Prophecy News Watch - February 2, 2023

Around the World
Turkey’s push into Iraq risks deeper conflict
Looming over the deserted village of Sararo in northern Iraq, three Turkish military outposts break the skyline, part of an incursion that forced the residents to flee last year after days of shelling.
Iran, Russia to integrate banking systems to bypass Western sanctions
Iran and Russia signed an agreement Sunday to integrate their banking systems to help them skirt Western sanctions.
US accuses Russia of non-compliance with major nuclear arms control treaty
mid already heightened tensions between the United States and Russia over US military assistance to Ukraine, the US State Department on Tuesday accused Moscow of canceling talks and failing to allow nuclear inspections in compliance with New START, the only nuclear arms control treaty remaining between the two countries, i24NEWS reports.
Finland Delays Joining NATO at This Time
Finland announced Monday that it would not seek to enter NATO alone at this time and still plans to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization only at the same time as its main military partner, Sweden, hopefully by July this year, Reuters reports.
‘Warning sign’: Iran’s military reportedly sending warships to Brazil, Panama Canal in challenge to US
The United States is tracking warlike announcements by Iran’s regime that it deployed two military ships to Brazil that are also headed for the Panama Canal, where Tehran declared it will establish a military presence.
Executions Nearly Double In Saudi Arabia
Executions carried out in Saudi Arabia have nearly doubled since 2015, when King Salman and his son Mohammed bin Salman took charge, according to human rights investigators.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel targeting Iranian arms flow to Ukraine, Netanyahu tells CNN
Israel is targeting the production of Iranian weapons that could be sent to Russia for use against Ukraine, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told CNN in an interview aired on Wednesday.
Israel Ready To Mediate Peace In Ukraine
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged Tuesday he would consider serving as a peace mediator between Russia and Ukraine if asked and said only a military threat would deter Iran from having nuclear weapons.

Inside the United States
Iranian Nabbed At U.S. Border After Terror Lost Arrests
Dozens on the U.S. terror watch list were detained, including 17 in December, at the U.S. southern border with Mexico, officials said Wednesday.
Federal Reserve raises interest rates by 25 basis points
The Federal Reserve on Wednesday raised interest rates by 25 basis points, issuing an 0.25% hike in line with earlier expectations in a move that signals a rate slowdown in the Fed's fight against inflation.
FBI Searching President Biden’s Beach Home For Classified Documents
The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) searched the vacation beach home of President Joe Biden in Delaware in an investigation into classified documents, his lawyer and officials confirmed.
US Satanists Open Ritual Abortion Clinic (Worthy News Investigation)
Satanists on Wednesday joined Democrats in their fight to extend abortion rights across the United States by opening a health clinic providing “free religious medication abortion."
Minnesota: Gov. Walz signs state law permitting abortion at any stage for any reason
Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) on Tuesday signed into law a piece of state legislation that would enshrine unrestricted access to abortion at any stage of pregnancy and for any reason, regardless of what future judges or politicians might wish to rule on the issue, the Associated Press reports.
US Deadly Icy Storm Traps Millions
More than 50 million Americans were under winter weather warning Tuesday afternoon as a deadly cold front expanded, killing at least two people.