Prophecy News Watch - August 4, 2022

Around the World
U.S. to sell Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia in deal worth $3 billion
The U.S. government this week signed off on the sale of 300 Patriot missiles and related support equipment to Saudi Arabia in a deal valued at more than $3 billion, defense officials said Tuesday.
U.S. State Department Posts ‘Worldwide Caution’ Warning to Travelers Following Death of Bin Laden’s Successor
The U.S. State Department posted a "Worldwide Caution" warning to travelers on its website Tuesday following Sunday's counterterrorism strike in Afghanistan that killed Osama bin Laden's successor, Ayman al-Zawahri.
Iran, US, EU envoys heading to Vienna as nuclear talks expected to resume
Iran said Wednesday it was sending a delegation to Vienna to resume talks to revive the frayed 2015 agreement on its nuclear program that have been halted since March.
Iceland: Volcano erupts near key Keflavik airport
Iceland's Fagradalsfjall mountain near Keflavik airport is erupting again, the government confirmed on Wednesday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Joint Israeli-Italian F-35 drill signifies key milestone in IAF’s international cooperation
The “Lightning Shield” international exercise involving F-35s from the Israeli and Italian air forces, held in late July in Israel, marked a significant moment in Israel’s military cooperation with partners, an IAF source has said.
Top Islamic Jihad official threatens to attack center of Israel
A senior official of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in the Gaza Strip said in an interview on Wednesday that his organization "will bomb" central Israel.

Inside the United States
Household debt exceeds $16 trillion in second quarter of 2022
Total household debt increased by $312 billion (2%) to $16.15 trillion in the second quarter of 2022, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's Center for Microeconomic Data said in its Quarterly Report published Tuesday.
Christian Flag to be Raised at Boston City Hall Wednesday Following Supreme Court First Amendment Ruling
A Christian flag will finally be displayed in front of the Boston City Hall Plaza on Wednesday following a legal battle over religious discrimination.
Abortion Victory in Kansas Stuns Pro-Lifers, Sparks Fears of Abortion Haven
It was a surprise setback for the pro-life movement in Kansas. Voters in the conservative state rejected a ballot measure Tuesday that would have allowed the Republican-controlled legislature to tighten restrictions on abortion or ban it outright.
Senate votes to let Sweden, Finland join NATO
The Senate on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly to accept the application of Sweden and Finland to join NATO amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
President Biden signs executive order to collect data, cover travel expenses for women seeking abortions
President Joe Biden signed an executive order Wednesday to help cover travel expenses for women seeking an abortion.
Growing Number of California Cities Declare Monkeypox an ‘Emergency’
An increasing number of municipalities are declaring health emergencies over monkeypox, with Los Angeles and San Diego issuing declarations this week.

Christian News
Nigeria: Islamic militants murder pastors and kidnap congregants from Evangelical Church Winning All denomination
Fulani militants and other Muslim extremists have murdered six pastors and kidnapped 27 congregants from Nigeria’s Evangelical Church Winning All this year alone, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.
Florida Christian school sues Biden administration of same-sex marriage stance
A Christian school in Florida is suing the Biden administration after being told it may lose federal funding for its school lunch program if it continues to publicly insist that marriage is only legitimate between one man and one woman, Christian Headlines (CH) reports.

Worthy Watch
Herschel Walker Tells MSNBC They ‘Need Jesus’ After Contributor Says Walker is ‘What GOP Wants From Their Negroes’
Watch Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker response to MSNBC and suggested they “need Jesus” after political pundit Elie Mystal called him “clearly unintelligent” and “what Republicans want from their negroes.”
America First Policy Institute: Inflation Reduction Act Will Raise Prices, Taxes, & Kill 218,000 Jobs
The reconciliation bill crafted by Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and supported by the Biden administration will raise electricity and gas prices, hike taxes, and kill about 218,000 blue-collar jobs in 2023, said Marc Lotter, the chief communications officer of the America First Policy Institute.
Trump’s Endorsement Record Sits at 172-10 After Perfect Picks in KS, MI, MO
Candidates backed by former President Donald J. Trump are now 172-10 in statewide and federal races in 2022 after a perfect night in Kansas, Michigan, and Missouri. His candidates are undefeated so far in Arizona – but results are still pending in the gubernatorial race – while he also has two candidates in Washington whose races are still awaiting results.

Worthy Insights
Israeli scientists make model synthetic mouse embryo with stem cells
Circumventing the injection of an egg with sperm, Weizmann Institute of Science geneticists have accomplished a breakthrough – creating synthetic mouse embryos with beating hearts and brains outside the uterus using stem cells taken from skin and cultured in a dish.
Suicide Rates Among US Army Soldiers Highest in More Than 80 Years
The U.S. Army lost 176 active duty soldiers to suicide in 2021, figures show.
New DNA ‘Camcorders’ Can Record ‘Movies’ of a Cell’s Development Through Time
Scientists have long sought to embed DNA “camcorders” into cells to capture their history. Like kids, cells grow, diversify, and mature as they interact with the environment. These changes are embedded in a cell’s gene activity, and by reconstructing them over time, scientists can infer a cell’s current state—for example, is it turning cancerous?
Great Reset: Banks Using ‘Sneaky Tactics’ to Drive Public Towards Cashless Society – Union
Banks are employing “sneaky tactics” to push towards a cashless society, a submission by a financial services union has claimed.