Prophecy News Watch - January 31, 2023

Around the World
Pakistan Mosque Bomb Blast Kills Over 60
Authorities say a suspected suicide bomb blast carried out by the Pakistan Taliban group at a mosque in north-western Pakistan killed at least 61 people and injured more than 160 worshipers.
US warns citizens of ‘imminent’ terror threat to synagogues, churches in Istanbul
The United States on Monday warned its citizens in Turkey of a potential “imminent” terror attack against synagogues, churches and diplomatic missions in Istanbul in retaliation for several recent incidents of Quran burnings in Europe.
Chinese vessels and aircraft appear in Taiwanese waters and airspace
Chinese military vessels and aircraft encroached on Taiwanese waters and airspace again, early Monday morning in what has become a daily flexing of power against the island nation.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
In 3rd attack in hours, aircraft said to strike Iranian truck on Syria-Iraq border
Unverified media reports claimed Monday that unidentified aircraft struck a truck near the Syria-Iraq border, hours after a similar strike was reported overnight Sunday and a separate attack in the morning hours.
Mossad behind drone strike on Iran factory, U.S. officials say
Israel's Mossad appears to have been behind an overnight drone attack on an Iranian defense factory in Isfahan's central city, a U.S. official told the New York Times on Sunday.
Major offensive in Judea and Samaria may be necessary in 2023
Large-scale Israeli military operations in Judea and Samaria, commonly known as the West Bank, may become necessary this year following an escalation in Palestinian terrorism in recent days, a former defense official says.

Inside the United States
Facing Drone Strikes, Iran Warns Any U.S. Military Action Means War
In the wake of a drone strike against at least one defense factory in the central city of Isfahan, Iranian officials told Newsweek that any military option pursued by the United States against the Islamic Republic would result in all-out conflict with regionwide ramifications.
DOJ declines to release communication on Biden docs to House Judiciary
The Department of Justice (DOJ) on Monday rebuffed a broad request from the House Judiciary Committee to provide further details about the special counsel investigation into the mishandling of documents during President Biden’s time as vice president, saying that doing so would risk releasing information central to the case.
Senate Republicans vow to oppose debt limit increase unless Congress commits to spending cuts
A group of two dozen Senate Republicans have signed a letter vowing to oppose any increase in the nation's debt limit unless Congress agrees to spending cuts to help pay down the national debt.
Pro-Life Dad Acquitted, Federal Jury Rejects Gov’t ‘Intimidation Against Pro-Life People’
Pro-life dad Mark Houck, who was arrested in a terrifying FBI home raid, has been acquitted in federal court. After the verdict was announced, Houck embraced his wife while roughly two dozen supporters in the courtroom wept tears of relief.
7th Memphis Officer Dismissed Over Killing Black Man
The Memphis Police Department said Monday that a 7th police officer had been dismissed over the fatal beating of Black man Tyre Nichols at a traffic stop.

Christian News
Sudan: Christian ministry team murdered by suspected Islamic extremist
A church pastor was among a ministry team of four Christians who were murdered by suspected Islamic extremists in Sudan last week, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Rights groups have reported worsening conditions for Sudanese believers since the 2021 military coup, which overthrew the transitional government installed after brutal dictator Omar al-Bashir was ousted in 2019.
Iran: Christians under increased persecution, but church is growing
Christians in Iran have faced even more intense persecution since the Iranian regime began its violent crackdown on nationwide anti-government protests that took off last year - but the Iranian church continues to grow, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.
Thousands of Christians worldwide were murdered for their faith last year, new report shows
At least 5,621 Christians around the world were murdered for their faith last year, a new report by the Open Doors persecution watchdog reveals. Ninety percent of the Christians murdered last were in Nigeria, Open Doors said in its report.
Eritrea: 44 Christians arrested, imprisoned for unknown reasons
A group of forty-four Christians, most of whom are women, have been imprisoned in Eritrea since their arrest for unknown reasons at the beginning of the year, Voice of the Martyrs Canada reports.

Worthy Watch
Moderna Announces Phase 1 Clinical Trials for Heart Failure mRNA Therapy
“We’re very happy to announce this morning a very exciting program in cardiology for chronic heart failure. As you know it’s a massive medical problem around the world,” stated Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna.