Prophecy News Watch - November 4, 2022

Around the World
Bulgaria To Provide Military Aid To Ukraine
Bulgaria, once labeled the “sixteenth republic” of the Soviet empire for its obedient allegiance to Moscow, should send military aid to Ukraine, the parliament decided Thursday.
Denmark’s ‘Mink Killing’ PM Reelected
Denmark is preparing for the prime minister's return after the center-left secured the most votes in a general election of the Scandinavian nation. Mette Frederiksen's "red bloc" of parties secured 90 seats to form a government despite a scandal over the mass killing of mink.
Pakistan In Turmoil After Ex-PM Is Shot
Pakistan plunged into political and social turmoil Thursday after ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan survived a gun attack on his convoy.
UK Parliament votes to criminalize praying outside abortion clinics on pain of possible imprisonment
The UK parliament has voted to accept a legislative amendment that would criminalize praying or offering advice to women outside abortion clinics, with a potential sentence of six months imprisonment for violators, the Christian Institute (CI) reports.
Pentagon Admits US Troops In Ukraine
U.S. Defense officials have confirmed previous Worthy News reports that American military personnel is in Ukraine, which faces a barrage of Russian missiles and drones.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel’s Premier Admits Election Loss; Netanyahu To Return
Prime Minister Yair Lapid of Israel has conceded he lost Israel’s election. His announcement on Thursday evening opened the path for opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu to return to power.
Israeli study introduces new method of dating Biblical military battles
A study conducted by Israel’s Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University has introduced a method of archaeomagnetic investigation that may help scientists properly date military battles referred to in the Bible and thus potentially provide physical evidence of Scriptural authenticity, the Christian Post (CP) reports.

Inside the United States
Abortion rights activists disrupt US Supreme Court hearing
The US Supreme Court was disrupted during a hearing Wednesday when three abortion rights activists stood up and spoke against the court’s withdrawal in June of the federal right to abortion it had granted through the landmark 1973 case of Roe v Wade, the Associated Press reports.
US Due To Roll Out Digital ID Despite Worries (Worthy News In-Depth)
The United States edged closer to rolling out a digital identity document system for its more than 337 million citizens despite concerns it will lead to more control by the government and other institutions, Worthy News established Thursday.

Christian News
Hungary’s Premier Awarded For Supporting Persecuted Christians
Hungary’s controversial Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has received an Armenian church award for supporting persecuted Christians, his press chief said.
Two Christians suddenly released from jail after convictions for leading churches
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamanei unexpectedly ordered the release of two church leaders imprisoned in the notoriously harsh Evin Prison in Tehran a few days after a fire broke out at the jail on October 15, Morningstar News (MSN) reports. Christian advocacy activists have said they do not know the reason for the Supreme Leader’s decision.