Prophecy News Watch - November 20, 2023

Around the World
Russia Readying For Peace Talks
More video evidence emerged this weekend of Russia readying for peace talks with Ukraine as hundreds of thousands were killed and injured since Moscow invaded the country in February last year.
Houthi Rebels Seize Israeli-Linked Cargo Ship; Dozens Held Hostage
The Israel-Hamas war spread to the seas Sunday with Yemen’s Houthi rebels seizing an Israeli-linked cargo ship in a crucial Red Sea shipping route, taking two dozen crew members hostage.
Up to Million Protest Against Spanish Premier Amid Anger Over Pro-Palestine, Amnesty Views (Video)
Up to one million people gathered in central Madrid against Spain’s socialist prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, after he was sworn in Friday amid anger over his perceived pro-Palestinian views and his deal with separatists to stay in power.
IMF Warns Digital Currencies Will Replace Cash
The chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has told the world to prepare for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to replace cash, despite concerns that this will increase government control over people’s personal (financial) lives.
Armed Suspect Detained Near Israel Embassy In Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani security forces arrested a man armed with a gun who planned to attack the Israeli Embassy in the capital Baku, early Friday, officials say.
US President Calls China’s Counterpart Dictator
U.S. President Joe Biden still believes Chinese President Xi Jinping is “a dictator,” prompting a rebuke from Beijing after the two leaders initially reported progress during their meeting in the United States.
Britain’s The Guardian Removes Bin Laden’s Letter
Britain’s The Guardian newspaper has removed Osama bin Laden’s 21-year-old ‘Letter to America’ from their website late Wednesday, following its viral spread on social media outlet TikTok.
Violence After Spain’s Premier Wins Re-election
Violence broke out in Spain’s capital after Spain's parliament voted to make Pedro Sanchez prime minister for another term on Thursday, ending a protracted deadlock after an inconclusive general election in July.
BBC Inaccurately Reports on Situation in Gaza; Anti-Israel Protests Continue
As anti-Israel protests rocked London, Britain’s BBC broadcaster made a correction and apology after inaccurately saying that Israel’s army targeted medical staff and Arabic speakers during a raid of Al-Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Tensions Escalate in Cross-Border Clashes Along Israel’s Northern Border
Following a period of relative calm, sirens wailed on Saturday morning across Israeli northern border towns, including Kiryat Shmona, in response to a barrage of at least 25 rockets launched by Hezbollah from Lebanon.
Families Hostages Plunged In Mourning As Another Body Is Found
Families of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza plunged into mourning on Saturday, the Jewish sabbath, after Israel said its troops had found the body of a second woman held hostage by Hamas.

Inside the United States
Speaker Johnson Picks His Battles, Biden Impeachment on the Table and the Release of J6 Tapes
Following the budget resolution passed last week, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) turned his attention to the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden (D-DE) and promised the full release of the January 6 surveillance tapes, emphasizing his commitment to government transparency.
Republicans Warn Of Biden Takeover Of Internet
U.S. Republicans have warned of a government takeover of the nation’s internet after President Joe Biden backed a measure by federal regulators to prevent “digital discrimination.”

Christian News
US Football Coach Fired After Baptisms
A high school football coach in the U.S. state of Georgia weighed his options Saturday after he was fired amid outrage over a mass baptism he organized for players on school grounds.
Gaza Muslim Men Turn To Christ
Numerous Muslim men” in war-ravaged Gaza have accepted “Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior” after seeing Jesus in their dreams, Christians with knowledge about the situation say.
US Evangelist Shot In Head For Preaching At Street Corner In Arizona
An American evangelist was fighting for his life Friday after being shot in the head while preaching on a street corner in Glendale city in the U.S. State of Arizona, his wife said.

Worthy Watch
First Release of the J6 Tapes Challenges Storyline
On Friday, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA), released the first batch of J6 surveillance tapes which challenges the narrative that the event on Capitol Hill on January 6 was an active insurrection. In a particular segment, an individual initially handcuffed was observed being released and exchanging a fist bump with a police officer, sparking speculation about the potential presence of undercover federal agent filmed among the so-called "insurrectionists."
British Doctor Details What It Was Like When He worked at al-Shifa Hospital
New footage has emerged that appears to confirm Israeli allegations that Hamas fighters have been operating beneath Gaza’s largest hospital. France’s international broadcaster, France 24, plays a recording of a British doctor who worked at the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza.