Prophecy News Watch - May 16, 2022

Around the World
Finland Formally Applies For NATO Membership
Finland has formally applied for membership of the NATO military alliance citing concerns about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, where Russian troops face stiff resistance in the east.
North Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles amid first virus outbreak
North Korea fired three short-range ballistic missiles toward the sea on Thursday, its neighbors said, in the latest of a series of weapons demonstrations this year that came just hours after it confirmed its first case of the coronavirus since the pandemic began.
Hungary’s First Female President Condemns Russia At Inauguration
Hungary’s first female and youngest-ever president was inaugurated Saturday during church-backed ceremonies where she condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
NATO To Discuss Finland, Sweden Membership
Foreign ministers from NATO are gathering in Berlin as Finland and Sweden move closer to joining the Western military alliance despite warnings from Moscow amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Nakba Day commemorations pass largely peacefully; 3 arrested at Tel Aviv rally
Palestinians and Arab Israelis held scattered Nakba Day commemorations to lament the establishment of the State of Israel on Sunday, with the day largely passing without incident.
Satellite images show Syria site ‘completely destroyed’ in raid attributed to Israel
An Israeli satellite company and intelligence firm published images Sunday it said showed the damage at an underground facility in Syria from airstrikes days earlier that were attributed to Israel.
Does Hezbollah have a new Iranian long range cruise missile?
A Hezbollah video circulating online purports to show that the terrorist group has some new munitions in its always expanding arsenal. Over the years, Hezbollah has stockpiled more than 100,000 missiles and rockets. However, the real danger of these weapons is that some have been upgraded or use new technology that enables them to be precision-guided munitions, or maneuvering munitions, drones and cruise missiles.

Inside the United States
‘163 Billion In Pandemic Benefits Lost In US’
At least 163 billion dollars in coronavirus pandemic benefits handed out under U.S. President Joe Biden have been stolen or misspent, The Washington Post newspaper reports. The money may never be recovered.
Nunes says Durham probe uncovering docs ‘clearly hid from Congress,’ suggests criminal elusion
Many of the FBI documents that have in recent weeks been unveiled by special counsel John Durham were subpoenaed years ago by then-House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes and his aide Kash Patel, only for their requests to be completely ignored.
Sen. Rand Paul Blocks $40B for Ukraine: ‘We Cannot Save Ukraine by Dooming the U.S. Economy’
"My oath of office is to the U.S. Constitution, not to any foreign nation," Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said in a speech on the Senate floor Thursday, as some of his fellow Republicans urged immediate passage of a bill -- this one totaling $40 billion -- to fund U.S. assistance for the situation in Ukraine.
Homeland Security memo: Drug cartels control human trafficking corridors to Biden border
As border patrol agents brace for another massive surge, a new Homeland Security Department memo acknowledges that drug cartels control the human trafficking corridors to America and are profiting from the porous southern border under President Joe Biden.
Devout Christians among 10 killed by shooter at Buffalo grocery store in racially motivated attack
A heavily armed 18-year-old man opened fire at a grocery store in a predominantly black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, Saturday, killing 10 people, including at least two Christian believers, and wounding three others in what the FBI described as a racially motivated hate crime. The self-described white supremacist shooter livestreamed the massacre before surrendering to police.
Pro-Life Advocates Assemble Nationwide in Response to Abortion Rights Protests
Thousands of people took part in protests across the U.S. on Saturday to publicly denounce the Supreme Court's expected reversal of Roe v. Wade.
Police Detain Shooter Killing 10 In US Buffalo Supermarket
A gunman wearing military-style clothing and body armor has been detained after he opened fire with a rifle at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, killing at least 10 people, police said Saturday.

Christian News
Sudan Christian Couple Faces 100 Lashes, Exile For “Adultery”
A Christian couple reunited after being forced to divorce by an Islamic court could face 100 lashes and exile in Sudan for “adultery,” Christians familiar with the case told Worthy News Friday.
Hungary “Praised” For Blocking EU Sanctions Against Patriarch
Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II of the Syriac Orthodox Church has thanked Hungary for not supporting European Union sanctions against the Russian Orthodox Church leader.
Nigeria Muslims Lynch Christian Woman For Blasphemy (Worthy News In-Depth)
A Nigerian Christian student was stoned to death and set on fire in northwest Nigeria by Muslims who accused her of “blasphemous” statements against Islam, Christians confirmed over the weekend.
India Christians Homeless After Hindu Attacks
Several Christian families in India’s eastern state of Odisha are still homeless and “in dire need of groceries” after Hindu extremists attacked them, several sources told Worthy News.