Prophecy News Watch - November 7, 2023

Around the World
Hamas leader meets with Iranian Ayatollah in Tehran
ran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini met with Ismail Haniyeh, leader of the Hamas Palestinian terror group in Tehran in recent days, Reuters reports.
Russia tests Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile from new strategic nuclear submarine
Russia’s Defense Ministry announced Sunday it has successfully tested a Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile from its new strategic nuclear submarine, the Imperator Alexander III, Reuters reports.
World’s Largest Biometric Digital ID System Hacked Affecting Nearly 10% of the World’s Population
In a significant security breach of India's Aadhaar, the world largest Biometric Digital ID System, an anonymous hacker claims to have compromised the personal identifiable information (PII) of approximately 10% of the world's population. This includes digital ID numbers and sensitive data of around 815 million Indian citizens.
Militia Attacks Against U.S. Bases in Iraq and Syria Risk a Direct U.S.-Iranian Conflict
Recent attacks on U.S. bases in Iraq and Syria underscore the challenge the Biden administration faces in deterring Iranian-backed militias without sparking a direct conflict with Iran or upsetting the U.S.-aligned government in Iraq, from which many of these attacks are launched, the Wall Street Journal reported.
Taliban’s Fake Nonprofits Scam Millions in U.S. Aid Post-Afghanistan Withdrawal
The Taliban has set up fraudulent non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to embezzle hundreds of millions in U.S. humanitarian aid sent to Afghanistan following the 2021 military withdrawal, according to a report by Judicial Watch.
Philippines President Condemns Killing Radio Anchor
Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has ordered a police investigation after a popular radio anchor was fatally shot by a man inside his southern Philippine station’s home studio on Sunday.
Hungary’s President In Israel Shocked About Plight Hostages
The president of Hungary, from where tens of thousands of Jews emigrated to Israel since World War Two, expressed concern about Hungarian Jewish hostages held by Hamas on Sunday and said Israel “has the right to defend itself.”

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
UN Chief: ‘Gaza Graveyard For Children’ As Israel Kills Hamas Commander
The United Nations pressured Israel on Monday to observe a ceasefire after Israeli forces killed a key Hamas commander in air strikes on Gaza while also facing rockets fired from Lebanon.
U.S. Plans $320 Million Precision Munitions to Israel
Amid growing concerns regarding the increasing civilian casualties in Gaza, the Biden administration is preparing a significant $320 million transfer of precision bombs to Israel, the Wall Street Journal reported.
Israel likely to control Gaza after war with Hamas, official says
Amid speculation as to what will happen after Israel’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip is concluded, an Israeli official has stated that Israel will likely maintain security control over the coastal enclave, the Times of Israel (TOI) reports.
Israel Offers Escape For North Gaza Citizens, But Fighting Continues
Israel’s army announced late Sunday that it stopped firing in northern Gaza for several hours two days in a row amid pressure to introduce a temporary ceasefire.

Inside the United States
Pro-Palestinian Protesters Block Road at Port of Tacoma as Military Cargo Ship Docks (Video)
Hundreds of Pro-Palestinian protesters called for a Gaza cease-fire and obstructed traffic at the Port of Tacoma on Monday, coinciding supposedly with the arrival of a military supply ship, the Cape Orlando, the Associated Press reported.
Major Legal Victory for Christian Wedding Photographer Who Refused to Participate in Same-Sex Marriage Celebration
Virginia state officials have settled a lawsuit with a Christian wedding photographer who declined to use his business for same-sex marriage celebrations, as stated in a press release by Alliance Defending Freedom.
GOP States Sue Feds to Block Mail Order Abortion Pills
A coalition of three Republican-leaning states filed a lawsuit on Monday against the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Health and Senior Services. The lawsuit challenges the approval of the abortion pill mifepristone and its distribution to patients across the nation, even in states where abortion has been prohibited, Courthouse News reports.

Christian News
China: Police and government officials raid Church graduation ceremony and arrest Christians
A long-persecuted evangelical Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) in China’s Sichuan province suffered a police raid on a graduation ceremony it was holding, and a number of church members were taken away, the China Aid Christian advocacy group reports.

Worthy Watch
IDF Releases Evidence of Rocket Launchers Within Youth Movement Building
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released video evidence of two rocket launchers positioned inside a youth movement facility in Gaza, with their intended target being the northern regions of Gaza, specifically either Ashkelon or Ashdod.
Hundreds of Pro-Palestinian Protesters Block Port of Tacoma
Pro-Palestinian activists in Tacoma, Washington, are obstructing the loading of weapons and supplies onto a US military ship supposedly bound for Israel. Some legal analysts suggested that blocking US military operations on American soil could be considered an unlawful act and fall under the classification of domestic terrorism.