Prophecy News Watch - February 16, 2023

Around the World
Bird Flu Spreads Worldwide Threatening Food Supplies
There was concern a Wednesday that the Avian flu, better known as Bird flu, was spreading across the world, threatening global food supplies.
Scotland’s Leader Sturgeon Resigns After Gender Row
Scotland’s first minister resigned Wednesday after coming under fire over her controversial gender change law. Nicola Sturgeon pushed through legislation that saw convicted rapists being transferred to women's prisons as they declared themselves “female.”
Earthquake Hits Near New Zealand’s Capital After Cycloon Kills Four
New Zealand authorities confirm that a 6.1 magnitude struck near the capital Wellington after four people, including a child, were killed as ex-Cyclone Gabrielle moved away.
Democratic Republic of Congo on Genocide Watch list of conflicts to monitor
The Democratic Republic of Congo has been placed on a List of 10 Conflicts to Watch in 2023 prepared by the US-based Genocide Watch NGO.
US Intercepts Russian Aircraft Ahead Of War Anniversary
Four Russian aircraft were detected and intercepted near U.S. airspace shortly after several unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were shot down over the United States, officials confirmed Tuesday.
Invisible University Of Ukraine In Pro-Russia Hungary (Worthy News Radio)
The Central European University (CEU) has launched a so-called 'Invisible University' for Ukrainian students facing or fleeing the war in their country. While mainly organized online, some students have also been able to meet in Budapest after a sometimes dangerous journey.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Palestinian Authority will ask United Nations to recognize State of Palestine with full UN membership
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has announced he will be seeking full membership in the United Nations for the State of Palestine this week, UPI reports. Although recognized by many countries as a state, Palestine is not recognized by Israel and has only non-member Observer status in the United Nations.

Inside the United States
White House Calls Shot Down UFOs “Benign”
The White House suggests that Americans shouldn’t lose sleep over unidentified flying objects (UFOs) shot down recently over North American airspace because they were “benign.”
South Dakota bans sex-change drugs and surgeries for minors
South Dakota on Monday passed legislation that will ban sex-change surgeries and drug treatments for minors starting on July 1, the Washington Times reports.
University Mourning 3 Students Shot Dead
The U.S. Michigan State University was preparing a vigil Wednesday after identifying the three students who were killed in a shooting on the campus, amid mounting concerns about such incidents in the nation.
Ex-South Carolina Governor Haley Challenging Trump
Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is challenging her one-time boss Donald J. Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Christian News
Report: ‘China Seeks To Erase Churches’
China has launched an effort to “erase” all churches and last year saw an increase in the persecution of Christians in the Communist-run nation, according to a new report obtained by Worthy News.