Prophecy News Watch - November 7, 2022

Around the World
North Korea Says Missile Launches Were ‘Simulated Strikes’ On U.S., South Korea
North Korea said Monday that its recent missile launches were “simulated strikes” on the United States and South Korea.
Green Activists Storm Amsterdam Airport; ‘Medical Flight Endangered’
A medical flight was unable to land in the Dutch capital Saturday as hundreds of environmental activists stormed an area holding private jets at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, officials said.
Iranian protesters clash with security forces across country as protests enter 7th week
Iranian protesters clashed with security forces in Karaj, near Tehran, and in a number of other locations, throwing stones at police cars and tipping over and torching their vehicles, according to footage reportedly from the city.
UN Security Council Denies Russia Call for Bio Weapons Probe
The U.N. Security Council on Wednesday overwhelmingly rejected Russia’s attempt to establish a commission to investigate its unfounded claims that Ukraine and the United States are carrying out “military biological” activities that violate the convention prohibiting the use of biological weapons.
NATO chief says it’s ‘time to welcome’ Finland, Sweden
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Thursday that Sweden and Finland were ready to join the military alliance.
U.S. Announces $400 Million In New Military Aid For Ukraine
The United States on Friday announced an additional $400 million in military aid to Ukraine, including refurbishing T-72 tanks and missiles for HAWK air defense systems for Kyiv.
Iran says it tests satellite-carrying rocket, US calls move ‘destabilizing’
Iran's Revolutionary Guards tested a new satellite-carrying rocket on Saturday, state media reported, a move the United States called "unhelpful and destabilizing."
Iran Acknowledges Sending Drones To Russia For First Time
Iran's foreign minister on Saturday acknowledged for the first time that his country has supplied Russia with drones, insisting the transfer came before Moscow's war on Ukraine that has seen the Iranian-made drones divebombing Kyiv.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Netanyahu starts coalition negotiations with bloc leaders
Israel’s incoming prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with the leaders of his allied right-wing and religious bloc on Sunday in Jerusalem for talks on forming the country’s next government.
IDF to hold a military exercise in northern Israel
The IDF announced that a military exercise should take place on Sunday and will end the day after.
Israel’s Premier Admits Election Loss; Netanyahu To Return
Prime Minister Yair Lapid of Israel has conceded he lost Israel’s election. His announcement on Thursday evening opened the path for opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu to return to power.

Inside the United States
Judge blocks New York’s ban on carrying guns in places of worship
A federal judge has halted New York officials from enforcing the state’s ban on carrying firearms in places of worship.
Soros tops all 2022 political donors with $126 million, roughly double that of Nos. 2 or 3, report
The largest donor by far this year reportedly is George Soros, a Democrat whose contributions of at least $126 million are nearly double that of either of the next two largest donors.

Worthy Watch
WitchTok Booms to 30B Views on TikTok, Ex-Witch Warns Preschool Witchcraft Targeting Kids
TikTok, the popular social media platform that is known for quick videos, one-minute dance challenges, and its viral trends, is now being recognized as a hub for witches and warlocks.