Prophecy News Watch - January 16, 2023

Around the World
Nimitz carrier strike group sails in disputed South China Sea
An aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS Nimitz is conducting operations in the disputed South China Sea, including practice strike missions by aircraft, the Navy disclosed Friday.
Scores Killed In Nepal Plane Crash
Authorities in Nepal confirmed Sunday that at least 68 people died after a regional passenger plane with 72 aboard crashed into a gorge while landing at a newly opened airport in the resort town of Pokhara.
Prayers As Russian Strikes Kill Over A Dozen In Ukraine City (Worthy News Radio)
Pope Francis urged prayers Sunday for those suffering in wartorn Ukraine on a day that authorities confirmed that at least 14 people were killed and 64 injured at an apartment block hit during a wave of Russian missile attacks across the country. The strikes came shortly after Moscow claimed victory in one of the war's most brutal battles over a salt mine town in eastern Ukraine.
Czech Elections After EU Funds Controversies (Worthy News Radio)
A billionaire, a general, and an academic were favorites going into the first round of the Czech presidential election held Friday and Saturday after a court acquitted one of the candidates for financial wrongdoing with European Union funds. The contenders seek to replace Milos Zeman, the retiring heavyweight of the country's post-communist era.
Russian Mercenaries ‘Find British Body’ Amid Fighting In East Ukraine (Worthy News Radio)
Russian mercenaries say they have found the body of one of two British voluntary aid workers reported missing in eastern wartorn Ukraine. The announcement came as Western intelligence sources said heavy fighting continued around the eastern Ukrainian town of Soledar, where Kyiv claims it killed more than 100 Russian soldiers in a single strike.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
‘A plan to change Israel’s DNA’: 80,000 rally in Tel Aviv against judicial overhaul
Tens of thousands of demonstrators braved pouring rain Saturday night to gather at Tel Aviv’s Habima Square for protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government and its plans for sweeping changes to Israel’s justice system.

Inside the United States
Christian colleges can receive Title IX funds and uphold religious beliefs on LGBT issues, judge rules
A federal court has ruled that Christian colleges and universities with traditional views on sexuality and marriage can continue to receive funding through Title IX, rejecting LGBT students' efforts to strike down a religious exemption to federal discrimination law.
House Judiciary Committee launches probe into Biden’s handling of documents
The House Judiciary Committee is spearheading an investigation into the discovery of classified documents at President Biden’s home and office, less than two weeks after Republicans took control of the lower chamber.
Dems reject matched spending cuts, setting up showdown with House Republicans over debt ceiling
It's that time again: Congress has less than one week to hammer out an agreement to raise the debt limit before the U.S. Treasury Department must take "extraordinary measures."
CDC launches investigation into COVID vax ‘safety concern’
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating a possible “safety concern” recently detected in some COVID-19 vaccines.

Christian News
Congo Church Attack Kills and Injures Dozens
Dozens of worshipers have been killed and injured in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where Islamist militants bombed a Sunday service at a Pentecostal church, the government and military said.
120,000 Armenian Christians Trapped In Nagorno-Karabakh
About 120,000 Armenian Christians are trapped inside the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, including women, children, and the disabled, Christian aid workers told Worthy News Friday.

Worthy Watch
Lab-grown retinal eye cells make successful connections, open door for clinical trials to treat blindness
Retinal cells grown from stem cells can reach out and connect with neighbors, according to a new study, completing a "handshake" that may show the cells are ready for trials in humans with degenerative eye disorders.

Worthy Insights
New space telescope observing creation of stars “consistent with Day Four of Genesis,” scientist says
Scientists are using a new space telescope to peek into a space cloud and witness the birth of stars and planets in a process that one scientist describes as being “consistent with the story of Creation.”