Prophecy News Watch - January 9, 2023

Around the World
Kyiv Denies Russia Killed 600 Ukrainian Troops
Wartorn Ukraine denied Sunday that Russia killed hundreds of Ukrainian troops in an attack.
Supporters Ex-Brazil President Storm Congress
Thousands of supporters of Brazil's former rightwing President Jair Bolsonaro invaded the Supreme Court, the Congress building, and surrounded the presidential palace in Brasilia, the capital, several sources confirmed Sunday.
World On Edge As China Travels Despite COVID Fears
Authorities of several nations were on edge Sunday after China began marking “chun yun," the 40-day period of Lunar New Year travel, despite international concerns about the spread of COVID-19 infections.
Germany Prevents ‘Islamist-Motivated’ Attack; Iranian Detained
German authorities say an Iranian man has been detained in western Germany for allegedly plotting an "Islamist-motivated" chemical attack.
EU Condemns Iran Executions
The European Union has condemned Iran after executing two men for their involvement in anti-government protests sparked by the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman.
Ukraine Sees First Orthodox Christmas Under Shadow Of War (Worthy News Radio)
Church services have begun in Ukraine to mark the first Orthodox Christmas since Russia invaded the country last year. Believers gathered despite violations of an Orthodox Christmas truce announced by Moscow.
Russia’s Orthodox Christmas Truce Violated
Air raid alerts were heard across Ukraine hours after Russia declared a temporary ceasefire along the Ukrainian frontline to mark Orthodox Christmas.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
US, Israeli Air Forces Practice Joint Flights, Target Strikes in Latest Exercise
The American and Israeli air forces on Thursday wrapped up a drill simulating joint flights and target strikes.
Israeli Jews Support Christians after Church-Run Cemetery Desecrated
Dozens of Jewish Israelis paid a solidarity visit to a Christian cemetery in Jerusalem after it was desecrated, apparently by Orthodox Jews, earlier this week. The incident, which parallels an untold number of descecrations of Jewish graves in Christian countries, has many people in Israel calling for stricter punishment for hate crimes.

Inside the United States
House Speaker fight foreshadows larger debt ceiling battle on the horizon for GOP
The gridlock that paralyzed House Republicans over the past week in their quest to elect a new Speaker could be a foretaste of more to come, with party moderates and conservatives set to tangle in the months to come over raising the debt ceiling and reining in reckless government spending.
Idaho Supreme Court upholds state’s near-total abortion ban
The Idaho Supreme Court on Friday upheld the state's abortion ban, which restricts access to the procedure except in cases of rape, incest, or a threat to the life of the mother.
US economy added 223,000 jobs in December, lowest monthly increase in two years
The Labor Department said Friday the U.S. economy added 223,000 jobs in December – the lowest monthly increase in two years.
Kevin Mc Carthy Elected House Speaker After Turbulent Voting
Republican Kevin McCarthy of California won the election early Saturday as the U.S. House of Representatives speaker in a historic five-day battle after making concessions to legislators who questioned his conservative credentials.