Prophecy News Watch - June 21, 2022

Around the World
French President Loses Majority In Political Earthquake
Less than two months after re-election, Emmanuel Macron lost control of the French National Assembly in a political earthquake that showed a strong performance by a left alliance and the far right. The outcome underscored concerns within churches about growing social divisions in the country.
China launches its first supercarrier
China launched its first supercarrier in a short and festive June 17 ceremony at the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai, marking a significant milestone in the growth of its naval power. The carrier was supposed to be launched on April 23 but delays in deliveries of critical components and workforce COVID-19 quarantines hindered progress.
Japan court rules same-sex marriage ban is not unconstitutional
A Japanese court ruled on Monday that a ban on same-sex marriage was not unconstitutional, dealing a setback to LGBTQ rights activists in the only Group of Seven nation that does not allow people of the same gender to marry.
Colombia elects leftist ex-guerrilla to presidency
Former guerrilla militant Gustavo Petro won Colombia's runoff election on Sunday, becoming the country's first leftist president with 50.47% of the vote.
Hungary’s President Calls For ‘Union Of Man And Woman’ As She Defends Constitution
Hungary’s recently elected President Katalin Novák has vowed to protect an amendment of the constitution that defines the family “as the union of a man and woman” with children.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
World Vision employee found guilty of diverting funds to Hamas
A southern Israeli court on Wednesday convicted an employee of the World Vision Christian charity on charges of diverting millions of dollars in donor funding to the Hamas terrorist organization which controls the Gaza Strip, CBN News reports.
Gantz: Israel building regional air defense alliance under US
Israel is building a US-sponsored regional air defense alliance, the Israeli defense minister said on Monday, adding that the apparatus has already foiled attempted Iranian attacks and could be boosted by President Joe Biden's visit next month.
Israel headed for elections as Gov’t collapses, Lapid Interim PM
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid on Monday announced their intention to introduce a bill that would dissolve the Knesset, triggering Israel's fifth snap election in just three years.
‘Israel Preparing To Attack Iran With New Bomb’
Israel is preparing for an attack on Iran to prevent it from obtaining nuclear weapons, Worthy News monitored Monday.

Inside the United States
Texas GOP rejects 2020 election and contends Biden was ‘not legitimately elected’
The Texas Republican Party adopted a new platform this weekend that rejects the results of the 2020 election and declares that President Joe Biden’s victory was not legitimate.
Poll: Significantly fewer Americans believe in God now than five years ago
While 81% of American adults still say they believe in God, the current majority of believers is six percentage points lower than it was in 2017, and nine points lower than the 90% it was between 1944-2011, a new poll by Gallup has found. Gallup's May 2-22 Values and Beliefs poll found that 17% of US adults say they do not believe in God.
Tens of Thousands Flee San Francisco As Liberal Leaders Struggle With Crime and Homelessness
More than 50,000 residents left San Francisco last year, the highest population decrease of any major U.S. city.
Pro-Abortion Group Plans Terror Attacks In US
The American pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge effectively says it is planning domestic terrorism when the U.S. Supreme Court likely overturns Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion.

Christian News
Christian content censored on popular workplace app
One of China’s most popular workplace communication apps has censored the account of a Christian woman because she posted what it described as “illegal” religious messages, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.
Gunmen Attack Nigeria Church Killing 3 And Kidnapping 36
Suspected Islamic gunmen attacked two churches in Nigeria’s northern Kaduna State on Sunday, killing three worshippers and abducting at least 36 people, authorities and witnesses said.

Worthy Watch
Biden Denies Recession Forecasts
Biden responds to a reporter asking about economists forecasting a recession: “The majority aren’t saying that. Don’t make things up, OK. Now you sound like a Republican politician. I’m joking, that was a joke, that was a joke.”
Fauci Warns Americans: ‘Wear a Mask When You’re Indoors — This Outbreak Isn’t Over Yet’
“Hopefully the more people that get vaccinated and boosted and the more people that realize the importance of when you have a high level of viral dynamics that when you’re in an indoor setting you should wear a mask, even though the whole world including the United States and the UK are just worn out and tired by this outbreak — it isn’t over yet,” Fauci said.

Worthy Insights
Dick Morris: Something Is Happening to Voters When They Turn 26, And Democrats Won’t Be Able to Stop It
The younger you are, the more likely you are to vote for Donald Trump and the Republicans.
Disney’s Woke ‘Lightyear’ Tanks at US Box Office, But Mainstream Media Can’t Seem to Figure Out Why
When Disney’s woke “Toy Story” spinoff/prequel “Lightyear” arrived in theaters Friday, it came trailing plenty of woke controversy in its wake.
‘I literally lost organs:’ Why detransitioned teens regret changing genders
In recent years, the number of children experiencing gender dysphoria in the West has skyrocketed. Exact figures are difficult to come by, but, between 2009 and 2019, children being referred for transitioning treatment in the United Kingdom increased 1,000% among biological males and 4,400% among biological females.
Cross still stands after fire destroys Texas church: ‘A sight to behold’
A fire tore through a Texas church on Friday, leveling the building and destroying nearly everything inside – except for a cross that was still standing among the charred debris.
World swimming bans transgender athletes from women’s events
World swimming’s governing body has effectively banned transgender women from competing in women’s events, starting Monday.