Prophecy News Watch - November 2, 2023

Around the World
US, Mideast Expecting More Iranian Cyberattacks
The United States is preparing for massive Iranian cyberattacks in retaliation for supporting Israel in its war against Hamas, several sources say.
Iran set to become new Chair of UN Human Rights Council, “it is unimaginable”
In a move that has outraged rights activists, the Islamic Republic of Iran is set to become the new chair of the United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday, Ynet News reports.
Ukraine Says Several Die in Russian Attacks Amid Worries Over New Weapon (Worthy News Radio)
Kyiv said Wednesday that several people died in Russian attacks in eastern and southern Ukraine amid concerns about a new drone being used by Moscow. It follows a night when more than a dozen Russian drones and a missile targeted military and critical infrastructure.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
IDF: Troops breach Hamas defenses, approach Gaza City; anti-tank missile chief slain
Military officials declared Wednesday that Israeli forces had breached Hamas’s first line of defense and were approaching Gaza City, saying the deaths of 16 soldiers this week in and near Gaza were a “heavy price.”
Hamas Official Pledges To Destroy Israel (Video)
A senior Hamas official has warned that his fighters will repeat the October 7 massacres in Israel until the Jewish nation is annihilated.
Death Toll Israeli Forces Killed In War Approaching 330; Prime Minister Mourning
Israel’s military said Wednesday that 11 troops died in ground fighting in the Gaza Strip, taking the number of Israeli military killed since October 7 to at least 326.

Inside the United States
GOP Senators: Biden’s border policies create ‘increased threat’ of terrorist attack
President Joe Biden’s border policies lead to an increased threat of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, Senate Republicans say.
US Fed holds interest rates steady at 22-year high
The Federal Reserve on Wednesday unanimously agreed to hold interest rates steady in a target range between 5.25%-5.5%, where it has been since July.

Christian News
God Is Not Done: Free Chapel Revival Services Stretch Into 10th Night, Thousands Show Up
Hundreds of people are having their lives changed by the powerful saving grace of Jesus Christ as a move of God continues into its second week at Free Chapel Church in Gainesville, Georgia.
India: Three Christians detained on anti-conversion charges in Uttar Pradesh state
Three Christian men in India’s Uttar Pradesh state were imprisoned last week on false charges of forcibly converting Hindus to Christianity, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.
Egypt:Islamic extremists burn down home of Christian man
Islamic extremists in Upper Egypt set fire to the home of a Christian man on the incorrect notion that he was starting a house-church there, Barnabas Fund reports.
Nigeria: 16 Christians slaughtered by Islamic terrorists in Benue state
Fulani herdsmen and other Islamic terrorists slaughtered 16 Christians in Nigeria’s Benue state in the last five weeks, as the 14-year-long Islamic jihadist genocidal campaign against Nigerian Christians continues with impunity, Morning Star News (MSN) reports.