Prophecy News Watch - November 14, 2023

Around the World
Iceland declares state of emergency while preparing for volcanic eruption
Amid fears of a potentially deadly volcanic eruption, Iceland has declared a state of emergency and has evacuated thousands of people from the fishing village of Grindavik, Sky News reports.
US Launches Third Wave of Airstrikes in Syria
On Sunday, the United States conducted a third round of airstrikes in eastern Syria, confirmed by the Pentagon. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin characterized these strikes as "precision strikes" directed explicitly at an Iran-linked training facility and a safe house.
Somalia: Devastating floods kill at least 31 people, displace hundreds of thousands more
Deadly “once in a century” floods in Somalia have killed at least 31 people and displaced around 500,000 more, the Associated Press reported on Sunday.
Climate Icon Thunberg Interrupted After Turning Protest Into Anti-Israel Event (Video)
Greta Thunberg, seen as the princess of the climate change movement, was interrupted Sunday after turning the largest climate protest in Dutch history into an anti-Israel event.
EU Warns Of Genocide In Sudan; Pope Urges Aid (Worthy News-Investigation)
The European Union warned Sunday of another genocide in Sudan's Darfur region, while the pope expressed concerns about a humanitarian crisis just days after Worthy News saw footage of an apparent massacre there.
Indonesia’s Top Islamic Body Bans Israel Products; Christians Concerned
Indonesia’s top Islamic scholars' body has issued a fatwa, an Islamic decree, banning the purchase or use of products from companies linked to Israel or seen as supporting the Jewish nation.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
18 Israelis Injured As Hezbollah Attacks Israel
At least 18 Israelis were injured, one critically, after the Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia fired anti-tank missiles from southern Lebanon in a further sign that Israel was dealing with another front and potentially a broader international conflict, officials said Monday.
Hamas Using Children’s Hospital To Hide Hostages, Weapons (Worthy News-Investigation)
Footage obtained and carefully reviewed by Worthy News appears to confirm that Hamas is using hospitals in Gaza to hide its fighters, hostages, weapons and launch attacks against Israel, despite denials from the Hamas-run Health Ministry and medical staff.
‘Hamas Has Lost Control of the Gaza Strip’ As Fighting Continues (Videos)
Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant asserted on Monday that Hamas had lost control of the Gaza Strip, a claim supported by the ongoing efforts of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), which are delivering "significant blows" to the Palestinian terror group.
European Union condemns Hamas’ use of “human shields” in war against Israel
All 27 European Union member states have signed a joint resolution condemning the Hamas Palestinian terror group for using hospitals and civilians in the Gaza Strip as “human shields” in its war against Israel, the Associated Press reports. Israel has long asserted that Hamas terrorists embed themselves and their weaponry within civilian areas as a deterrent, knowing that, unlike them, Israeli forces seek to avoid civilian casualties in both airstrikes and ground operations.
WHO: Gaza’s Main Hospital Not Functioning After Strikes; Israel Denies Hitting Facility
The World Health Organization (WHO) said Monday that Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, "is not functioning as a hospital anymore,” but Israel blamed Hamas.

Inside the United States
Report: Border crisis could cost U.S. taxpayers $451 billion
The influx of migrants across the country's southern border could cost taxpayers $451 billion, a report released Monday by the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee says.
26 attorneys general: Give states the authority to enforce federal immigration law
A coalition of 26 state attorneys general is calling on the new U.S. Speaker of the House to pass a Florida-sponsored bill that would grant states the authority to enforce federal immigration law when the federal government refuses to do so.
New Nuclear Stealth Bomber, Successfully Completes Maiden Test Flight
The B-21 Raider marked a significant milestone by conducting its inaugural test flight, the U.S. Air Force confirmed.

Christian News
Nepal Christians Facing Hunger After Quake
Christians in western Nepal faced homelessness and food shortages Tuesday after a massive earthquake destroyed their homes and churches, killing many, but authorities in the Hindu-majority nation are reluctant to help them, Worthy News established.

Worthy Insights
Meet The Phony ‘Christian’ Group Trying To Take Down The New House Speaker
One of the activist left’s oldest projects is also its most devious: infiltrate, then undermine, the Christian church. Why? Because only Bible-believing evangelicals and Catholics stand between them and the total conquest of America.