Prophecy News Watch - March 2, 2023

Around the World
Tigris and Euphrates river levels plummet in Iraq
Water levels of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Iraq — the headwaters of which originate in Turkey — have plunged 30 per cent in recent days, according to Iraq’s Ministry of Water Resources.
Greek Train Crash: Minister Resigns, Suspect Detained
Greek's Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis resigned, and a station master was detained after the deadliest known train accident in the country's, and Europe's, recent history killed scores of people.
Nigeria’s Opposition: ‘Scrap Fraudulent Vote’ As Ruling Party ‘Wins’
Nigeria’s main opposition parties urged authorities to scrap the African nation’s elections, saying results showing the ruling party’s presidential candidate in the lead had been manipulated.
Italy: Scores Of Migrants Killed In Boat Crash
As night fell over the Ionian Sea, there were fears that up to 100 migrants fleeing war, persecution, and poverty had died after their wooden sailing boat crashed against rocks near the southern Italian coast Sunday.
Russian launches 28 airstrikes in massive bombardment of Ukraine
Ramping up its attacks on Ukraine, Russia launched 28 airstrikes in 24 hours on Monday, including the use of Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones, Newsweek reports. Monday reportedly also saw Ukrainians bombarded with a further eight Russian rocket attacks and 55 shellings.
CIA director: Iran’s enriched uranium program very close to nuclear weapon level
The director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) stated Sunday that Iran had advanced its nuclear program so far now that it could enrich uranium to the 90% purity required for an atomic bomb within weeks, CBS News reports.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Widespread protests over judicial reforms result in dozens arrested, major disruptions
Protesters against the judicial reform proposed by the government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blocked a major traffic route leading from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Wednesday morning.
In time for Purim: Inscription bearing name of King Ahasuerus’s father found in Israel
In an archaeological first, the name of King Darius the Great, father of King Ahasuerus of Purim holiday fame, has been discovered in Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced Wednesday.

Inside the United States
77% of Americans aged 17-24 aren’t fit for service: DOD
An overwhelmingly majority of Americans aged 17-24 are unfit for military service, according to a Department of Defense report.
FBI Director Chris Wray says COVID-19 virus likely came from a lab leak in China
FBI Director Chris Wray joined Fox News' "Special Report" with Bret Baier where he stated that the COVID-19 virus likely came from a lab leak in China.
Missouri Christian college asks Supreme Court to review Biden directive allowing biological trans gender students to be housed in girls’ dorms
A Christian college in Missouri is asking the US Supreme Court to review a federal government directive allowing biologically male transgender students to be housed in women-only dormitories, the Christian Post (CP) reports. The College of the Ozarks filed a petition for a writ of certiorari on Monday.

Christian News
Uganda: Evangelist attacked after leading 37 Muslims to Christ
An evangelist in eastern Uganda is recovering after being hospitalized by Islamist extremists enraged that he ostensibly led 37 Muslims to Christ during an extended public debate on Islam and Christianity last month, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. While Christianity is legal in Uganda, followers of Christ - especially former Muslims - have come under intense violent attack by Islamic extremists who seek to prevent the Gospel from being shared in the country.
Vermont Christian school forfeits basketball tournament to avoid playing against transgender opponent
The Mid Vermont Christian School in Vermont has forfeited a state girls basketball tournament so as not to play against a biologically male transgender student-athlete on the opposing team, Valley News reports. Under Vermont law, transgender girls who remain biologically male are allowed to play on female sports teams.
Iran Releases Church Leader Nadarkhani After Years Behind Bars
An Iranian pastor, who spent most of his time in prison since 2016, has been released as part of a national amnesty issued by Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei to commemorate the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Worthy News learned Wednesday.