Prophecy News Watch - March 10, 2023

Around the World
Russia Unleashes Devastating Assault Across Ukraine: ‘Massive Attack’
Russian forces carried out a "massive missile attack" on key Ukrainian targets overnight, according to Ukraine's top soldier.
UK: Lawmakers reject legislation that would allow silent prayer within abortion clinic buffer zones
British lawmakers have resoundingly rejected an amendment to the UK’s Public Order Bill that would allow people to engage in “silent prayer” and “consensual” conversation within buffer zones created to prevent anti-abortion activists from harassing women entering abortion clinics, the London Standard report.
Georgia’s Capital Rocked By Riots Over Foreign Agents’ Law (Worthy News Radio)
Anxiety remained high in Georgia's capital Tbilisi after security forces detained some 50 protestors and broke up protests against a "foreign agents" law, injuring several people. Demonstrators fear the legislation moves the former Soviet republic towards Russian-style authoritarian rule.
Hungary’s President Urges Women To Have Faith-Based Families
Hungary has, for the first time, observed International Women’s Day under a female president, a devoted Christian who urged women to have faith and children to overcome the country’s “demographic winter.”

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Traffic Blocked, Thousands Protest as ‘Day of Resistance’ Underway in Israel
The protest movement against the government’s judicial reform plan is waging a “day of resistance against the dictatorship” on Thursday, blocking roads and even maritime routes.
Saudi Arabia Offers Peace To Israel In Exchange For Nuclear Energy
Saudi Arabia has reportedly asked the United States to help develop its civilian nuclear program in exchange for a peace deal with Israel.

Inside the United States
New York to pay Christian agency $250,000 in lawsuit settlement over LGBT child placements
The New York State Office of Children and Family Services has agreed to pay a Christian adoption agency $250,000 in legal fees to settle a lawsuit filed after the state tried to force the agency to place children with same-sex couples or unmarried heterosexual couples in violation of its faith ethics, the Christian Post (CP) reports.

Christian News
Numerous People Killed In German Church Shooting
A gunman opened fire in a church in Germany’s northern city of Hamburg late Thursday, killing at least seven people, authorities said.
‘God has been drawing Gen Z to Himself’: Regent students’ holding revival worship during spring break
While many students are on vacation during spring break in Virginia, students at Regent University have been engaging in impromptu worship services that include the sharing of testimonies and exhortations from Scripture.
Nicaragua: Thousands flock to Somotillo to hear the Gospel and encounter God
Thousands of people gathered in a small town in western Nicaragua Saturday to hear the Gospel preached by US evangelists from Shake The Nations Ministries (STNM) to have a life-changing encounter with Jesus, GOD TV reports.

Worthy Watch
Former CDC Director Details Being Sidelined for Pursuing Lab Leak by Dr. Fauci
"I didn't know I was excluded... until the FOIA came out with the emails," Dr. Robert Redfield, former CDC Director, testified during a Congressional hearing on March 8, 2023.
Former CDC Director Details Suspicious Events in Wuhan Laboratory in September 2019
"In Sept. 2019, three things happened in that lab. One is they deleted the sequences. Highly irregular, researchers don't like to do that. The second thing is they changed the command and control from civilian to military. Highly unusual. The third, which is very telling, is they let a contractor redo the ventilation system in that laboratory. Clearly, there was strong evidence that a significant event happened in that laboratory in September," stated Dr. Robert Redfield, the former CDC Director.
Journalist Details the Extent of Government Interference During Congressional Hearing
"Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other companies developed a formal system for taking in moderation requests from every corner of government, from the FBI, DHS, HHS, DOD, the Global Engagement Center at State, even the CIA. For every government agency scanning Twitter, there were perhaps twenty quasi-private entities doing the same thing," stated award-winning journalist Matt Taibbi during a Congressional hearing on the Twitter Files.
Weaponization of the Federal Government and the Twitter Files
"Our government built a cozy relationship with big tech, they primed them for a hack and leak operation [Hunter Biden laptop], they funded the think-tank which further primed big tech and big media, they leaked information to undermine the good work of two US Senators, and then 51 former intelligence officials closed the deal with their letter. The information op was run on we the people," stated Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Oh) in his opening statement during the Twitter Files hearing.

Worthy Insights
Scientists create mice with two fathers after making eggs from male cells
Scientists have created mice with two biological fathers by generating eggs from male cells, a development that opens up radical new possibilities for reproduction.