Prophecy News Watch - June 30, 2022

Around the World
U.S. to boost military presence in Europe for Russia threat
President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the U.S. will significantly increase its military presence in Europe for the long haul, including by establishing its first permanent presence in Poland, to bolster regional security after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Biden Administration Throws Support Behind Potential F-16 Sale to Turkey
The Biden administration threw its support on Wednesday behind the potential sale of U.S. F-16 fighter jets to Turkey, a day after Ankara lifted a veto of NATO membership for Finland and Sweden.
Paris Attacker Abdeslam Jailed For Life
Salah Abdeslam, the only survivor of the 10-man unit that struck Paris in 2015 with terror that killed 130 people, has been jailed for life.
NATO Says Russia Is ‘Most Direct Threat,’ Offers Finland, Sweden Membership
The world moved back to the Cold War on Wednesday, with NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg saying Moscow's war in Ukraine presents the "biggest challenge" in the alliance's history.
Finland: Christian lawmaker faces continued prosecution for “hate speech” statements on homosexuality
An evangelical lawmaker in Finland who was acquitted by a lower court on “hate speech” charges for sharing her views on homosexuality now faces an appeals court hearing after the state prosecutor insisted on continuing the case, the Washington Times reports.
Russia Facing Expanded NATO As Finland, Sweden Join (Worthy News Analysis)
Russian President Vladimir Putin woke up Wednesday with a nearly expanded NATO at Russia’s borders after Turkey lifted its objections for Finland and Sweden to join the defense bloc.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israeli Prime Minister Bennett announces retirement from politics, paving the way for Netanyahu’s return
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced Wednesday that he was withdrawing from political life and that he would not take part in the country’s next national election, a move that could possibly ease the return of long-serving leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who was ousted from office a year ago.
Hamas, Hezbollah wary of Israeli-Arab security cooperation
Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups have been holding meetings in Lebanon over the past few days to discuss the “dangers” of the impending emergence of a security alliance between Israel and some Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia.

Inside the United States
Justice Thomas says SCOTUS should revisit defamation law after Christian ministry labeled as “hate group”
US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in a dissent published Monday that the Court should revisit a 1964 legal precedent that set the bar for proving defamation so high it may be shielding organizations that label traditional Christian ministries as “hate groups” from liability, CBN News reports.
Crisis pregnancy centers attacked following reversal of Roe
Crisis Pregnancies in several states have been attacked and vandalized since the US Supreme Court on Friday withdrew a federal right to abortion it had conferred in the 1973 landmark case of Roe v Wade, the Roys Report said. In reversing Roe, the Supreme Court ruled in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization that there is no constitutional right to abortion, and that the issue should be decided upon by the people in individual states.
Democrats unveiling ‘Transgender Bill of Rights’
A group of House Democrats on Tuesday announced they would move to codify federal protections for transgender people.

Christian News
New study shows engaging with the Bible develops hope and resilience
A new survey from the American Bible Society (ABS) shows that those who read and apply the Bible consistently have “greater levels of hope and resilience,” CBN News reports.

Worthy Watch
Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Called to Investigate ‘Professional Agitators’
Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger in charge of security on January 6th was found dead the day before he was scheduled to testify before the J6 Committee. Earlier this year, Stenger testified before Congress to investigate 'professional agitators.'
Army Chaplain Under Investigation For Sending Pro-Life Message To Troops
The Army has launched an inquiry into a 157th Infantry Brigade chaplain who sent an email to troops celebrating the Dobbs V. Jackson Women’s Health Supreme Court decision that allowed states to regulate abortion, Army Times reported Monday.
Will Federal Lands Be used for abortions?
Sen. Warren (D-Conn.) stated, "Government needs to make federal lands available for abortions."

Worthy Insights
Google’s Gmail censorship cost GOP candidates $2B since 2019, Republicans say, citing new study
Google's Gmail cost Republican candidates over $2 billion in donations since 2019 by flagging most fundraising emails as spam, according to research shared exclusively with Fox News Digital by the Republican National Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee, National Republican Senate Committee.
Does Disney’s “Baymax” New Show Claim Men Can Have Period Too?
Critics of Disney claim the new upcoming show, "Baymax" promotes transgenderism. A video going viral on social media claims that a leaked clip of the upcoming show promotes the idea that men can have periods.
Data breach exposes private info of all California concealed-carry permit holders
A data breach has exposed the personal information of every person with a California permit to carry a concealed weapon, authorities said Tuesday.