Prophecy News Watch - March 24, 2023

Around the World
Artificial Intelligence Concerns As Fake Images Spread Of Trump, Putin Detentions
Leading experts have raised the alarm about the growing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) after fake images of the ‘arrest’ of former U.S. President Donald J. Trump and the ‘jailing’ of Russian leader Vladimir Putin spread around the world.
EU Leaders Discuss More Military Aid to Ukraine (Worthy News Radio)
European Union leaders began meeting in Brussels on Thursday to discuss Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine and how to continue to support the war-torn nation, including with massive military aid.
After Iran, Saudi Arabia to re-establish ties with Syria, sources say
Syria and Saudi Arabia have agreed to reopen their embassies after cutting diplomatic ties more than a decade ago, three sources with knowledge of the matter said, a step that would mark a leap forward in Damascus's return to the Arab fold.
Pentagon has ‘multiple options’ ready if Iran builds nuclear bomb, top U.S. general says
The Pentagon has developed multiple military options ready for President Biden if, or when, Iran begins to build nuclear weapons, America’s top general told Congress Thursday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
PM Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses the Nation on Judicial Reform
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the nation Thursday night following a day in which protesters — anarchists among them — disrupted the lives of hundreds of thousands of Israelis in their zeal to oppose the government’s planned judicial reforms.
Knesset passes law shielding Netanyahu from court-ordered recusal 61-47
The Knesset passed into law a bill that would protect Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from a court order to recuse himself, in an early Thursday morning final vote of 61 Knesset members in favor and 47 against.
Israel may carry out military strike if Iran enriches uranium beyond 60%
Israel has warned the US and other world powers that it may carry out a military strike in Iran if the rogue Tehran regime enriches uranium to above 60%, the Axios news outlet reports exclusively. According to a report by the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran had produced 87.5 kilograms of 60% enriched uranium by late last month.

Inside the United States
Conservatives say Biden administration proposal to protect charity clients’ religious liberty will destroy conscience protections for faith-based charities
Conservative activists have condemned a Biden administration legislative proposal that ostensibly seeks to protect the religious liberty of clients of faith-based charities, claiming the proposed change would wipe out conscience protections for federally funded religious charities themselves, the Washington Examiner reports.
Ohio: Pro-life group launches $5 million ad campaign against proposed amendment giving “right” to abortion for whole of pregnancy, fears about legalizing sex-change for minors without parental consent
The Protect Women Ohio (PWO) pro-life group in Ohio is launching a $5 million ad campaign against a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would make abortion at any stage during pregnancy a statutory “right,” and which conservatives fear will also be used to justify sex-change surgeries and abortions for minors without parental consent, CBN News reports.
Trump’s Arrest Postponed But Still Expected
Amid protests, another day passed Wednesday without an indictment against former U.S. President Donald J. Trump, who had forecast he would be arrested on Tuesday.