Prophecy News Watch - May 25, 2022

Around the World
Food Supplies Under Pressure As Ukraine Conflict Spreads
There are growing concerns over the impact the conflict in Ukraine could have on food supplies. Ukraine is a significant grain exporter, but clashes continue.
Hungary In State Of Emergency Over Ukraine War
Hungary’s hardline prime minister said his government had assumed emergency powers Tuesday in response to the war in Ukraine after his allies amended the constitution.
Russian, Chinese Bombers Near Japan and South Korea
Russian and Chinese bombers flew joint patrols near Japanese and South Korean air defense zones on Tuesday in an apparent warning to U.S. President Joe Biden visiting the region.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
U.S. sanctions Hamas official and financial network, Treasury Dept. says
The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions on a Hamas finance official and a network of financial facilitators and companies that have generated revenue for the Palestinian militant group, the Treasury Department said.

Inside the United States
Massive super tornado has hit Texas, residents told to shelter
Texans were told to shelter in place as a massive super tornado hit northern Texas near Morton and was making its way across the state on Tuesday morning, Fox News reports. The tornado has wind gusts up to 70 mph, National Weather Service officials in Lubbock said.
Backlash prompts State Farm to end program donating trans books to schools
Insurance company State Farm is discontinuing its support for the controversial GenderCool Project amid backlash following reports that the company was donating books about transgender issues, targeted at 5-year-olds, to schools.
Heated ‘Jim Crow’ Rhetoric by Democrats and Media Gets Debunked by Georgia’s Record-Breaking Voter Turnout
Voters are going to the polls in five states Tuesday to select the nominees in primary elections.
Teenage Gunman Kills 15 In US School Shooting
A teenage gunman shot dead 14 elementary school kids and one teacher and seriously injured some 18 others in the U.S. State of Texas before police killed him, authorities said.
Durham puts FBI investigators on stand to substantiate materiality of alleged Sussmann lie to bureau
In the trial of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, prosecutors on Monday called two FBI witnesses who testified that clarity regarding the source of allegations of a secret hotline between the Trump Organization and Russia's Alfa Bank would have influenced the bureau's investigative approach to the now-debunked collusion allegations.

Christian News
Nigeria: Islamic extremists set fire to Christians homes and businesses in Bauchi
Young Islamic men in Nigeria’s Bauchi state set Christian homes and businesses state on fire Friday as they searched for a Christian woman rumored to have made a blasphemous comment insulting Muhammad, Morning Star News reports. The incident happened days after a mob of Islamic extremists in Soroko state murdered Christian student Deborah Emmanuel, after accusing her of insulting Muhammad in a WattsApp comment.
China introducing new financial regulations in clampdown on churches
Continuing its clampdown on churches and other minority religious organizations, China’s communist regime is bringing in new regulations for governing the management of revenues, local and foreign donations and expenses of religious organizations, the Barnabas Fund reports.
Former Muslim becomes Christian after seeing vision of Jesus
A young Iranian woman who grew up in a strict Muslim home said that she became a Christian after she had a vision of Jesus telling her to follow Him, the Christian Post reported.

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