Prophecy News Watch - May 6, 2022

Around the World
EU Debates Oil Embargo As Ukraine War Escalates
Frustrated over the escalating Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Union’s leadership announced a new plan to penalize Russia financially. It wants a total ban on oil imports from Russia by the end of the year, but several EU member states objected.
Chinese Communist Party Orders Millions More To Stay Home
Beijing tightened restrictions on millions of residents following a surge of COVID-19 cases, Chinese state-run media reported Thursday.
US intelligence helped Ukraine target Russian generals
Intelligence provided by the United States has helped the Ukrainian military target several Russian generals since Moscow’s invasion, the New York Times reported on Wednesday.
Bill Gates Calls for Worldwide Government Surveillance System
In an apparent lesson from Covid, American Oligarch Bill Gates wants eyes on any potential future pandemic.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Clashes break out as Temple Mount reopens to Jews
Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police broke out on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem Thursday, as the site was reopened to Jews and other non-Muslim visitors following the end of the two-week Ramadan closure, the Times of Israel (TOI) reports.
UN Chief Guterres concerned about Hezbollah’s hold on“sophisticated military capabilities”
Calling for a free and fair election as Lebanon heads to the polls on May 15, United Nations director general Antonio Guterres expressed concern about the hold that Hezbollah, a powerful Lebanese terror goup and political party, has on “sophisticated military capabilities” the government has no control over, i24 News reports.
Israel says Putin apologized over FM’s Hitler blood remarks
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said he accepted an apology from Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday for controversial remarks about the Holocaust made by Moscow‘s top diplomat.

Inside the United States
High fence erected outside Supreme Court as abortion-related protests continue
An imposing, "unscalable" eight-foot-high fence has been erected at the U.S. Supreme Court in the wake of protests over a bombshell draft opinion on abortion.
Democrats Try To Legalize Third Trimester Abortions In All 50 States
Democrats are trying to ram through a bill which would legalize abortion nationwide, including during the last three months of pregnancy when a child can survive outside the womb.
Oregon forces all schools — elementary and up — to put ‘menstrual products’ in boys’ bathrooms with ‘instructions on how to use’ them
Every public school in Oregon — including elementary institutions — will soon be required to provide tampons and other feminine products in boys' bathrooms with "instructions on how to use" them.
Has Pentagon depleted own stocks by sending Javelin missiles to Ukraine?
The United States has delivered so many Javelin tank-buster missiles to Ukraine that the Pentagon's own stocks have dwindled perilously, according to defense insiders.
John Durham scores two major court wins ahead of Clinton lawyer’s trial
Special Counsel John Durham scored two major wins on Wednesday ahead of the criminal trial for ex-Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, as the judge ordered a key witness to testify and agreed to review memos the defense is trying to conceal with a claim of attorney-client privilege.
Satanic Temple requests Boston City Hall fly flag celebrating ‘Satanic Appreciation Week’
The Satanic Temple is requesting to fly a flag over Boston’s City Hall following the recent Supreme Court ruling that the city violated the free speech rights of a conservative group that previously sought to fly a Christian flag over the government building.
Hunter Biden laptop repairman sues Adam Schiff, news outlets for defamation
The Delaware computer repairman who revealed Hunter Biden’s laptop is suing Rep. Adam B. Schiff and three news outlets, seeking at least $1 million in his claim that they spread false information that eventually forced him to close his shop.

Christian News
Thousands Of Myanmar Christians Flee To India
Thousands of Christian men, women, and children have entered northeast India to escape deadly violence in neighboring Myanmar, Christian leaders, and aid workers say.
‘India Police Torture Pastor Over Conversion’
A pastor in northern India is recovering from injuries after he was allegedly detained and tortured by police on false charges of converting people to faith in Christ.