Prophecy News Watch - May 4, 2022

Around the World
Pope Francis Seeks Talks With Russia’s Putin On Ukraine War
Pope Francis said Tuesday he wants to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin to help end Europe’s worst conflict since World War Two. “I am not going to [Ukraine’s capital] Kyiv for now. I feel that I must not go,” the leader of the Catholic Church told Italy’s daily newspaper Corriere della Sera.
Ukraine intelligence says Russia’s war may end in September
Russia may be looking to conclude its war in Ukraine within four months’ time, according to Kyiv's Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense, which said Tuesday it believes September is Moscow’s intended deadline.
North Korea preparing nuclear test for first time in years, intelligence officials say
Western intelligence officials say North Korea is preparing to conduct a nuclear weapons test for the first time in over four years. Renewed tensions on the peninsula prompted China's atomic envoy to meet his South Korean counterpart in Seoul on Tuesday calling the situation "severe."
Russia Attacks Steel Plant After Some Evacuations
Russia’s military resumed attacking a steel plant in Ukraine’s bombed-out city of Mariupol with terrified civilians and soldiers trapped inside after some escaped.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel Furious As Russia Minister Said Hitler had Jewish Roots
Israel on Monday demanded an apology from Russia after its top diplomat suggested that Germany’s wartime leader Adolf Hitler had Jewish roots.

Inside the United States
13 states have trigger laws automatically banning most or all abortions if Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade
Thirteen states in the country are poised to enact immediate abortion bans and 13 more could quickly follow suit if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, as it appears set to do according to a draft opinion leaked to Politico.
Roe v. Wade outcry comes with U.S. abortion rate at historic low
Liberal alarm in the U.S. over the future of Roe v. Wade may have never been higher, thanks to the leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion this week, but the outcry comes as the nation’s abortion rate since the 1973 case was decided has never been lower.
House Republicans Introduce Legislation To Defund Biden’s Disinformation Board
Republican Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson will introduce legislation Tuesday that would defund the Department of Homeland Security’s new “Disinformation Governance Board,” which is set to be led by Nina Jankowicz.
Biden Pressures Supreme Court On Abortion After Leak; Investigation Order
American President Joe Biden pressured the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, saying “basic fairness” demands that Roe v. Wade be upheld and urged voters to elect more abortion rights supporters to Congress.

Christian News
Egypt: Nine Coptic Christians released after imprisonment for peaceful protest
Nine Coptic Christians who were imprisoned in Egypt for protesting the delayed government authorization for their church to be rebuilt have now been released, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.
US National Day of Prayer on May 5th
Millions of Americans will pray for their nation on the annual National Day of Prayer (NDP) on Thursday, May 5, CBN News reports. A 90-minute broadcast program hosted by the NDP Task Force together with will be live-streamed and will feature Christian pastors and musicians.

Worthy Watch
In 1981, Then-Senator Biden Voted for a Constitutional Amendment Empowering States to Decide Abortion Legality