Prophecy News Watch - October 27, 2022

Around the World
President Biden Pushing ‘New World Order’; Critics Worried (Worthy News Analysis – Video)
U.S. President Joe Biden has come under pressure ahead of mid-term elections for saying there is “going to be a new world order” that the United States must lead.
Russia notifies US of intention to conduct annual nuclear drill
Washington confirmed Tuesday that Russia has notified the US of its intention to carry out its annual nuclear force exercises, Euronews reports. Russia is obliged under the New START Treaty to give advance notice of nuclear missile launch drills.
Britain’s New Prime Minister Facing Opposition
Britain's new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has faced opposition in Parliament for the first time since he was elected as the nation's first British Asian government leader. Sunak was confronted with questions after less than two days on the job.
Germany’s president in Kyiv amid strikes and prisoners setback for US
A Russian court on Tuesday rejected an appeal by U.S. basketball star Brittney Griner against her nine-year prison sentence for possession and smuggling of drugs. The announcement raised the prospects of a prisoners swap between Russia and the United States, which had condemned the ruling as tensions rise over the war in Ukraine. Amid the standoff, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier went to Kyiv for his first trip to Ukraine since Russia invaded amid new Russian air strikes.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Alleged Israeli airstrikes target Damascus for 3rd time in a week
Alleged Israeli airstrikes targeted sites in the Damascus area on Wednesday night for the third time in the past week, according to Syrian state news agency SANA.

Inside the United States
US Christmas Parade Attacker Found Quilty Of Murdering Six
A man who killed six people and injured scores of others when driving his sports utility vehicle through a Christmas parade in the U.S. state of Wisconsin has been found guilty of murder.
Oz shines, Fetterman falters in Pennsylvania debate critical to determining control of U.S. Senate
The closely watched Pennsylvania Senate race received a jolt from its lone debate as Republican Mehmet Oz provided a smooth performance answering policy questions while Democrat John Fetterman showed clear lingering effects from the serious stroke he suffered earlier this year while fumbling his position about a key energy industry.
Court Orders New York City To Rehire Unvaxxed Government Employees
The New York Supreme Court ordered New York City to "do what is right and what is just" by rehiring and providing back pay for fired unvaccinated city employees.
Federal court puts temporary hold on Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan
A federal court on Friday granted an emergency stay order to temporarily block US President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, Yahoo News reports.

Christian News
China: CCP systematically shutting down churches
China Aid reports that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has continued to systematically close down churches and other Christian centers across the country.
Nigeria: Fulani murder 70 Christians in Benue state, officials call for citizens to be given guns
s Fulani militant herdsmen murdered 70 more Christians in Nigeria’s Benue state this month, local authorities called on the federal government to supply Volunteer Guards with AK-47s to protect citizens as official security agencies have been unable to stem the ongoing slaughter of believers by Islamic terrorists, Morning Star News reports.
Christians Rush To Halt Ebola Outbreak In Africa
Christian aid workers are rushing to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to east and southern Africa after an outbreak of Ebola, the highly deadly contagious disease that has already killed scores of people in recent weeks.
Islamic Militants Kill Scores Of Nigeria Christians
Islamic Fulani herdsmen have killed scores of Christians in a village in central Nigeria after murdering and injuring more than 100 other believers the previous week, Christians said Tuesday.