Prophecy News Watch - January 18, 2023

Around the World
Russia to expand size of military to 1.5 million troops, defense minister says
Russia detailed plans Tuesday to expand its military to 1.5 million personnel over the next few years, a move that comes as Ukraine warns that Moscow may be planning an offensive and increased tensions between Moscow and the United States and its allies.
Israeli scientists say substance prevents cancer’s spread in mice with 90% success
Israeli scientists are aiming to produce the world’s first preventative drug designed to stop tumors causing secondary cancer, and say the active ingredient has shown more than 90 percent effectiveness in mice.
Hungary Condemns Western Denial Of Persecution Christians
Hungary’s rightwing government has condemned the West for allegedly playing down the persecution of Christians after Islamists in Africa killed and injured dozens of believers on Sunday, including a priest.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Palestinian militants preparing for renewed violent conflict with Israel
Palestinian militant groups are preparing for new rounds of violent conflict with Israel this year as part of their resistance to the new “fascist and racist” right-wing Israeli government, Israel National News (INN) reports.
US State Dept: “Unacceptable” for Israel to unilaterally end restrictions on Jewish prayer at Temple Mount
A US State Department spokesperson has told the Washington Free Beacon news outlet that it would be “unacceptable” to the Biden administration for Israel to unilaterally change the "historic status quo" and allow Jews to pray on Jerusalem’s famous Temple Mount.

Inside the United States
Trump’s Ties to Evangelicals Souring Despite Roe v. Wade Win – ‘It’s a Sign of Disloyalty’
Former President Donald Trump is being extremely blunt about why evangelical leaders have held off endorsing him so far in the 2024 presidential race.
Central-bank digital currencies are coming—whether countries are ready or not
Central-bank digital currency" doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But you might want to get used to saying it. These so-called CBDCs, or digital versions of dollars, yuan, euros, yen or any other currency, are coming, say those who study them. And depending on how they are designed and rolled out, their impact on the banking system could be profound.
NYC Health Officials: “Highly transmissible” Omicron XBB.1.5 COVID-19 variant maybe more likely to affect the vaccinated
New York City health officials announced Friday that Omicron XBB.1.5 is the most transmissible COVID-19 variant they know of to date, and it may be more likely to affect those who have been vaccinated against the Covid-19 and those who have already had the virus, NBC New York reports.

Christian News
Japan Rejects Refugee Status Of Bangladesh Evangelist Despite Islamic Death Threats (Worthy News Exclusive)
Japan has declined the refugee status of a Christian evangelist who fled his native Bangladesh after Islamic militants threatened to kill him for converting to Christianity and being forced to marry a Muslim woman.