Prophecy News Watch - October 16, 2023

Around the World
Iran: US ‘can NOT renege’ on deal to transfer $6 billion through Qatar for hostages
Iran said Friday the United States “can not renege” on an agreement to transfer $6 billion in frozen funds through mediator Qatar following Hamas’s catastrophic assault on Israeli communities.
Pope, Russia Seek Peace As Churches Face Destruction in Nagorno-Karabakh (Worthy News Radio)
Pope Francis appealed to Azerbaijan on Sunday to protect houses of worship in the disputed enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, while Russia urged new peace talks between neighbors Azerbaijan and Armenia. However, Armenian Christian refugees are reluctant to return to an area they called home for generations.
Journalists Mourn Colleague Killed In Israel-Lebanon Clash
Journalists on Saturday mourned a Reuters news agency journalist killed in a clash between Israel and Lebanon-based Hezbollah, designated as a terrorist organization by Israel and most of the Western world.
Thousands At Anti-Israel Rally In London (Video)
Thousands gathered in London to demand a “free Palestine” and protest against Israeli retaliatory strikes in response to the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.
Louvre Museum And Versailles Palace Evacuating Visitors After Terror Threat
France’s famed landmarks, the Louvre Museum and the Versailles Palace in Paris, were evacuated due to bomb threats on Saturday as France was put on high-security alert a day after a teacher was stabbed to death in the city of Arras in an Islamic terror attack.
Hungary Bans Pro-Gaza Protest
Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán banned a pro-Palestinian “Stand with Gaza” protest in Budapest on Friday, saying Israel has the right to defend itself against terrorism.
France: Teacher Dead In ‘Islamist Terror’ Stabbing As Nation Is On High Hamas Alert
A 20-year-old man armed with a knife killed a French teacher and seriously injured two other people in what President Emmanuel Macron called “barbaric Islamic terrorism."
Amsterdam Jewish Schools Closed Over Fears Of Attacks
Jewish schools in the Dutch city of Amsterdam will close on Friday, Jewish children’s organization Cheider said amid mounting tensions in the Netherlands over Israel’s declared war “against Hamas terrorists.”

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel Gears up for Ground Offensive in Escalating Conflict With Hamas
A little over a week after the terrorist group Hamas shocked Israel with a cross-border infiltration and intense rocket fire, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) appears to be preparing for the next stage of its war against Hamas in Gaza.
Israel Strikes Lebanon After Rocket Strikes; Iran Angry
Israel struck targets in Lebanon on Sunday after Tehran warned the Iran-backed Hezbollah group would join the battle against the Jewish nation.
Lebanon’s Hezbollah Threatens To Join War Against Israel
Israel faced a second front Saturday with the Lebanon-based Hezbollah group warning it will join the Hamas war against Israel.
Israel Strikes Back At Syria; Iran Furious
Israel's military confirmed Saturday its artillery had struck targets in Syria from where two rockets were fired toward Israeli territory, falling in open areas. The Syrian defense ministry said Israel had been targeting its Aleppo airport late Saturday.
Hamas Claiming More Hostages Killed In Israel Bombardments
Palestinian militant group Hamas, designated as a terrorist organization by most Western countries, said Saturday that nine of the hostages it is holding have been killed in the past 24 hours in Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.
Israel Kills Head Of Hamas Air Force In Gaza; First Ground Troops In Territory
Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have eliminated the head of the Hamas Air Force in Gaza City, Worthy News learned Saturday.
US Warns Israel’s Enemies: United States Can Support Ukraine, Israel At Same Time
U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin warned enemies of Israel on Friday that the United States is powerful enough to support war-torn Ukraine and the Jewish nation.
Baby Born Amid Rocket Attacks In Southern Israel
Israeli parents welcomed a new life Friday amid death and destruction. Their baby was born in southern Israel, an area hit by Hamas rocket attacks and massacres, Worthy News learned.
Russia Condemns Israel Over Planned Invasion
Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose forces invaded neighboring Ukraine, condemned Israel on Friday for planning the same actions in Gaza.

Inside the United States
FBI director warns of increased terror threats, potential copycat attacks on US after Hamas invasion
FBI Director Christopher Wray is warning after the brutal Hamas terrorist attack on Israel that there is an increase in reported threats in the United States and there is a possibility of copycat attacks.
U.S. Says 30 Americans Dead, 13 Missing After Hamas Attacks On Israel
The American death toll in Israel after Hamas launched terrorist attacks on the country last weekend has risen to 30, the U.S. government said on Sunday.
US Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Order Curbing Biden Social Media Contacts
The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday maintained a block on restrictions imposed by lower courts on the ability of President Joe Biden's administration to encourage social media companies to remove content deemed misinformation, including about elections and COVID-19.
‘Ring of fire’ eclipse brings cheers and shouts of joy as it moves across the Americas
First came the darkening skies, then the crescent-shaped shadows on the ground, and finally an eruption of cheers by crowds that gathered Saturday along the narrow path of a rare “ring of fire” eclipse of the sun.