Prophecy News Watch - April 28, 2022

Around the World
Biden Asks Congress for $33 Billion For Wartorn Ukraine
As the Russian invasion continued Thursday, U.S. President Joe Biden asked Congress to approve $33 billion more in emergency aid for Ukraine.
UN Atomic Chief Fears Nuclear Disaster In Ukraine, Iran
The International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) director-general is rushing to avoid a nuclear disaster in Ukraine while trying to stop Iran develop a nuclear weapon soon, his latest comments suggest.
Pope Cancels Meeting With Russian Patriarch Over Ukraine War Concerns
Pope Francis has canceled a summit with the leader of Russia’s Orthodox Church amid diplomatic wrangling over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Worthy News learned.
Blinken: Iran plotting to assassinate top American officials while negotiating nuke deal
Secretary of State Antony Blinken indicated this week that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps continues to plot the assassination of both current and former top United States officials while talks regarding the Iran nuclear deal are still underway.
Russia Warns West Over Arming Ukraine
Russia has warned the West against arming Ukraine, saying it could threaten European security. The comments came as the United Nations chief visited the Ukrainian capital Kyiv where he expressed shock about the impact of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Russia’s President Warns NATO After Gas Cuts
Russia's president warned Wednesday that any country interfering in Ukraine would face a "lightning-fast" response after he had already cut off natural gas to Poland and Bulgaria, members of the NATO military alliance.
Cardinal: ‘Sri Lanka Coverup Easter Bombings’
The cardinal of Sri Lanka claims the government “covers up” investigations into the 2019 Easter bombings to protect the “real culprits” behind the attacks that killed hundreds of people.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
New Israeli Brain Discovery Will Have Important Impact on Artificial Intelligence Hardware
Israeli scientists have now discovered that just one single neuron (nerve cell) is enough achieve deep-learning algorithms that previously required an artificial complex network consisting of thousands of connected neurons and synapses (structures that enable neurons to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron). This discovery by researchers ast Bar-Ilan University (BIU) near Tel Aviv is expected to have important implications on future artificial-intelligence hardware.
New U.S. rule bars soldiers from visiting Israel, region on leave
After Israel was reclassified to fall within the United States Central Command Area of Responsibility (AOR), the US military released updated guidelines banning service members from traveling to the region on leave.

Inside the United States
Economy Shrinks 1.4% in First Quarter, Below Expectations
The U.S. economy unexpectedly shrank 1.4% annually in the first quarter, the Commerce Department reported on Thursday, a sharp decline from the fourth quarter and below expectations that wavered between slow and negative growth.
Atheist calls on Florida to ban the Bible and the dictionary in schools
Pushing back against Florida bans on Critical Race Theory and on dozens of math books that authorities said would “indoctrinate” students with “dangerous and divisive concepts,” an atheist activist is calling on the state’s public schools to ban both the Bible and the dictionary on the grounds they contain subject matter and words that are not appropriate for children either, the Washington Examiner reports.
Appeals Court dismisses challenge to Texas ‘heartbeat’ law
The US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit filed by abortion providers to overturn the controversial Texas ‘heartbeat’ law which bans abortion after six weeks’ gestation, CBN News reports.
Anxious Fed set for historic measure to try to curb inflation
The Federal Reserve is set to take its most aggressive action in decades to rein in inflation when it meets this week — a move that would have implications for the entire economy.

Christian News
Egypt grants legal status to over 200 more churches
Egypt’s Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly has decided to grant legal status to 239 more churches and places of worship, in a move welcomed by Christian rights activists, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) reports.
Conservative congregations to break away from United Methodist Church over LGBT stance
The United Methodist Church (UMC) is in crisis as dozens of theologically conservative congregations are set to break off into a separate group over the denomination’s support of same-sex marriage and homosexual clergy, the Washington Times reports.
Iran Christians Concerned About Jailed Convert
Iranian Christians have urged prayers for a house church leader who they say remains detained after being arrested at his home in Anzali on April 18.