Prophecy News Watch - October 26, 2023

Around the World
British Vessel Sinks In North Sea; Five Feared Dead
German rescuers halted a search for four missing crew members of a British cargo ship that sank in the North Sea early on Tuesday morning following a rare crash in Europe’s busy waters.
UN Chief Indirectly Lashes Out At Israel Over Remarks
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres indirectly lashed out at Israel Wednesday, saying he is "shocked" at the reaction to remarks he made Tuesday about the war between Israel and Hamas.
Britain To Expel Foreign Nationals Over anti-Semitic Behavior
Britain’s government has warned four foreign nationals that they face having their visas revoked for anti-Semitic behavior following the Hamas terror attack on Israel, Britain’s The Telegraph newspaper reported Wednesday.
Iran facilitated drone/rocket attacks on US bases in Mideast last week
The Biden administration announced Monday that Iran actively facilitated a number of rocket and drone attacks by Iranian-backed proxy groups on US military bases in Iraq and Syria in the last week, Reuters reports.
Chinese digital currency used for first time in cross-border oil transaction
The digital yuan was used for the first time to finalize a cross-border oil deal when, on October 19, PetroChina International bought 1 million barrels of crude from an undisclosed seller using only the Chinese central bank digital currency (CBDC), Coin Telegraph reports.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
‘Israel Postpones Ground Offensive’, Report Says
Israel has postponed a planned ground invasion of the Gaza Strip to allow the United States to deploy missile defense systems in the area to safeguard U.S. troops, The Wall Street Journal newspaper reported Wednesday.
Israel Foreign Minister Condemns UN Secretary-General
Israel’s foreign minister condemned United Nations Secretary-General General Antonio Guterres for suggesting that a recent massacre against Israel was linked to Palestinians being “subjected to 56 years of suffocating occupation.”

Inside the United States
Newly US House Speaker Pledges Pro-Israel Bill
Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson was elected the new U.S. House Speaker and immediately pledged that his first priority will be a pro-Israel bill.
Federal court blocks Colorado ban on abortion pill reversal treatments
A federal court has temporarily blocked a controversial Colorado law which bans abortion pill reversal treatments, Colorado Public Radio (CPR) reports.
Georgia Supreme Court upholds state ban on abortion after six weeks
The Supreme Court for the southern US state of Georgia on Tuesday upheld a state ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, Atlanta News First reports. In its ruling the Georgia Supreme Court overturned an earlier ruling by the Fulton County Superior Court that the state’s “heartbeat bill” was unconstitutional.

Christian News
Pakistan: Court grants breaks with “norm,” grants bail to Christian couple charged with blasphemy
A court in Pakistan has granted bail to a Christian couple charged with blasphemy, a move which a UK rights group described as a landmark break from the “norm,” UCA News reports.
Mississippi: Over 1,300 people respond to evangelist’s appeal to commit their lives to Christ
More than 1,300 people responded to an appeal by American evangelist Rick Gage to commit their lives to Christ at a 4-day Gospel crusade event in the southern US state of Mississippi earlier this month, The Christian Index (CI) reports.