Prophecy News Watch - November 13, 2023

Around the World
Global Anti-Israel Protests Prompt Clashes (Video)
Britain’s prime minister condemned hatred towards Jews and violence on Saturday after hundreds of thousands of pro-Palestinians rallied in London for the “biggest march" seen by British police in the Israel-Hamas war, prompting violent counterprotests in which nearly 100 were detained.
Hezbollah Leader Warns ‘Victory is Coming’ As Israel Warns Of War With Lebanon
The chief of Hezbollah said Saturday that “victory” over Israel is coming as his fighters use better weapons, prompting an Israeli warning of war with Lebanon, where the group is based.
Iran Urges Destruction Of Israel And Calls Palestine ‘Most Important Issue’ To Arab World
Iran’s president effectively called for the destruction of Israel and the extermination of Jews and urged Muslim nations “to arm Palestinians” if “Israel's attacks” continue.
Turkey’s President Says Hamas ‘Protect Their Land’
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday at a summit of Arab and Islamic leaders that “Hamas protect their land,” suggesting that the group, condemned as a terrorist organization by most Western countries, is involved in a genuine battle against Israel.
Germany’s Leaders Fear Surging Antisemitism
Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz says he's "ashamed and outraged" at recent antisemitic attacks in his country, which is still reeling from its role in World War Two when millions of Jews were murdered.
Pentagon Confirms Four Fresh Strikes on U.S. Bases in Retaliatory Action by Iranian-Backed Groups
American bases were attacked four times by Iranian-backed groups in the Middle East following a U.S. strike on an Iranian facility in Syria last Wednesday, the Pentagon has confirmed.
German Teenager Kills Student In School Shooting After Similar Incidents
German police have detained a 15-year-old armed boy after he allegedly shot and killed another 15-year-old student at a special education school in the southwestern town of Offenburg, officials said.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel Denies Attacking Gaza’s Largest Hospital
Israel was preparing Sunday to help evacuate babies from Gaza’s largest hospital after several died but denied accusations that it deliberately attacked the facility.
Thousands of Anti-War Protesters March in Tel Aviv
Thousands of anti-war protesters rallied in Tel Aviv, Israel’s economic hub, calling for a ceasefire and the release of some 240 Israeli and foreign hostages held by Hamas.
Hospitals Hit As Thousands Flee Northern Gaza, Dozens Killed
Thousands of Palestinians fled northern Gaza for the fourth consecutive day through a corridor established by the Israel Defense Forces on Friday, but Hamas fighters tried to prevent a mass exodus by shooting at civilians, Worthy News learned.
IDF Strikes 15,000 Terror Targets Struck in Gaza
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has targeted and struck more than 15,000 sites identified as terrorist targets within the Gaza Strip, according to an IDF statement since the beginning of the war that started after the "Black Sabbath."
Iran Warns of the Expansion of Israel-Hamas war is ‘inevitable’
Iran warned that the extensive civilian suffering resulting from Israel's conflict with Hamas would inevitably lead to an escalation of war in the Middle East. Officials in Gaza are reporting heavy fighting in and around area hospitals where Israel claims Hamas has established a terror base in an underground tunnel network.
Premier: ‘Israel Doesn’t Seek To Conquer Gaza’
Israel’s prime minister said Thursday that his nation is not seeking to conquer, occupy, or govern the Gaza Strip after its war with Hamas ends.

Inside the United States
‘March for Israel’ Gaining Momentum, Scheduled for Tuesday in Washington, D.C.
"The March for Israel" is being hosted by prominent Jewish and Christian organizations in the United States, calling for supporters of Israel to unite in a powerful rally in the nation's capital on Tuesday, November 14.
Speaker Johnson Unveils ‘Two-Step’ Plan to Prevent Government Shutdown
On Saturday, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) unveiled his plan to prevent a government shutdown. He proposed a "two-part" continuing resolution, aiming to extend some appropriations bills until mid-January and the remaining ones until February.
U.S. Credit Rating Downgraded to ‘Negative’ Amid Soaring National Debt
Moody's Investor Service changed its assessment of the U.S. credit rating from stable to negative, citing the ballooning national debt as an underlying factor.

Christian News
650,000 At Evangelism Rallies In Nicaragua; ‘Tens of Thousands Accept Christ’ (Worthy News In-Depth)
Tens of thousands of people “have accepted Jesus Christ” as their Lord and Savior, and thousands were miraculously healed in Nicaragua, according to two U.S.-based mission groups involved in evangelism in Central America’s largest nation.

Worthy Watch
Thousands Participate in Pro-Palestinian Protests Across the World
Pro-Palestinian protests drew ten of thousands in numerous major cities worldwide, including London, Paris, Vienna, Cape Town, and even outside Joe Biden's residence in the United States.
Thousands Flee Gaza; Hamas Fires Upon Civilians Doing So
As thousands continue to evacuate Gaza for the fourth consecutive day through a corridor established by the Israel Defense Forces, footage captured Hamas firing upon civilians attempting to leave near the Al-Nasr hospital.