Prophecy News Watch - March 28, 2023

Around the World
‘Hotel Rwanda’ Man Released From Jail
The man whose role in saving more than 1,000 lives during the 1994 Rwandan genocide inspired the film Hotel Rwanda has been released from prison, several officials confirmed Saturday.
Hungary Votes For Finland’s NATO Membership, But Sweden Not Welcome
Hungary was due to vote for Finland to join the NATO military alliance on Monday, but government supporters declined to accept Sweden’s membership.
Ukraine Condemns Russian Nuclear Weapons in Belarus (Worthy News Radio)
Ukraine has lashed out at Russian President Vladimir Putin after he announced that Moscow would place tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. A key Ukrainian presidential adviser said Sunday that the move comes as Moscow realizes it will eventually lose its invasion of Ukraine.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel’s Netanyahu Urges Nation To Avoid Civil War (Video)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged his nation to avoid civil war after suspending planned judicial reforms that prompted protests and strikes across the Jewish state.
Israeli scientists develop medical micro robot that can capture damaged cells
In a breakthrough for medical research, scientists at Israel’s Tel Aviv University have developed a “hybrid micro-robot” the size of a biological cell that can target and capture damaged cells, the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) reports.
Israel’s PM Delays Overhaul Judicial Reforms
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will delay the process for discussions on the controversial planned judicial overhaul to next month, said coalition member party Jewish Power on Monday.
Israel’s PM Urges Calm As Strikes Paralyze Nation (Videos)
Israel’s embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appealed for calm as hundreds of thousands of people stopped working Monday to protest his planned overhaul of the country’s judiciary.

Inside the United States
Nearly $100 billion in deposits pulled from banks; officials call system ‘sound and resilient’
Regulators again assured the public that the banking system is safe, as fresh data showed customers recently pulled nearly $100 billion in deposits.
Confronted by FBI abuses, Congress ready to add civil liberty protections to key surveillance law
After years of evidence that the FBI has abused its spy authorities, Congress is embarking on a bipartisan effort to revamp a key surveillance law to better protect civil liberties, including appointing special lawyers to advocate on behalf of Americans secretly targeted by the government.
Nashville school shooter was transgender, had ‘manifesto,’ police say
A heavily armed woman who identified as a male killed three students and three adult staff members Monday at a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, before police shot her dead, in a rare mass shooting carried out by a female suspect.
Silicon Valley Bank To Be Sold To First Citizens After Bank Run
U.S.-based Silicon Valley Bank, which collapsed after a bank run caused by troubled policies, will be sold to First Citizens BancShares Inc. (FCNCA), several sources confirm.

Christian News
Six People, Including Children, Killed At US Christian School
U.S. President Joe Biden was briefed about a massive shooting at a Christian primary school that killed six people, including three children, the White House said.
Abducted Missionary Freed After Nearly 7 Years; Christians Urge Prayers
Christians have asked prayers for evangelical U.S. missionary Jeffery Woodke and his family following his release from nearly seven years of captivity by Islamic militants in West Africa.