as he seeks to reach a deal with the opposition on reforming the judiciary.

Inside the United States
House Republicans Plan to Stop New Iran Nuclear Deal
Congress is readying a bevy of bills that would effectively kill any hope the Biden administration has of inking a revamped nuclear deal with Iran, according to sources briefed on the matter.
US Nearing Digital Identity For All Americans
Legislative preparations are underway to establish a U.S. government-backed task force to create a digital identity for all Americans.

Christian News
Concerns About Abducted Christians In Nigeria After Killings
Seven people were abducted after returning from a church service in north-central Nigeria amid massive attacks against Christians that killed more than 130 believers, Christian aid workers confirmed.
Around the World
U.S.: Russian Subs in Atlantic ‘More Active Than We’ve Seen Them in Years’
Russia has increased its submarine presence in the Atlantic at a higher level than ever in recent years, the top U.S. officer overseeing operations in Europe said Wednesday, citing one of several examples contradicting conclusions that the military loyal to Russian President Vladimir Putin has been severely degraded by his war in Ukraine.
Iran Seizes U.S.-Bound Oil Tanker
Iran’s naval forces on Thursday seized an oil tanker bound for Texas in the Gulf of Oman, a move that drew condemnation from the U.S. military at a time of heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington.
MIT scientists discover potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease
Neuroscientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have discovered a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and reversal of some of the neurological damage caused by dementia, the Jerusalem Post reports. The peer-reviewed MIT study was published Wednesday in the journal PNAS.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
US CENTCOM commander arrives in Israel
U.S. CENTCOM Commander Gen. Michael E. Kurilla arrived in Israel on Wednesday night for meetings with senior defense officials.
‘We demand judicial reform’: Estimated 600,000 demonstrators rally outside Knesset
Two suspects were arrested on Thursday in Tel Aviv, as anti-government protesters attacked Israel’s economy minister Nir Barkat. Meanwhile, organizers estimated 600,000 advocates of judicial reform gathered in Jerusalem.
US is sending munitions to Ukraine from stockpile earmarked for Israel’s emergency use
The Biden administration has been sending to Ukraine munitions from a stockpile the US has kept in Israel, a stockpile that Israel itself would need to use in a time of war while giving no clear indication as to when that stockpile will be replenished, Israel Hayom reports.

Inside the United States
House narrowly passes GOP debt limit bill, putting Biden on defense for refusal to negotiate
House Republicans narrowly passed legislation raising the debt limit on Wednesday. The move is gambit to force President Biden to begin negotiations in earnest on cutting spending in exchange for lifting the cap on how much the government can borrow to meet expenses.
Pentagon Papers leaker: DOD records show Ukraine at stalemate, ‘very similar to Vietnam’
Daniel Ellsberg, the man behind the largest and perhaps most consequential disclosure in U.S. history, said the latest intelligence leaks show that the war between Russia and Ukraine is at a “stalemate,” drawing similarities to the Vietnam War.
Kansas GOP lawmakers enact sweeping transgender bathroom law, override Democrat governor’s veto
Republican legislators in Kansas have enacted a bill to prevent transgender people from using the restrooms associated with their gender identities, overriding a veto of the measure by the state's Democrat governor.

Christian News
Nigeria: Christian community devastated by jihadist attacks worships God in burnt-out church on Good Friday
A Nigerian Christian farming community that was devastated in brutal attacks by Fulani militant herdsmen on the Easter weekends of both 2021 and 2022 gathered to worship God in the burnt-out roofless shell of their former church building in Nigeria’s Plateau State on Good Friday (April 7) this year, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.
18 US Christian colleges forced to shut down since pandemic
A new study shows that 18 Christian colleges have closed or merged since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Christianity Today reports.
Around the World
Chinese and Ukrainian Leaders Talk Peace, But Bloodshed Continues (Worthy News Radio)
The president of war-torn Ukraine said Wednesday he had held a meaningful dialogue with China's leader after Beijing unveiled a peace plan to end the armed conflict between Kyiv and Moscow. Yet despite the talks between President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, there were no signs of peace returning to the frontline of an armed conflict in which hundreds of thousands of people are believed to have been killed and injured.
Sudan: WHO warns of “extremely, extremely dangerous” situation as fighters occupy laboratory holding samples of deadly disease
The World Health Organization warned Tuesday of an "extremely, extremely dangerous" situation developing in Sudan where fighting forces have taken over a national public laboratory storing samples of dangerous, contagious diseases, including polio, cholera, and measles, CBS News reports.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
At Independence Day ceremony, Netanyahu says Israel’s miracles ‘only possible when we march together’
Speaking in a pre-recorded message broadcast at the Independence Day ceremony on Mount Herzl, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to call for unity amid widespread divisions and protests against his government.
House Passes Resolution Calling to Expand Abraham Accords, Honor 75 Years of US-Israel Ties
The House of Representatives on Tuesday evening passed a resolution honoring the 75th anniversary of Israel’s founding and the establishment of US-Israel relations by a vote of 401 to 19.

Inside the United States
Final vote on House GOP debt limit bill could take place as early as Wednesday evening
The floor vote on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s debt limit legislation could come as early as Wednesday, but as of midday, it was still unclear whether the leader of the GOP-controlled House had the votes.
Supreme Court to hear case of 94-year-old Minnesota woman who lost her condo over $2,300 in unpaid taxes
Geraldine Tyler, now 94, lost her one-bedroom condo in Minneapolis over $2,300 in unpaid taxes, plus interest and penalties. Hennepin County sold the apartment for $40,000 and kept every penny.
Federal court dismisses challenge to Texas’ anti–BDS law
The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on Tuesday dismissed a challenge to a Texas law that prohibits companies from receiving state funds if they participate in the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, Algemeiner reports.

Christian News
100 Christian Families Freed From Pakistan Brick Kilns
A Christian aid group said Wednesday that it managed to free some 100 Christian families in Pakistan from brick kilns where they were effectively held as enslaved people by Muslim owners.
Nigeria: Mass slaughter of Christians continues; 134 murdered by Fulani jihadists in Benue state
The mass slaughter of Christians in Nigeria continues unabated and with impunity: radicalized Fulani Muslim herdsmen murdered 134 Christians in Benue state in the first week of April, Morning Star News (MSN) reports.
Eritrea: Police round up and imprison 103 Christian college students
Eritrean police arrested and detained 103 Christian college students at a worship event in the capital city of Asmara last month, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.