Prophecy News Watch - May 26, 2022

Around the World
CEO: ‘Millions Of COVID Jabs Thrown Away’
The CEO of pharmaceutical and biotechnology giant Moderna says his firm has to “throw away” millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines as “nobody wants them” amid worries about side effects.
A record 100 million people have been displaced worldwide
The world now has a record 100 million displaced people who have been forced to flee war and human rights abuses, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) stated on Sunday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel said to tell US it killed IRGC officer who was deputy head of covert unit
Israel reportedly told US officials that it was behind the assassination of a senior member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps earlier this week, which was carried out in order to warn Tehran against the continued operation of an alleged covert unit the target helped lead.
Judge rules against Jews who prayed at Temple Mount, accepting state’s appeal
The Jerusalem District Court on Wednesday ruled against four Jewish teens who prayed on the Temple Mount, reversing a lower court decision, which Palestinians and Jordan claimed had legitimized the violation of the status quo at the flashpoint site.

Inside the United States
Federal red flag gun bill could gain bipartisan support after Texas mass shooting
Discussions about a potential bipartisan agreement on a red flag gun bill are currently underway in the Senate following the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school.
Texas Mourns 21 Victims After School Shooting
Evidence has emerged that the gunman who killed 19 children and two teachers in the U.S. State of Texas warned on social media he would shoot his grandmother and attack a school.
Herschel Walker Wins His Senate Primary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders Wins GOP Arkansas Governor Nod
Former University of Georgia and NFL star Herschel Walker won the Republican nomination to run for U.S. Senate from Georgia in Tuesday's primary.

Christian News
Following wave of suicides on aircraft carrier, US Navy Chaplain says sailors need Jesus
Following a string of recent suicides aboard the USS George Washington aircraft carrier, a US Navy chaplain has said it is vital for young sailors serving in isolated and difficult circumstances to know Jesus, CBN News reports.

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