Prophecy News Watch - May 11, 2022

Around the World
China surrounds Taiwan for massive invasion ‘rehearsal’ drills
The Chinese military deployed forces all around the island of Taiwan over the weekend in a set of large-scale military drills that one Chinese military analyst called a “rehearsal of possible real action.”
WHO Pushes Global Pandemic Treaty (Worthy News In-Depth)
The World Health Organization (WHO) is preparing a global pact that critics fear will give it absolute power over global biosecurity.
UN nuclear agency ‘extremely concerned’ by Iranian silence on undeclared sites
The UN atomic energy watchdog chief said Tuesday that he was “extremely concerned” about Iran’s lack of cooperation as the EU seeks to unblock talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Knesset Committee Greenlights Police Usage of Facial Recognition Software
The Knesset Law committee approved a bill entitled “Law to correct the police authority” designed to enable facial recognition cameras against civilians and “identifying vehicles on the streets,” reports Tech12.
Survey Shows 75% of Israeli Arabs Believe Jews Have No Rights on the Land of Israel
The Israel Defense and Security Forum (ISDF) / HaBithonistim, an Israeli movement established in 2020 by retired senior members of the defense establishment (IDF, Shin Bet, Mossad, and Israel Police), on Monday released the results of a survey they conducted on the anniversary of the 2021 Operation Guardian of the Walls, showing, among other things, that only 25% of Israeli Arabs believe that the Jewish people have a right to sovereignty in the Land of Israel, and a considerable majority – about 75% – believe that the Jewish people do not have such a right.
Poll: In new elections, coalition parties would sink to just 53 seats
A television poll has found that if elections were to be held today, parties currently in the government coalition would drop by several seats into a minority in the Knesset, but the opposition bloc of parties led by Likud would also fall short of a majority.
Energean makes commercial gas discovery off Israeli coast
Greek oil and gas firm Energean announced on Monday a commercial gas discovery at its Athena exploration well in Israel’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

Inside the United States
UFO debate: House panel to hold public hearing on ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’
A House subcommittee will hold a public hearing next week on unidentified aerial vehicles, also known as unidentified flying objects (UFO) — a first in over 50 years.
Missouri senate passes bill requiring voters to show photo ID
Missouri’s Republican-led state Senate has passed a bill that would require voters to show photo identification at polling stations, the Associated Press reports. Democrats added two weeks of no-excuse absentee ballot voting to the GOP Bill.
White House Condemns Pro-Abortion Attacks Against Christians, Justices
The White House has belatedly condemned attacks and threats by pro-abortion activists against U.S. churches, Christian groups, and justices.

Christian News
Nigeria: Two children among eight Christians murdered by Islamic militants
Two children were among eight Christians murdered by Fulani Muslim herdsmen in Nigeria’s Plateau state on Thursday, May 5, Morning Star News (MSN) reports.
Sudan: Christian couple face 100 lashes following husband’s conversion
A Sharia court of law in Sudan may punish a formerly Muslim married couple with 100 lashes for “adultery” following the husband’s conversion to Christianity, Morning Star News (MSN) reports.
Algeria: Court reduces fine but retains suspended prison sentence for 11 Christians
A court of appeals in Algeria has reduced a fine given to a group of 11 Christians convicted of “unauthorized non-Muslim worship,” but it retained a suspended prison sentence that was also given, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. Concerned that Muslim citizens should not be diverted from their faith, Algeria passed a law in 2006 designed to repress non-Muslim worship.