Prophecy News Watch - October 13, 2016

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Navy launches Tomahawk missiles at rebel sites in Yemen after attacks on U.S. ships
The U.S. Navy launched Tomahawk missiles early Thursday from the Red Sea at three coastal radar sites in Yemen, destroying targets associated with missile attacks on U.S. ships this week.
Missiles fired at U.S. warship of coast of Yemen for second time this week
A U.S. Naval destroyer off the coast of Yemen was targeted by missiles for the second time in a week, and military commanders are now threatening retaliation as it becomes apparent rebel forces in the country are responsible for the attacks.
Russia tests ballistic missiles amid tensions with West
Russia's military conducted a series of intercontinental ballistic missile tests on Wednesday, the latest flexing of its muscles as tensions with the US spike over Syria.
Bermuda Braces for Hit From 'Nicole,' a Cat 4 Hurricane
Heavy wind and rain began battering Bermuda late Wednesday as the British territory braced itself for Hurricane Nicole, which became a major Category 4 storm as it tracked toward the tiny island in the northern Atlantic Ocean.
Russia & US will engage in 'global war', unless 'proxy' Syria conflict resolved - Turkey's deputy PM
The Syrian conflict has now become a 'proxy war' between the two Cold War superpowers, believes Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Numan Kurtulmus, who warned that that the conflict could escalate beyond the Middle East.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Riots erupt in east Jerusalem on Yom Kippur, Silwan man killed in clash with police
A 20-year-old Arab man who threw firebombs at border police during a riot in southeast Jerusalem’s Silwan neighborhood was shot dead shortly after Yom Kippur commenced on Tuesday night, as police responded to two other riots in Arab areas in the capital.
Gaza Strip population said to reach 2 million
he two millionth person has been born in Gaza, the Strip's Hamas rulers claimed Wednesday, with the birth of a baby boy named Waleed officially recognized as reaching the milestone in the densely populated Palestinian territory.
PM: Israel is a strong country that is becoming stronger
The prime minister said that the country was in the midst of the High Holidays, known as a time when 'those who incite and fan the flames of terrorism' continually try to provoke violence and clashes.

Inside the United States
Satanic Temple asks city council for OK to give invocation
Satanists want to give their blessings to city leaders in Boston.
More than half of U.S. adults want to legalize marijuana: Survey
A new survey finds U.S. adults increasingly supportive of marijuana legalization, with 57 percent saying that the drug should be made legal.
North Carolina's record floods could have unexpected environmental consequences
Hurricane Matthew swept across the southeastern seaboard of the United States this weekend, bringing intense rainfall to North Carolina and triggering record flooding across much of the state. Over the weekend, Hurricane Matthew -- which had been downgraded to a tropical cyclone by Sunday -- brought as much as 18 inches of rainfall to parts of North Carolina, causing rivers across the state to reach dangerously high levels.

U.S. Politics
Leaked Email Suggests Clinton Camp Got Heads-Up on CNN Town Hall Question
Leaked emails are now revealing the Clinton campaign's communications with the media and TV personalities, including interim DNC chair and former CNN commentator Donna Brazile.
In leaked email, Clinton claims Saudi and Qatari governments fund ISIS
The Clinton campaign today tried to tamp down a mounting controversy over a newly disclosed, and potentially explosive, email in which the former secretary of state appeared to accuse the Saudi and Qatari governments of secretly funding the Islamic State.
'This is war': Trump drafting lawsuit against NY Times
Donald Trump's campaign was drafting a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times late Wednesday night, hours after the news organization published a story in which two women accused the Republican presidential nominee of sexual assault, sources confirmed to the Washington Examiner.
How Evangelical Women Are Responding to Trump's Lewd Comments
Evangelical women are perhaps most conflicted about the election in the wake of the 2005 recording released this past weekend showing GOP nominee Donald Trump bragging about groping women.
Miss USA Contestant Details Unwanted Encounters With Trump
As a flood of new allegations against Donald Trump emerged Wednesday, one of the women who says he approached her inappropriately told NBC News about two encounters similar to the behavior Trump boasted about in a now-notorious 2005 hot-microphone video.

Christian News
Another state tells churches to shut up about transgenders
For a second time in just weeks, a state finds itself on defense in a legal action triggered by its attempt to dictate what ministers and others say inside their churches.