Prophecy News Watch - March 14, 2023

Around the World
North Korea test-fires two cruise missiles ahead of South Korea/US joint military drill
North Korea announced Monday that it test-fired two cruise missiles from a submarine on Sunday, just one day before South Korea was set to begin an extensive joint military drill with the United States, AFP reports.
US-UK-Australia Submarine Plans Move Ahead; China Has Said it Reveals ‘Cold War Mentality’
The U.S., Britain, and Australia have unveiled a multi-decade plan designed to boost Western security in the Asia Pacific at a time of growing Chinese power, by enabling Australia to buy nuclear-powered submarines from the U.S., and eventually build its own.
Sandstorm Kills 1, Injures Dozens On Hungary Highway
An unprecedented sandstorm likely caused a massive pile-up on Hungary's M1 highway towards the Austrian capital Vienna, killing one person and injuring dozens, authorities announced Saturday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Bill protecting PM from impeachment submitted to Israeli parliament
The Knesset (Israeli Parliament) Law Committee on Monday approved a bill aimed at preventing the prime minister's ouster, which now passes to the plenum for the first reading later today.
IAF fighter jets, refuelers hold air drill with US forces, thought to focus on Iran
Israeli fighter jets and refueler aircraft on Sunday began a two-week air drill with the US Air Force at an airbase in Nevada, a joint activity thought to be focused on Iran, with officials saying the exercises would include long-range flights and simulate strikes in unfamiliar enemy territory.
200,000 Protest Israeli Premier’s Judicial Reforms
A tense calm returned Sunday after at least 200,000 people protested against judicial reforms backed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in one of the biggest protests in Israel’s history.

Inside the United States
Bank stocks dive as Wall Street trembles amid SVB failure
Bank stocks fell Monday on worries about what may be next to topple following the second- and third-largest bank failures in U.S. history. But much of the rest of the market rose on hopes the bloodletting will force the Federal Reserve to take it easier on its economy-rattling hikes to interest rates.
Washington OKs Huge Oil Drilling In Alaska
The United States government has approved the $8 billion Willow oil drilling project in the U.S. state of Alaska despite expected anger from climate change activists.

Christian News
Iran: Pastor still faces 30 lashes and two years in exile after early release from prison
An Iranian pastor who converted to Christianity from Islam has been released after serving five years of a jail term he received for sharing the Gospel with Muslims, but still faces 30 lashes and two years in exile from his home, Article 18 reports.
DRC: Islamic State claims responsibility for murdering 35 Christians
Islamic State terrorists in the Democratic Republic of Congo have confirmed that they recently killed 35 people whom they claim are “Christian” in Mukondi village in North Kivu province, the Associated Press reports.

Worthy Watch
CBS News Investigates US Funding Scandal of Wuhan Lab
Federal Investigators are investigating the double billing and theft of U.S. government grants of funding the Chinese Wuhan Labs through the NIH and the USAID.