Prophecy News Watch - February 20, 2023

Around the World
Immunity from a Covid infection is as protective as vaccination against severe illness and death, study finds
Immunity acquired from a Covid infection provides strong, lasting protection against the most severe outcomes of the illness, according to research published Thursday in The Lancet — protection, experts say, that’s on par with what’s provided through two doses of an mRNA vaccine.
Finland reverses course, prepares to join NATO without Sweden
Finland is now ready to drop plans for a partnered NATO entry with Sweden as Helsinki is unwilling to stay out of the military alliance for longer than necessary.
North Korea fires ballistic missiles after US conducts military drills with South Korea, Japan: ‘firing range’
North Korea fired multiple ballistic missiles off the country's east coast on Monday morning, one day after the U.S. held joint military drills with South Korea and Japan.
Iran’s uranium processing has almost reached nuclear weapons-grade purity: inspectors
International atomic inspectors last week discovered that Iran has accumulated uranium enriched to levels just shy of what is needed for a nuclear weapon, according to a new report.
Iran’s new underground air base seen preparing to host advanced Russian fighter jets
An analysis of images from a newly revealed underground air force base in Iran named “Eagle 44” reveals that the site is likely being prepared to host advanced Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets, The New York Times reported Saturday.
Protestors Storm Suriname Parliament, 20 Injured
Scores of people have been detained in Suriname after demonstrators stormed the parliament building amid bloody anti-government protests in the smallest independent country on the South American continent, Worthy News monitored.
Arab Emirates ‘Uniting’ World Religions In Complex
The United Arab Emirates has inaugurated a massive complex to unite the world’s religions in the desert state. Backed by the Vatican, the Abrahamic Family House contains a mosque, synagogue, and church in the UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi.
British Ex-Embassy Guard Jailed For Spying For Russia
A British court has sentenced a former security guard at Britain’s embassy in Berlin to more than 13 years imprisonment for spying for Russia.
Hungary To Aid Quake-Hit Syrian Church After Death of Priest
Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, whose government supports persecuted Christians, says he wants to help to rebuild efforts by Syria’s Melkite Greek Catholics after at least one of its priests died in last week’s earthquakes.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
US, France, Germany, Italy, UK Condemn Israel’s Legalization of Outposts
Five foreign ministers wrote in a joint statement on Tuesday that they oppose Israel’s security cabinet approving legalization of nine outposts in the West Bank and the construction of nearly 10,000 housing settlement units.
Alleged Israeli airstrike hits Iranian proxy targets in Syria’s Damascus
On the face of it, this alleged Israeli strike in Syria is similar to previous ones attributed to Israel. But there are some notable differences. To begin with, the number of casualties.
Arab rioters in Jerusalem burn tires, block major roads
National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir announced a crackdown on unrest in eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods and warned that Israel will not acquiesce to terrorists’ demands, after rioters in the area caused disturbances early Sunday morning.

Inside the United States
U.S. Police Detain Man After Mississippi Mass Shooting
A 52-year-old man remained in custody after allegedly going on a shooting rampage in a rural area of the U.S. state of Mississippi, killing six people, including his ex-wife.
Prayers As Former President Carter Enters Hospice Care
Christians in his native U.S. state of Georgia and elsewhere prayed as ailing former President Jimmy Carter entered into hospice care at home, opting to end more medical interventions.
Angry Biden Leaves Press Meeting Over China
U.S. President Joe Biden, trying to laugh off his anger, left a press meeting Thursday after being asked if his ability to deal with China was “compromised” by his family’s business interests.

Christian News
Iran Releases Another Jailed Christian Convert After Pressure
Iran has released another Christian convert from its notorious prison, just days after another jailed Christian was freed, Christians said Thursday.
India Police Stop Church Burning
Police in central India have detained three suspected Hindu militants to end the burning of several church buildings in the region, Christians said Thursday.

Worthy Insights
‘Male,’ ‘female’ should be replaced with ‘sperm-producing,’ ‘egg-producing’ to be ‘inclusive,’ scientists say
Researchers from the United States and Canada suggested that scientists should stop using "harmful" terminology and instead adopt more "inclusive and precise" language, including replacing terms such as "male" and "female" with "sperm-producing" and "egg-producing," the New York Post reported.