Prophecy News Watch - October 10, 2023

Around the World
U.S. demands condemnation of Hamas at U.N. meeting, but Security Council takes no immediate action
The U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting behind closed doors Sunday, with the United States demanding all 15 members strongly condemn “these heinous terrorist attacks committed by Hamas,” but they took no immediate action.
UK Home Secretary calls for crackdown on public support for Hamas’ terrorism against Israel
The UK’s Home Secretary Suella Braverman has called on British police to “use the full force of the law” against people publicly celebrating the killings and abductions committed by the Palestinian terror group in the surprise attack it launched on Israel on Saturday October 7, the Guardian UK reports.
Dutch Fishermen’s Town Prays For Israel; Lighthouse Lit For Jewish Nation
Reports are emerging of Christians praying for wartorn Israel, including in the Dutch fishermen’s town of Urk, known for its many churches. Hundreds of Christians gathered around Urk’s lighthouse to pray for the Jewish nation, where more than 700 Israelis were killed in a surprise attack by militants.
Denmark, Ireland, and Luxembourg refused to describe Hamas as “terrorists” in an EU statement condemning attack on Israel, diplomatic source says
The European Union was forced to soften its statement condemning the heinous attack launched against Israeli civilians by Hamas on October 7 because Ireland, Denmark, and Luxembourg refused to describe the Palestinian rulers of the Gaza Strip as a “terrorist” organization, i24News reported.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Iran helped Hamas to plan and execute surprise attack on Israel, WSJ report
While the US and the Israeli military said they do not yet have concrete evidence of Iran’s involvement in Hamas’ devastating surprise October 7 attack on Israel, the Wall Street Journal reported exclusively on Sunday that the Iranian regime helped the Palestinian terrorist rulers of the Gaza Strip to launch the ongoing war. Vehemently antisemitic, Iran’s Islamic regime is the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism; it supports the Hamas terror group in Gaza and the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon, both of which are committed to the destruction of Israel.
Israel Mobilizes 300,000 Reservists; Gaza Siege Announced
Israel mobilized a record 300,000 reservists and imposed a complete siege on the Gaza Strip to respond to a multi-front Hamas terror group attack from Gaza, the chief military spokesperson confirmed.
Israel Death Toll Rises To 700; Body Of Half-Naked Israeli Woman Paraded In Gaza
The Israeli military says the attacks launched by Hamas on Saturday are like the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, with more than 700 people now confirmed dead in Israel. “This is our 9/11 - they got us," says a spokesman, while another compares it to the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese against U.S. forces.

Inside the United States
RFK Jr. declares independent 2024 presidential run, raises millions more
Robert F. Kennedy Jr, an environmental lawyer, anti-vaccine activist and son of the former senator, announced on Monday in Philadelphia that he is dropping his Democratic Party bid for president and will run as an independent.
US wealth, income concentration resume upward climb in post-pandemic era
The richest Americans are emerging from the coronavirus pandemic with their share of wealth and income on the rise again despite some thought that the tight job market and hefty wage gains spawned by the crisis might narrow the gulf between rich and poor.
Biden says 11 Americans were killed in Israel; hostages unconfirmed
At least 11 Americans were killed in the Hamas attacks on Israel, President Biden confirmed Monday, raising the toll from nine.

Christian News
Malaysia: Court rules plaintiff cannot renounce Islam and revert to Christianity
A plaintiff in Malaysia who converted to Islam to marry a Muslim woman has been told by a civil high court that he cannot now renounce his Islamic identity and return to his original identity as a Christian, Free Malaysia Today (FMT) reports.