Prophecy News Watch - December 22, 2021

Around the World
US negotiator warns of ‘escalating crisis’ if no Iran deal in next few weeks
There are only “some weeks” left to revive the nuclear deal with Iran if it continues its nuclear activities at the current pace, US negotiator Rob Malley said Tuesday.
WHO: ‘Don’t Celebrate Christmas As Omicron Strikes’
The World Health Organization (WHO) has effectively urged Christians planning to celebrate Christmas and other religious groups to cancel their holiday plans citing rising Omicron infections.
Americans evacuated from Afghanistan by vets group land at JFK
Setting foot in the US was a joyful but fraught moment for Mujtaba Ebadi, one of 50 US citizens and legal residents evacuated from Afghanistan who arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport Saturday morning.
Russia’s Putin says NATO, West to blame for surging tensions
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday the U.S. and its allies, not the Kremlin, are to blame for rising tensions in Europe that have revived talk of war.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel To Have 4th COVID Jab As Europe Struggles
Israel says it plans to become the first nation to introduce a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as the new Omicron variant already overwhelms hospitals in several countries.
Israel Prepares Military Strike to Confront Iran, With or Without the US
The war of words between Israel and Iran is intensifying. The rhetoric comes at a time when the nuclear talks in Vienna to stop Iran's nuclear program seem stalled.

Inside the United States
Durham zeroes in on Clinton campaign, could call some aides to testify, court memo reveals
Hillary Clinton's team long fought to keep its ties to Christopher Steele's dossier from public view, but Special Counsel John Durham is now making clear he has a strong interest in her campaign's behavior during the Russia collusion probe. He is even suggesting some of her aides could be summoned as trial witnesses.
Federal judge says Christian photographer must accept work at same-sex weddings
A federal judge in New York has ruled that Christian photographer Emilee Carpenter must provide her photographic services at same-sex weddings although she is against gay marriage, the Christian Post (CP) reports. Carpenter will appeal the decision to the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit.
Conservative Christians file suit requesting Supreme Court to block Biden’s vaccine mandate for business
Three major conservative Christian organizations filed suit in the US Supreme Court Saturday, urging the Justices to block a Biden administration COVID-19 vaccination mandate that requires all companies with 100 or more employees to ensure all their staff are vaccinated or take regular tests. The plaintiffs assert there will be a “constitutional crisis” if the Supreme Court does not act.

Christian News
Poll: Less than half of Americans pray every day
A 2021 poll by the Pew Research Center has found that 45% of US adults say they pray every day, compared to 55% in 2014 and 58% in 2007, the Christian Post (CP) reports. Conducted from May 29 to August 25, the poll found that 32% of US adults rarely or never pray.
India’s Southern Christians Fear Sad Christmas With Anti-Conversion Law
Christians in India’s southern state of Karnataka anticipated a sad Christmas as details emerged of a perceived “draconian” law proposal against religious conversions.