Prophecy News Watch - April 18, 2022

Around the World
Russian Missiles Hit West Ukraine, Several Killed
Ukrainian officials say Russian missiles have hit the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, killing at least seven people. Moscow’s troops apparently stepped up strikes on infrastructure across Ukraine in preparation for an expected all-out assault on the east.
South Africa Floods Kill 440 Raising Questions
South Africa on Monday tried to overcome storms that devastated the east coast city of Durban, triggering heavy floods and landslides, killing more than 440 people.
Biden to host ASEAN summit for Southeast Asian leaders
US President Joe Biden will host a Special Summit for leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Washington next month, the Washington Examiner reports.
Ukrainian Jews Face Passover In War
Amid the death and destruction of war, Ukrainian Jews have marked the Jewish people’s escape from slavery in Egypt as recorded in the Old Testament.
Hundreds of Syrian fighters sign up to fight alongside Russia in Ukraine
During a visit to Syria in 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin lavished praise on a Syrian general whose division played an instrumental role in defeating insurgents in the country's long-running civil war. The Russian leader told him his cooperation with Russian troops "will lead to great successes in the future."
US: Iran will have to offer ‘reciprocity’ if it wants to negotiate status of IRGC
The US appeared to reject the key Iranian demand that it delist the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in order for Tehran to return to compliance with the multilateral nuclear agreement the two sides reached in 2015.
Putin discusses Russia-Ukraine talks, Middle East with Palestinian leader Abbas
Russian President Vladimir Putin held a phone call with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas about negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, the Kremlin said on Monday.
Tehran Warns Israel on Making ‘Tiniest Move’ Against Iran
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Monday warned that Israel will be targeted by his country's armed forces if it makes “the tiniest move” against Iran.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel Shooting Down Palestinian Rocket As Tensions Mount
Israeli fighter jets carried out airstrikes in the southern Gaza Strip, targeting a “weapons manufacturing site” for Hamas, the Israeli military said.
Israel Downs Gaza Rocket, Admonishes Jordan as Jerusalem Tensions Simmer
Israel shot down a rocket launched from the Gaza Strip on Monday, the Israeli military said, the first such attack in months as tensions in Jerusalem drew angry pro-Palestinian rhetoric from Jordan and US mediation efforts.
UN Security Council to hold emergency consultation on Jerusalem unrest
The UN Security Council will convene an emergency closed-door session Tuesday to discuss recent unrest in Jerusalem, a UN diplomat said Monday.
Report: Putin sends letter to Bennett demanding handover of Old City property
Russian President Vladimir Putin recently sent a letter to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett urging Israel to hand over control of contested church property in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Ynet website reported Monday.
Thousands Gather for Traditional Priestly Blessing at Western Wall
Thousands of Jews flocked to the Western Wall on Monday for the priestly blessing in Jerusalem.

Inside the United States
Judge Rules Federal Transport Mask Mandate Unlawful
A U.S. judge in Florida said on Monday that a mask mandate on public transportation is unlawful, overturning a Biden administration effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Christian News
Nigeria: Christians slain in new Fulani attack, “Where is any action?”
The relentless slaughter of Christians in Nigeria’s Middle Belt by Fulani militants continues unchecked and, on April 11, the bodies of 17 Christians were found in the bush following a brutal attack on the community of Tior-Tyu in Benue state, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.
India:36 Christians arrested after Hindu radicals lock 100 congregants in church
Radicalized Hindus in India’s Uttar Pradesh state on Thursday locked a congregation of 100 Christians in their church and then had 36 of them arrested and jailed on alleged forced conversion charges, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.
Egypt: Coptic Archbishop stabbed to death, declared a martyr
A Coptic Archbishop who was stabbed to death on a street in Egypt earlier this month has been declared a martyr by the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Alexandria, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Archbishop Arsanious Wadidw was dressed in clerical attire and clearly identifiable as a priest when he was murdered by a lone knifeman as he handed out Ramadan gifts in Alexandria’s Maharam Bek District on April 7.