Prophecy News Watch - December 6, 2021

Around the World
14 Killed As Indonesia’s Largest Volcano Erupts
Rescue workers desperately searched for survivors Sunday after Indonesia’s largest volcano erupted, killing more than a dozen people.
Belgium Rocked By Riots Against COVID Measures
Belgian police tried to disperse thousands of people marching through Brussels amid mounting anger across Europe against government-imposed coronavirus restrictions.
US official: Iran backtracked on all compromises; we’re preparing for no deal
A US official said Saturday that Iran had backed away from all its previous compromises on reviving the 2015 nuclear deal and that the US would not allow Iran to “slow walk” the international negotiations while at the same time ramping up its atomic activities.
Blast heard near Iran’s Natanz nuclear site; officials cite air defense test
A blast was reported Saturday in the vicinity of a nuclear site in Natanz, Iran, according to preliminary reports.
Kremlin Says Biden and Putin to Discuss Ukraine Crisis Next Week
U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin are set to discuss rising tensions Tuesday along the Russian-Ukranian border, where a Russian troop buildup is seen by the West as a sign of a potential invasion.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel to urge US to act militarily against Iran amid stalled nuke talks
Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Mossad chief David Barnea will push during their meetings this week in Washington with senior Biden administration officials for the United States to carry out a military strike on Iranian targets, Israel’s three main TV news broadcasts reported Sunday night.
Bennett: Pause in nuclear talks ‘window of opportunity for different toolkit’ against Iran
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Sunday that his government’s goal is to “utilize the window of opportunity” between rounds of the nuclear talks in Vienna to tell Washington that the time has come for a “different toolkit” against Iran’s progress in uranium enrichment.
Israel Warns As Iran Could Have Nuclear Bomb Within Weeks (Worthy News In-Depth)
Revelations that Iran may have a nuclear bomb within weeks overshadowed Hanukkah feasts in Israel, but Israel’s spy chief warned Iran it would not be allowed to become a nuclear power.

Inside the United States
Roughly 19,000 active-duty Marines, Navy sailors unvaccinated after Biden administration deadline
As many as 19,000 active-duty Marines and Navy sailors reportedly remain unvaccinated after the Biden administration's Nov. 28 deadline.
CNN Fires Top Anchor Cuomo Over Brother’s Sexual Harassment Case
The Cable News Network (CNN) fired its top anchor after an investigation found “additional information” about him defending his brother, then-New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, facing sexual harassment allegations.
US Parents Of Teenage Shooter Charged With Manslaughter
A U.S. judge imposed a $1 million bond on the detained parents of a teenager suspected of killing four fellow high school students after drawing “The thoughts won't stop — help me.”

Christian News
Canadian judge stays compelled speech order issued against pastor whenever he speaks publicly about COVID-19
A Canadian judge issued a stay against a court order that compelled a Christian pastor to echo government health officials whenever he speaks publicly about COVID-19 and vaccines.