Prophecy News Watch - January 14, 2022

Around the World
US: Only ‘a few weeks left’ to save Iran nuclear deal, we’re eyeing ‘other options’
There are only “a few weeks left” to save the Iran nuclear deal, and the United States is ready to look at “other options” if negotiations fail, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Thursday.
Hungary Supports Kazakhstan’s Crackdown On Protesters
In a controversial move, Hungary’s hardline Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has expressed support for Kazakhstan’s autocratic leadership after at least 164 people were killed in anti-government protests.
US Embassy in Baghdad targeted by multiple rockets
The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad was targeted by multiple rockets Thursday.
Britain’s Prince Andrew Loses Royal Title Over Sex Abuse Allegations
Britain’s Prince Andrew, who has come under pressure over his alleged involvement in sexual abuse of one or more girls, loses his military titles and patronages and will no longer be called His Royal Highness, Buckingham Palace confirmed Thursday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Bennett to Putin: World must stand firm against Iran’s nuclear progress
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday that countries negotiating with Iran in Vienna must stand firm against progress in Tehran’s nuclear program.
Israel: Riots in the Negev as Bedouin protest government forest-planting scheme
Bedouin rioters in southern Israel’s Negev desert have torched cars, blocked trains, and injured two police officers in protest at a government forest-planting program they see as a land grab, the Times of Israel (TOI) reports.

Inside the United States
Supreme Court Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate
The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked American President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for large employers in a move welcomed by his predecessor and activists who claimed the president behaved like a king.
White House plans to ‘keep fighting’ for stalled elections overhaul
Despite extremely long odds, the White House says it will continue fighting to pass two partisan election overhaul bills that Democratic lawmakers believe are essential to preserving their majority in Congress.
Eleven Oath Keepers including leader charged with seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 riot
The founder of the far-right militia the Oath Keepers and the 10 others in the group have been indicted and arrested for their alleged role in Jan. 6 Capitol riot and planning of the 2021 incident.
Marines grant two religious exemptions, marking first across military branches
The Marines have granted two religious exemptions for the coronavirus vaccine, making it the first service branch to do so despite more than 13,000 requests across the military.
ICE loses track of more than 47,000 illegal immigrants released into the U.S. since March
More than 47,000 illegal migrants who were instructed to report to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office between spring and summer of 2021 have disappeared, according to new Department of Homeland Security data.

Christian News
Uganda: Radical Islamists severely beat up wife and daughter of evangelist they murdered last year
Radical Islamists who murdered Christian evangelist Simon Olinga in eastern Uganda last year have now beaten up his widow and daughter so harshly the girl remains unable to walk, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Believers in Uganda have come under increasing attack from Islamic extremists although Muslims are a small minority and Christianity is legal.
UK: Christian nurse wins discrimination case against hospital which told her not to wear gold cross at work
A UK Employment Tribunal has ruled that Christian nurse Mary Onuoha was discriminated against by a government-funded hospital which forced her out of her job for wearing a small gold cross necklace, Christian Concern (CC) reports.
New study shows most US Evangelicals are satisfied with their church
A new study has found that US evangelicals are mostly satisfied with their churches; 38% of those polled would not change a single one of the 14 categories of church life studied, Church Leaders reports.