Prophecy News Watch - December 27, 2022

Around the World
North Korean drones ‘violate airspace’ – South Korea scrambles fighter jets and and fires warning shots in response
South Korea says it has scrambled fighter jets and attack helicopters, firing warning shots, after North Korean drones "violated" its airspace.
Taiwan Claims China Staged Huge Military Incursion
Taiwan’s defense ministry claimed Monday that China staged one of its biggest incursions into the island’s sea and airspace.
Iran to Israel: Strike Our Nuclear Plant, ‘Tel Aviv Will Re Razed to the Ground’
Iran has threatened to level Tel Aviv “to the ground” in a chilling video explaining how Tehran would respond to an Israeli strike on its nuclear plant.
Moscow: ‘Ukraine Attacks Military Deep Inside Russia, Killing 3’ (Worthy News Radio)
Moscow says three Russian army servicemen have died after a Ukrainian attack on a crucial airbase deep inside Russian territory. The attack raised fears of escalating warfare this Christmas season.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israeli military holds exercise along Lebanon border
The Israeli military said it will hold a two-day military exercise on the eastern part of the border with Lebanon, starting Monday morning.

Inside the United States
White House slams migrant buses to veep’s residence despite releasing 1.4 million border crossers
The Biden administration slammed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) for sending three busloads of migrants to Vice President Kamala Harris's official residence without acknowledging the role that the president's policy played in the political just desserts.
Biden Declares Federal Emergency for Bilzzard-Ravaged New York State
President Joe Biden declared a federal emergency Monday for areas of western New York, including Buffalo, that were impacted by the massive blizzard which dumped nearly 50 inches of snow over Christmas weekend, and led to more than 20 deaths.