Prophecy News Watch - January 24, 2023

Around the World
European Union backs off from calling Iranian Revolutionary Guards a ‘terror group’
The European Union is set Monday to impose sanctions on several more Iranian officials suspected of playing a role in the crackdown on protesters, but won’t add the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guard to the EU’s terror group blacklist.
Russia Says No Date Set for Talks With U.S. on Nuclear Arms Treaty
Russia said on Monday that no new date had been set for talks with the United States on the New START nuclear arms treaty, accusing the U.S. of ramping up tensions between the two sides.
The rotation of the Earth’s inner core may be reversing, scientists have found in a study that sheds new light on geological processes occurring deep within our planet.
The rotation of the Earth's inner core may be reversing, scientists have found in a study that sheds new light on geological processes occurring deep within our planet.
‘Great Pain’ Remembered as Britain’s Ex-Premier Johnson Visits Ukraine (Worthy News Radio)
Pope Francis, who last year unexpectedly visited the Russian embassy in Rome, has expressed concerns about what he calls "the great pain" suffered by the people of Ukraine, where the government fears that Russia is preparing a major military offensive. His words came while former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in Ukraine on Sunday after the Western NATO military alliance failed to unite on sending tanks to the war-facing nation over the weekend.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
U.S., Israel launch military exercise to send message to Iran, others
The United States and Israel began a massive joint military exercise in Israel on Monday to show adversaries like Iran that Washington is not too distracted by the war in Ukraine and the threat from China to mobilize a large military force, a senior defense official said.
Hezbollah erects new watchtowers on Lebanon border as IDF builds defensive wall
Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group has established new tall observation posts on Israel’s northern border as the Israel Defense Forces has ramped up the construction of a defensive wall.

Inside the United States
Ex-FBI Agent Arrested Over Ties With Russia (Worthy News In-Depth)
A former high-level agent of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), who in 2016 looked into U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s alleged ties to Moscow, has been detained over his own connections with Russia and other foreign governments, officials said Monday.
US Shooting Death Toll Rises To 11; Gunman Identified
The death toll of a mass shooting in a popular ballroom dance studio in the U.S. state of California rose to 11 Monday, just hours after the suspected gunman was found dead and identified, investigators said.

Christian News
UK: Christian teacher may be banned from teaching for his views on transgenderism and same-sex marriage
A Christian teacher in England may be permanently prohibited from teaching in the UK after referring to a female transgender student as a “girl” and telling another student he is opposed to same-sex marriage, the Christian Post (CP) reports.
Malta: Formerly gay Christian man faces jail accused of promoting ‘conversion therapy’
In the first criminal case of its kind, a formerly gay Christian man in Malta is facing trial and a possible prison sentence for allegedly promoting ‘conversion therapy’ that helps people dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction, the Christian Post (CP) reports. Malta banned all such counseling and therapy in 2016, becoming the first country in the European Union to institute such a prohibition.
Church of England publishes draft prayer of blessing for same-sex marriages
The Church of England has published draft prayers for God’s blessing for same-sex couples, the denomination said in a press release last week. The move follows the Church of England’s recently announced plans to continue the prohibition of marriage ceremonies in church but to allow clergy to bless homosexual civil partnerships in church on a voluntary basis.