Prophecy News Watch - November 3, 2023

Around the World
US and China to hold long-awaited talks on nuclear arms control
For the first time since talks held with the Obama administration, China will next week hold “consultations” on nuclear arms control and non-proliferation, Reuters reports. China made the announcement Monday after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Washington, Reuters reports. The talks are understood to be taking place in the coming days.
Taiwan detects 43 Chinese warplanes around island
China sent 43 warplanes and seven naval vessels near the island of Taiwan in a 24-hour period, the Tawainese Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Thousands Pray For Israel In Jerusalem (Video)
With Israel facing massacres, kidnappings, and war, many have put aside political differences to unite at Jerusalem’s Western Wall to pray for the Jewish nation.
Israel Army Surrounds Gaza City As World Pressure Mounts For Ceasefire (Worthy News In-Depth)
Israel’s army said Thursday that it has effectively surrounded Gaza City and that it killed “over 130 terrorists” in its ongoing ground operations against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Inside the United States
House advances $14.3 Billion Israel aid package, sparking upcoming battle with the Senate and the White House
On Thursday, a $14.3 billion Republican-authored Israel aid package passed with a 226-196 vote, mostly along party lines. However, the Democratic-led Senate and the White House have promptly rejected the bill. This vote represented a pivotal test for Speaker Mike Johnson, who was elected to the position just last week, with a dozen Democrats crossing party lines to support the measure.
US House overwhelmingly approves bill sanctioning foreign supporters of Hamas
The US House of Representatives on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a bipartisan bill to sanction foreign supporters of the Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist movements, the Jerusalem Post reports. The bill now heads to the Senate for approval.
House Republicans introduce bill to protect religious foster carers from forced affirmation of LGBTQ childrens’ gender identity
House Republicans have introduced a bill that would prevent the Biden administration from implementing a proposed rule requiring foster care agencies to place LGBTQ children only with families who specifically affirm their stated gender identities, thus excluding religious families who oppose gay and gender ideology, the Christian Post (CP) reports.
Americans Refusing To Sign Help ‘Hamas Free Palestine’ Petition After Reading Conditions
Footage has emerged of Americans nearly signing a petition to “help Hamas free Palestine” but then thinking twice after being confronted with the Palestinian group’s views.

Christian News
Cuba Threatens, Detains Protestant Pastors, Group Says
Two Protestant pastors have been “arbitrarily detained” by Cuba’s internal intelligence services ahead of an event on “freedom of religion or belief” (FoRB), rights activists told Worthy News late Thursday.