Prophecy News Watch - February 8, 2023

Around the World
Islamic Militants Escape From Syria Prison After Earthquake
At least 20 suspected militants of the Islamic State (IS) group remained missing Tuesday after they escaped from a prison in Syria damaged by the region’s worst earthquakes in recent history, officials said.
Peru Landslides Kill Over Dozen After Political Turmoil
As the world rushed to help Turkey and Syria cope with their worst tremors in over a century, the death toll of landslides in Peru rose to at least 15 amid deadly political turmoil.
Newborn Freed In Rubble As Earthquakes Syria, Turkey Kill Thousands
A newborn baby with her umbilical cord still attached to her dead mother was miraculously pulled alive from rubble in Syria after the deadliest earthquakes in recent history, witnesses said Tuesday.
Russia: NATO Involvement in Ukraine Threatens ‘Unpredictable’ Escalation
Russia's defense minister said on Tuesday that Western arms supplies to Ukraine were effectively dragging NATO into the conflict, warning this could lead to an "unpredictable" escalation.
Iran unveils underground airbase tasked with responding to potential Israeli assault
Iran unveiled what it said was its first underground air force base on Tuesday, with the head of the Islamic Republic’s military saying the site would be among those used to launch a response to any potential strikes by Israel or others.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
CIA director: Current Israeli-Palestinian tensions resemble Second Intifada
The director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency expressed his concern last week that the current period of tensions between Israel and the Palestinians is beginning to resemble the violence of the Second Intifada.

Inside the United States
Biden, Facing Divided Congress, Pleads Republicans To Work With Him In State Of The Union
President Joe Biden delivered the State of the Union (SOTU) address on Tuesday night, centering on needing to “finish the job” in the second half of his administration, months after Democrats lost the House.
U.S. trade deficit surges to record high of nearly $950 billion
The U.S. trade deficit rose in 2022 to the largest-ever recorded gap of $948.1 billion as American consumers continue to depend heavily on imports to meet demand, according to data released Tuesday by the Commerce Department.

Christian News
Chinese Church Elder Facing 10 Years Jail Without Bible
Christians say the health of a Chinese church elder, jailed in China since November 2021, has improved, but he may face ten years imprisonment on ‘fraud’ charges.
China Frees Jailed Preacher To Care For Father
A Chinese Christian evangelist jailed for more than half a year on charges linked to his work has returned home to care for his father, who suffers from COVID-19, supporters told Worthy News.
Nepal Releases Jailed Pastor On Bail
A pastor who served a one-year jail sentence in Nepal on charges linked to evangelizing has been released on bail, Worthy News established Monday.
Church anti-abortion organization to pay Planned Parenthood $960,000 in settlement of suit
An organization called The Church at Planned Parenthood has agreed to pay a settlement of $960,00 in legal fees and damages for conducting what it described as "worship services at the gates of Hell'' at a local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Washington state, the Christian Post (CP) reports.
Myanmar: Christian persecution has increased “exponentially” since military coup
The Free Burma Rangers Christian aid organization is warning that the persecution of Christians in Myanmar has “grown exponentially” since the military coup of February 2021 ended the troubled country’s fragile democracy, the news outlet reports.
A third of UK adults more interested in Jesus after talking with a Christian, survey shows
A new report shows that while just 6% of adults in the United Kingdom identify as practicing Christians, a third of Britons were interested in learning more about Jesus after talking to a Christian, Evangelical Focus (EF) reported. Titled “Talking Jesus,” the report was released by the UK Evangelical Alliance (EAUK), Alpha, HOPE Together, Luis Palau Association, and Kingsgate Community Church.