Prophecy News Watch - March 16, 2023

Around the World
China, Russia and Iran hold joint naval drills in Gulf of Oman, amid tension with US
U.S. rivals China, Russia, and Iran are conducting joint naval drills in the Gulf of Oman this week off the southern coast of Iran, China's Defense Ministry announced, as East-West tensions rise.
Chinese military has deployed hundreds of satellites with which to attack US satellites in future, Russia not far behind
The commander of the US Space Force warned this week that China’s military has deployed hundreds of satellites with which it could attack American satellites in future, the Washington Times reports.
Poland Court:’Activist Guilty Of Aiding Abortion’
A court in heavily Catholic Poland on Tuesday found a self-declared women’s rights activist guilty of aiding an abortion by providing pills, the first such conviction in a nation with the European continent’s strictest abortion laws.
Netherlands Vote As Social Turmoil Threatens Government
Dutch voters began voting Wednesday in local elections that will impact the national legislature when the country’s longtime prime minister faces the worst social turmoil in years.
EU: ‘Hungary Targets Opponents Through Israeli Spyware’ (Worthy News Radio)
Leaders of the European Union's parliament committee investigating espionage have accused Hungary's government of "grossly abusing" Israeli spyware to intimidate hundreds of perceived domestic opponents.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Warning of civil war, Herzog unveils framework for judicial reform; PM rejects it
President Isaac Herzog on Wednesday unveiled his “People’s Framework” proposal to replace the government’s plans to radically overhaul the judicial system, in a primetime address to the nation in which he urged both sides of the debate “not to destroy the country” in a power struggle over the judiciary, but rather seize the opportunity for “a formative constitutional moment.”

Inside the United States
Moody’s just cut its outlook on the entire US banking system to negative in the wake of SVB’s collapse
Moody's downgraded its outlook for the US banking system on Tuesday, citing the rapid deterioration of the landscape thanks to bank runs and subsequent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Silvergate Bank.
100,000 Californians still have no power as storms whip hurricane-force winds, flood homes and threaten 25 million people in other states
Daily rainfall records were shattered Tuesday in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Santa Maria. The deluge will keep hitting Southern California on Wednesday before moving east, threatening 25 million people in the central US.
Stocks Tumble Amid Bank Worries
Stocks tumbled on the Wall Street stock exchange in New York on Wednesday as worries worsened about the strength of banks on both sides of the Atlantic.
FBI reports antisemitic crimes against US Jews up by 20 percent in 2021
A new hate crimes report by the FBI shows there was a twenty percent increase in antisemitic crimes against American Jews in 2021 compared to the year before, Algemeiner reports. Published on Monday, the report documents 817 antisemitic hate crimes in 2021 — up from 683 in 2020.

Christian News
Nigeria: Slaughter of Christians continues
Islamic jihadists have killed 17 Christians in Nigeria’s Kaduna state, as the slaughter of Christians in the country continues unabated and with impunity, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.