Prophecy News Watch - July 5, 2022

Around the World
Pope Francis Denies Resignation Reports; Wants To Visit Moscow, Kyiv
Pope Francis says he will not resign soon despite several ailments, and he hopes to visit Kyiv and Moscow soon as part of a peace initiative.
US and Iran likely to try reviving nuke talks after Biden Mideast trip
World powers are reportedly likely to reconvene for negotiations aimed at reviving the Iran nuclear deal after US President Joe Biden’s trip to the region later this month, even after an unproductive round of talks earlier this week in Doha.
Russia Strikes Massive Oil Reserve In Arctic As War Sends Barrel Price Skyrocketing
Russia claims to have found a massive oil reserve in the Arctic, in a discovery that could further strengthen Moscow’s hand as energy prices continue to skyrocket.
Russia Claims Victory In Ukraine Luhansk Region (Update)
Ukraine's military has confirmed the withdrawal from the city of Lysychansk after Russia claimed complete control over the Luhansk area. Moscow said earlier that Russian and separatist forces took the last major stronghold in the Luhansk area.
Several Killed In Shooting At Copenhagen Mall
At least three people have been killed and several critically injured in a shooting at Denmark’s largest shopping mall in the capital Copenhagen, police confirmed Monday.
Farmers Block Netherlands Over Nitrogen Plan
Dutch authorities and supermarket chains prepared Monday for possible interruptions in food supplies as farmers planned blockades at airports and roads to protest against the government’s nitrogen plans.
Inflation hits record 8.6% for 19 countries using the euro
Inflation in countries using the euro set another eye-watering record, pushed higher by a huge increase in energy costs fueled partly by Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Russia demands Israel unconditionally cease its ‘unacceptable’ Syria airstrikes
Moscow on Monday condemned an alleged Israeli airstrike near a Russian stronghold in Syria over the weekend, calling Israel’s years-long air campaign in Syria “categorically unacceptable” and demanding it cease.
Presbyterian Church Declares Israel’ Apartheid State’ Resembling Nazi-Germany
The Presbyterian Church of the United States of America has declared Israel "an apartheid state" and compares its treatment of the Palestinians to the Nazi's genocidal treatment of the Jews.
Biden: Visit is meant to integrate Israel in the region
A central objective of US President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to the Middle East is to further integrate Israel into the region, he said on Thursday.
Israel’s New PM Facing Security Challenges
The people of Israel faced political uncertainty Friday after Yair Lapid became the nation’s interim prime minister with significant security challenges on his plate.

Inside the United States
6 Killed In Shooting At Chicago Independence Parade
Police said a rifle was found at the scene in the wealthy Highland Park suburb. Law enforcement officials explained that initial reports suggested he fired from a rooftop.
Abortion criminalized again in Texas following state Supreme Court intervention
Abortion is criminalized in Texas for the second time in one week after the state Supreme Court on Friday night temporarily blocked a lower court order that allowed abortion for up to six weeks, CBN News reports.
Democratic Senators introduce to bill to “crack down” on pro life crisis pregnancy centers
Following the US Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v Wade, a group of Democratic senators has introduced a bill that would utilize financial penalties and lawsuits to “crackdown” on pro-life crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) it claims “mislead women about reproductive healthcare,” Christian Headlines reports.
US Police Killed Black Man; Violence Feared
The United States was bracing for protests and violence as the video was to emerge of police killing Jayland Walker, a Black man in the U.S. state of Ohio, by shooting him dozens of times as he ran from officers.
US Supreme Court Backs Biden On Migration
The U.S. Supreme Court says President Joe Biden’s administration can overturn a Trump-era policy that requires asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while their cases are reviewed in U.S. courts.

Christian News
Rights Groups Rank Afghanistan Number 1 in the world for Christian Persecution
International Christian persecution watchdog groups have ranked Afghanistan the number one most dangerous country in the world for believers since the Taliban takeover of the country in August 2021, Christian Today reports.
Iran: Five-year sentences for Christians accused of having “deviant beliefs” upheld
Iranian authorities have upheld the five-year prison sentences handed to each of three Christians convicted of “engaging in propaganda” and sharing “deviant beliefs contrary to Holy Sharia law” through practicing their faith at a house church, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.
Jailed Pakistani Christian Woman Urges Prayers
A jailed Christian woman has asked Christians to pray for her after spending a year in a Pakistani prison on what she views as trumped-up charges of blasphemy against Islam.

Worthy Watch
Biden Backs Filibuster Carve-Out For Abortion
“The most important thing to be clear about is … we have to codify Roe v. Wade in the law and the way to do that is to make sure that Congress votes to do that,” Biden told reporters during a Thursday press conference. “And if the filibuster gets in the way, it’s like voting rights, it should be … we provide an exception … to the filibuster,” Biden said.
Florida Judge Strikes Down Law that Bans Abortions After 15 weeks
Florida 2nd Circuit Court Judge John Cooper struck down the law that would ban abortions after 15 weeks before it could take effect, saying it violates the state's constitution. The law was scheduled to go into effect tomorrow.
Biden Calls on Senate to Use Nuclear Option to Legalize Abortion Across the Country
President Joe Biden called for Senate Democrats to force abortion legalization into law nationwide by temporarily suspending the filibuster.

Worthy Insights
Teen Who Had Double Mastectomy Regrets ‘Gender Journey’
A 17-year-old girl who regrets having both of her breasts removed as a result of so-called “gender-affirming care” testified before a California Assembly committee hearing June 28, urging state lawmakers to reject proposed legislation that would make California a transgender sanctuary state.
Parent Speaks Out Against Legislation to Make California a Trans Sanctuary State
A mother of a teen who once suffered from gender dysphoria is speaking out against making California a sanctuary state for transgender youth and their “gender-affirming” parents, saying it would be a big mistake that would only worsen the “largest medical scandal in history.”